P69 Investment Joint Stock Company is proud to be one of the reputable M&E general contractors with experience in implementing many key projects of Vingroup and major investors in Vietnam. Based on the architectural plan of the building, we can offer many different power supply options for high-rise buildings. The M&E contractor must ensure the following requirements to be considered a reasonable electrical construction plan:

  • Ensure power quality, i.e. make sure the frequency and voltage are within the allowable range.
  • Ensure reliability and continuity of power supply in accordance with the requirements of the load.
  • Convenient in operation, assembly and repair
  • Having reasonable economic and technical criteria.


The structure of the high-rise building’s electrical system includes:

Light electrical system of the building:

  • Surveillance cameras (mainly using ip cameras), sensor systems, magnetic induction, anti-theft…
  • Telephone network, computer network, communication infrastructure, television of the building
  • Access control
  • The central control system includes television, public speakers.


Heavy electrical system of the building:

  • Transformers, generators
  • Lights
  • Water supply system (pumps, pipes ..)
  • Control Center
  • Anti-lightning system


Construction of the system electricalbuilding high-rise includes the following main issues:

  • Rich and diverse loads (voltage, capacity, phase …)
  • The load is concentrated in a narrow space, the load density is relatively high.
  • There are backup power supply systems (batteries, generators, etc.)
  • The installation space is limited and must satisfy the technical requirements in the construction architecture.
  • High requirements on working mode and safety for users.



What does the light electrical system include?

Normally, the light electrical system will include the following items:

Camera surveillance system

Surveillance camera system also known as video surveillance system, is the use of cameras to transmit signals to a specific location, on a set of surveillance monitors. Surveillance camera system is an important element in security management and control. With many new technologies on cameras as well as video recorders,  surveillance camera systems  have become one of the leading security and theft prevention solutions today.

Surveillance camera system reliable, efficient and easy to use. Using cameras, we can monitor anywhere we want to ensure security and safety. Recorded images are stored in the DVR and can be easily viewed through software or on the monitor screen.


Currently, camera can be connected wired or wirelessly to surveillance camera system. Surveillance cameras are an effective deterrent to any threat or area that requires constant outside surveillance.

The important point in the installation of surveillance camera is the location of the camera, to ensure that the camera can monitor the required area within the field of view as well as the clarity of the recorded video to ensure usability video if necessary.

Telephon system

Helps maintain communication connections outside or within the business.


Public sound system

A public address system is an electronic sound distribution and amplification system with microphones, amplifiers, and loudspeakers, used to enable speakers to speak in public. It is also used as a voice emergency evacuation system. Combining the public sound system with the fire alarm system, the system will automatically activate when there is an emergency fire alarm, it will notify the evacuation of dangerous areas and warn other areas. Public address systems are widely used in buildings, public places, offices and commercial centers,…

The general alarm system allows remote control of alarms and flashing lights (beacons).

Combined, this system will serve the common use of relay information or be used in the event of an emergency evacuation.

Access control system

As a key feature of any security system center that can secure, monitor and manage employee access rights in any type of building, manage access in and out of buildings, manage doors as well as elevators… With this system, employees can be issued access cards or using fingerprints (biometrics), they can be granted access to other areas each other of the establishment.

Today, “access control systems” link together wirelessly and are often connected to a local area network to reduce wiring costs and flexibility of system location. Sometimes, the access control system  can be part of a larger integrated  ELV system , allowing central control of many different systems.

Smart parking system

Combined with advanced and modern technologies such as: surveillance by camera, control of vehicle traffic in/out by magnetic card system, number plate recognition, etc., it helps the system work quickly and safely for the parking lot. keep your car always operating at high capacity without worrying about congestion.


  • Improve work efficiency
  • Reduce personnel, save costs and time
  • Operate means of transport easily and scientifically
  • Strictly control financial matters.

Automatic fire alarm system

The system automatically detects and alarms when a fire occurs in order to minimize the consequences it may cause.

Anti-theft alarm system

As a security system whereby the main purpose of this system is to be able to detect any break-in in your area.

There are many sensors installed on different parts of the fence, door, so whenever an intrusion is detected in a certain fenced area, if there is a CCTV  nearby, human Security personnel will be able to view CCTV to see the intrusion if possible. If necessary, a direct inspection of the area of security instability is also necessary to ensure the security of your area.

Building management system

As a synchronous system that allows to control and manage all technical systems in the building such as electricity system, domestic water supply system, air conditioning, environmental warning, security,  fire alarm – fire fighting vv…, ensuring the correct, timely, efficient operation of equipment in the building, saving energy and saving operating costs

Intercom system, used in high-rise apartments, combined with elevator and parking lot management

Satellite TV systems, cable TV systems, using signals taken directly from the broadcaster or through a television service provider.

Automatic lighting control system

Help manage the lighting system in the most convenient way, improve the efficiency of use and save energy for the lighting system.

Time attendance and access control system

Help manage the working time of employees, along with integrated software can easily manage and pay employees. Currently, the timekeeper has many settings, can use cards, fingerprints as well as face recognition….

Basic steps of construction of light electrical system in Hanoi

  • Receiving customers’ needs: Customers have a need to install a light electrical system to ensure the security, property of the building and manage the project in the most convenient and economical way.
  • Site survey and consultation: After receiving customer needs, our specialists will visit the site to survey the site to know more about the needs and give detailed advice on light electrical systems. The installation of reasonable equipment, the clearest and most detailed way of wiring for customers.
  • Quotation: Prepare a construction plan and accompanying materials, we will send a detailed quote to the customer.
  • System construction:  Build the system according to customer requirements and drawings. During the stage of  installation of the light electrical system, ensure the technical standards set forth in the technical design and ensure the overall aesthetic and aesthetic of the building and the area where the equipment is installed.

At the same time, closely check the installation of the system, ensure the safety of the equipment, minimize the impact on the equipment of the system…

After completing the installation of light electrical systems at the locations, the inspection and test runs are carried out. Testing helps to ensure that the system is operating in a stable manner.

  • Handover and payment: Acceptance, handover, instructions for use and installation of the system’s software for customers. The customer will proceed to liquidate the contract in accordance with the signed terms.

After liquidating the contract, our work has not stopped there. We will continue to warranty and maintain the system in accordance with the signed contract.

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