How to install a hot water meter for a standard apartment from A – Z

The installation of the hot water meter in accordance with the technical requirements plays an extremely important role in the operation and use, this helps the system to operate smoothly, stably and accurately with the parameters. displayed on the watch face. Hot water meter, hot water flow meter is essentially a type of flow meter commonly used for many different industrial systems with the … Xem thêm >>

How to install a detailed technical standard apartment water supply pipe

When you have a need to install an apartment water supply pipe, then look to P69 Joint Stock Company, not simply an electrician, but we have construction experience for many large projects and works, from water supply systems to water supply systems. civil drainage to hotels, apartment housing systems… The construction and installation of the apartment water supply pipe need to be done in a … Xem thêm >>

Installing smart home devices; installation process and experience

Installing smart home devices is a type of house where electrical and electronic equipment is installed that can be controlled or automated or semi-automatic. Replace humans in performing one or several management and control operations. This electronic system communicates with the user through an indoor electronic board, a mobile phone app, a tablet or a web interface. (According to … Xem thêm >>

Installation of a technical standard apartment video phone system

Installing video phone systems today is very widely used in addition to the function of replacing conventional doorbells. This application system also meets the purposes of safety and security control for private houses, villas and especially high-rise apartments, reducing electricity for elevators (eliminating unnecessary elevator trips. When using the Door Call System, apartment owners can … Xem thêm >>

Installing an apartment speaker system: note, the best solution

Installing an apartment speaker system is often used for fire prevention propaganda, announcing urgent content. The system is almost included in the design of the building, accompanied by a fire protection system. The main areas to be notified are: Corridors; elevator lobby; apartment premises; stair; Terraces; community house; kid's playground,.... In this article, P69 Company will give you … Xem thêm >>

Instructions for installing infrared cameras according to technical standards

Installing infrared cameras is an indispensable selection criterion, especially for families, companies, and factories for night surveillance. Infrared CCTV is a camera feature that allows night vision in low light conditions. The more powerful the infrared surveillance camera, the farther the night vision and the higher the cost of the camera. Immediately refer to the following article of P69 … Xem thêm >>

Indoor Camera installation guide free support

Hi guys! Today, P69 Company would like to share the most detailed and easy-to-understand instructions for installing indoor cameras . This article is shared to support inexperienced newcomers who can follow the detailed instructions of Company P69. Indoor camera installation location Based on the purpose of installing CCTV. Some locations are often selected when installing. Bring high monitoring … Xem thêm >>

Simple and durable outdoor camera installation experience

When installing outdoor cameras, it is very easy to be damaged, the images obtained are not clear, are bright or vandalized by crooks…. The experience of installing outdoor cameras from the experts of P69 Company below hopes to help you choose the right camera, install it properly to obtain clear images, and increase the life of the camera. What are the benefits of installing outdoor … Xem thêm >>

Instructions for installing the most beautiful standard rack cabinet

Rack cabinet (network cabinet) is an indispensable device in data centers and is used to store different network devices, depending on the requirements of the manager, there will be different rack sizes to accommodate network devices. such as router, switch, server, storage. So what is the construction and installation of rack cabinets to do? And how to install and install rack cabinets? Please … Xem thêm >>