Causes of vent dew and effective ways to fix it

Inlet dew is a common condition in air conditioning systems, when water vapor condenses at the louver surface, often appearing in slit-shaped louvers. Significantly affect the quality of the work, cause moldy plaster ceiling and cause discomfort to users. To know the causes and how to fix it, please follow the following article of the company P69 ! What is the phenomenon of vent dew? Dew point … Xem thêm >>

Refrigerator leaking water? Causes and effective solutions

Air conditioners, air conditioners leaking water  in the house is a very common phenomenon. Makes you feel annoyed, uncomfortable even though you have chosen good models such as Daikin, toshiba, Panasonic... So  what's wrong with the air conditioner and air conditioner, what's wrong ? What is the cause and how to fix it? Let's find out with P69 Company through the article below! Refrigerator is … Xem thêm >>

Instructions for cleaning ceiling air conditioners according to technical standards

Ceiling air conditioners are designed in a position on the ceiling for large spaces that need quick cooling. Many customers who are businesses, factories, and workshops choose to install ceiling-mounted air conditioners because of their convenient, elegant and flexible design. But after a period of use, the ceiling air conditioner needs to be cleaned properly if it wants to increase its lifespan … Xem thêm >>

What is a cold storage cooling tower? How to store and choose appropriately

The task of the cooling tower is to discharge all the heat generated by the  condensing refrigerant . So what is a cold storage cooling tower? How to store and how to choose appropriately? Perhaps this is a question that many people are interested in today. Today, the company P69 will go with you to learn how to choose the most effective equipment to preserve food in cold storage right here in … Xem thêm >>

Why is it necessary to install a fresh air supply fan for the building basement?

Basements of apartment buildings or commercial centers are often designed underground. It is a place to park cars, equipment and machinery, fire prevention and fighting systems or goods to serve all human activities in the building. Therefore, this is a place that needs to be protected and ventilated. Installing a fan to supply fresh air to the basement will both ensure a good source of air for … Xem thêm >>

What is central air conditioning system? Detailed system structure

What is central air conditioning system? What are the components of a central air conditioning system? Is it different from conventional air conditioning systems? All will be answered in the content of the article below of the company P69 , please refer to it. What is a central air conditioning system? Central air conditioning system is a system consisting of one or more central machines that … Xem thêm >>