Instructions for installing smoke detectors according to technical standards

Installing smoke detectors  is always the number 1 priority for works, buildings,... it plays an important role in ensuring life and property when there is a fire. the installation of an automatic fire alarm system makes it easy for us to quickly detect a fire that is breaking out or the risk of fire, and at the same time warn people to have appropriate treatment palns. So how to build a smoke … Xem thêm >>

Instructions for installing standard addressable fire alarm centers

Installing an addressable fire alarm system is the most specialized fire alarm system available today. They become important fire alarm systems in large projects. So what is an addressable fire alarm system? How to install a standard addressable fire alarm center? Why should you choose to install an addressable fire alarm center? Follow the article below of  Company P69  to find the answer! What … Xem thêm >>

Standard procedure for pressure testing of fire water supply pipes

Pressure test fire water supply pipe used to carry water to fire sprinkler fire extinguishing. Therefore, before completing the installation to put into acceptance and use, it is advisable to check that the water pipeline has met fire protection standards by testing the pipeline pressure, ensuring that the pump system works well when put into operation. So the pressure test of the fire water … Xem thêm >>

How to install optical hangers, brackets for fire fighting from A-Z

The first great benefit to installing optical suspension for fire pipes is to bring a professional working style to any suspended system. With only seemingly quick operations, it allows the support of the fire pipe to be extremely firm and convenient, avoiding falling out and affecting the operation of other items in the building. So what is optical hanger, bracket for fire pipe? What are the … Xem thêm >>

Instructions for installing the correct fire extinguisher box

Fire extinguisher boxers are often installed in many different areas of the building. In order to protect the device from being affected by weather, the environment, being lost or misplaced. The installation location of the fire extinguisher box is equipped in projects such as buildings, offices, factories, and production enterprises. Usually installed in corridors, basements for parking, large … Xem thêm >>

Instructions on how to install shelves for fire extinguishers according to technical standards

Installing shelves to store fire extinguishers with better durability from damage by a number of external factors. So what is the use of the shelf for fire extinguishers? Features of shelves for fire extinguishers? How to install shelves for fire extinguishers? The answer is in the content P69 Company shares below What is a fire extinguisher shelf? The shelf for pccc equipment is made of … Xem thêm >>

Install fire prevention and fighting standards and rules in accordance with regulations

Rules and regulations on fire prevention and fighting are one of the devices in fire prevention and fighting with the purpose of warning, vigilance, helping to prevent the risk of fire and explosion that may occur in residential areas and buildings. house, business establishment, production. The installation of fire prevention standards, as well as the installation of fire prevention regulations, … Xem thêm >>

The standard specifies how to install fire extinguishers from A – Z

Fire extinguishers are important fire fighting equipment. Anyone can easily buy this equipment, but not everyone knows the standards governing the installation of fire extinguishers . Therefore, the effectiveness of using fire extinguishers is not high. How to install fire extinguisher according to TCVN? Note in regulations on installation of fire extinguishers? How to install fire extinguisher? … Xem thêm >>

Instructions for installing fire extinguisher boxes from A – Z

The fire box is also in the fire protection equipment which is very important and necessary in the fire fighting system. Installing a standard fire extinguisher box will ensure its safety and effectiveness. P69 Company provides the leading fire protection equipment in Vietnam accompanied by technical consultants dedicated to helping customers in a very satisfied way. Today's article P69 will share … Xem thêm >>