Basement ventilation systems: design, practical use

Today P69 Company will share knowledge related to basement ventilation system. Currently, commercial centers, high-rise apartment buildings, hotels, entertainment places all have basements to serve the parking needs and other needs of people. Therefore, basement ventilation is extremely important. What is basement ventilation? Floor ventilation is the exchange and circulation of air between the … Xem thêm >>

Air conditioner blinking light: Causes, how to fix it thoroughly

In the process of use, after a while, your air conditioner appears to have a flickering light and poor heat. Wondering why and how to fix it? Air conditioners or air conditioners are really effective anti-heat solutions every summer. However, when using a lot of users, the error of the air conditioner is flashing. The above phenomenon occurs when your family's air conditioner has been used for a … Xem thêm >>

Instructions on how to clean and use the central air conditioner

Central air conditioners rely on fans to blow air through condenser coils to dissipate heat. For central ducted air conditioners, you can hardly clean them yourself, if you are someone who wants to learn how to clean and use central air conditioners, the company P69 will help you. Why clean central air conditioner? The air conditioner will work on the principle of air convection. Simply put, … Xem thêm >>

Working principle Cooling Pad heat exchanger membrane system

The Cooling Pad heat exchanger membrane system is considered the "heart" of the air cooler. This is the heat exchanger, capable of converting hot air into cool air when blowing out the vent. So what is the Cooling Pad Heat Exchanger Membrane System? How does the Cooling Pad heat exchanger membrane system work? Please refer to the article below with P69 company . What is a Cooling Pad Heat … Xem thêm >>

How to know that the air conditioner is out of gas with 100% accuracy

When your air conditioner is still running normally but cannot cool in the summer or heat in the winter, it is likely that there is a leak or out of gas. So are there ways to know which air conditioner is out of gas? What causes the air conditioner to run out of gas? This is a question shared by many users with the company P69. Understanding that, the following article we will share with you with … Xem thêm >>

What is VRV central air conditioner? System structure, advantages and disadvantages

Nowadays, the demand for cooling/heating is increasing day by day. And industrial parks, factories, hospitals, schools, hotels are even more necessary. To cool such large spaces, using local air conditioners is not effective. What is the solution here? VRV central air conditioner is the perfect choice for your project. So what is VRV central air conditioner? Structure, advantages and disadvantages … Xem thêm >>

Technical installation of central chiller air conditioning system with safety standards

Talking about air conditioners must be no stranger to the majority of consumers. However, talking about central air conditioning Chiller, it is still a vague concept that not everyone understands. If you are also having trouble installing a central chiller air conditioning system, please refer to the details below the content of the company P69 ! What is a central chiller air conditioning … Xem thêm >>