Top 10 types of industrial ducted axial fans

Axial fans connecting ducts are designed with many different models and types. Along with specialized designs used to absorb smoke, dust, odors, ventilate and supply fresh air to restaurants, hotels, family kitchens, and restaurants, helping the air flow to be continuously circulated. However, on the market, there are many product lines of axial fans with pipe connections, making users confused and do not know which type to choose.

Let’s take a look at some of the quality pipe-connected axial fans of the brands below recommended by P69 Company!

What is an axial fan? What is ducted axial fan?

Axial fan is a ventilation fan with suction and blowing direction parallel to the fan axis. The fan includes an inlet and outlet with strong suction.

Duct-connected axial  fan is a type of exhaust fan that is widely used in industrial environments to help guide impurities, exhaust gases, dust, etc. to the desired place. Usually,  the duct  used with the ducted exhaust fan is a flexible duct. Because of its flexibility, convenience, and ease of use, such as: simili soft air duct, silver aluminum air duct, …

Duct-connected axial fan
Duct-connected axial fan

Advantages of installing ducted axial fans

  • The ducted exhaust fan is the most economical product for medium-pressure, high-flow applications
  • Stand out from the mainstream centrifugal fans thanks to its compact size and weight
  • The most outstanding advantage is thanks to the ability to disassemble the fan, flexible in the process of transportation, maintenance, and cleaning in the best way that few conventional fans have.
  • Duct-connected axial exhaust fan is used to suck exhaust gases and supply fresh air for all ventilation needs from civil to industrial.

Disadvantages of installing ducted axial fans

Axial exhaust fan has a certain noise level. Therefore, in practice, you should not use an axial exhaust fan in a home or residential space.

Industrial operating environment, axial exhaust fan used to suck industrial impurities. If used continuously and in harsh environments, ordinary cheap axial fans quickly degrade in quality, and the fan is easily damaged. So, if you use it for a long time in such environments, you need to find out and choose a real quality exhaust fan, don’t be cheap to later lose repair and replacement when the fan is damaged continuously. .

Classification of industrial ducted axial fans

On the market, there are specific types of axial fans below

1. Classification by structure

  • Direct Axial Fan: A fan with blades directly attached to the motor.
  • Indirect Axial Fan: Uses a belt to transmit rotational force from the motor to the blade.

2. Classification according to suction performance

In fact, if you only rely on the capacity of the fan to choose the type of fan to use, it may not be enough to meet the needs of use. We need to pay much attention to the efficiency of the fan, which is the air flow – the specific parameter is measured.

  • Axial fan 1000m3/h
  • Axial fan 3000m3/h
  • Axial fan 5000m3/h
  • Axial fan 10000m3/h
  • Axial fan 12000m3/h
  • Axial fan 15000m3/h

Top 10 types of industrial ducted axial fans

Currently, axial fans connecting ducts are chosen by many businesses, factories and enterprises to serve their works and factories. However, on the market, there are many product lines of axial fans with pipe connections, making users confused and do not know which type to choose.

Let’s take a look at some of the quality pipe-connected axial fans of the brands below recommended by P69 Company!

1. Dasin Axial Fan

Dasin axial fans combined with soft ducts are being appreciated by many used people because of the real quality the fan brings. This fan company is often used by companies and projects that require long-term use of fans. Dasin exhaust fans are designated by many businesses and project contractors as product codes.

Dasin Axial Fan
Dasin Axial Fan

Advantages of Dasin ducted axial exhaust fan

– Dasin exhaust fan has a completely waterproof motor. Therefore, the fan working outdoors does not have to worry about damaging the fan for a long time. You can also use the fan in harsh environments such as: Absorb hot air, fine dust in the air such as wood dust, cloth dust, industrial dust, … without worrying about clogging the motor.

– 100% copper fan motor, ball bearing shaft, fan runs smoothly, saves electricity, and is durable

– The fan works for a long time without getting hot on the fan shaft

– TC sensor automatically disconnects when the temperature is exceeded, preventing dangerous electrical problems

The fan frame is made from a thick, sturdy metal cover, protecting the fan from environmental impacts. The fan is electrostatically painted to prevent rust

Disadvantages of Dasin exhaust fan

Because the production materials and components of Dasin fans are imported from Taiwan for production in Vietnam, the internal and external quality of the fans are tested for good quality. Therefore, Dasin fans compared to ordinary cheap fans will have a higher difference. The price of Dasin axial exhaust fan ranges from more than 3 million to more than million dong.

This is also understandable because most exhaust fans on the market have components imported from China or imported CBU from China and stamped in Vietnam. So the current exhaust fan needs to be checked more carefully, do not want the cheapest type to choose as the top criterion.

Spend a good amount of money, choose a really quality fan for long-term use, avoid stories after using a fan for a while, frequent breakdowns, replacement of accessories and motors , then you will spend a lot more time, effort and money.

2. Phuong Linh axial fan

Phuong Linh is a brand with many models of ductless axial fans with quite large capacity, used in areas with large space.

Advantages of Phuong Linh axial exhaust fan

Phuong Linh ducted axial fan has a round body, unique design, suitable for use in basements to provide fresh air as well as for air conditioning and convection.

The axial fan is made of sturdy and durable materials such as SS400 steel, PP plastic, 316 stainless steel, ..

The fan has an axial fan design combined with a centrifugal fan. Therefore, the fan has strong power and high performance but still does not make a lot of noise.

The convection air flow when the fan is operating is run along the blade direction, completely eliminating the vortex areas, making the fan operate more smoothly and with less noise than other axial fans.

The fan has a fairly large air flow ranging from 3000-72000 m3/h and has a maximum pressure of up to 500 Pa, much larger than conventional ducted axial fans.

The fan has a compact design so it is easy to install or transport.

Fans are widely used in large spaces such as connecting stair booster pipes, smoke extraction for basements, corridors, technical shaft ventilation…

Disadvantages of Phuong Linh axial exhaust fan

Materials for fan production are currently difficult to import, so the price of Phuong Linh axial exhaust fans is high

3. Kruger . Axial Fan

The Kruger circular axial fan is a circular industrial ventilation fan with the direction of the wind in and out parallel to the axis of the fan, specialized for sucking hot, muggy air out and bringing in natural air. workshops, creating ventilation, improving the working environment better.

The Kruger ducted axial fan is beautifully designed, suitable for applications in many spaces and production environments. The fan’s outer shell is made from hardened steel with a circular shape and a fixed base, the entire fan is painted with a powder coating to better protect the fan from harsh environments.

The inner propeller is made of stainless steel and is painted with a black paint consisting of 9 extremely aesthetic wings. Although it is composed of 9 wings, the spacing of each wing complies with the latest principles and standards today. Therefore, the fan generates large air volume with superior head.

Kruger fan manufacturer produces a variety of sizes, flows, pressures, different structures to ensure the right performance for many places with different requirements.

4. Axial fan Deton

Deton is one of the oldest industrial fan brands in Vietnam. Deton brand distributes quite a lot of industrial fans and ducted axial fans are a fan favorite by many customers.

Axial fan Deton
Axial fan Deton

Advantages of Deton axial exhaust fan

Deton ducted axial fan is designed with a circular frame, the fan’s outer shell is made of steel and is dipped through a layer of powder coating.

Deton pipe axial industrial fan is designed with 4 small and curved blades to help the fan operate stably and continuously for many hours. The propeller is also constructed of high-grade steel, making the propeller durable and sturdy.

The fan is built with a motor that is wound 100% of pure copper wire, which is heat resistant and conducts electricity quite well. This helps the fan operate stably and stably in harsh environments. Along with that is the large capacity but the energy used is extremely economical for users because of the large capacity but low pressure head.

Disadvantages of Deton axial exhaust fan

However, the fan is equipped with an outer steel film that will help the fan avoid dust or foreign objects flying into the fan when the fan is operating. Besides, the fan has an external diaphragm to help protect the user in unexpected cases.

5. Fantech axial fan

Fantech’s ducted axial fan is a branded fan from Australia. Fantech ducted axial fan is designed with a round body, the impeller is directly attached to the direct-drive motor. Fans are designed with many types with different number of blades to suit the usage environment such as 3-blade, 6-blade or 8-blade type.

Fantech axial fans are manufactured and processed using extremely modern technologies such as CNC laser cutting, CNC bending, CNC turning, etc. The fan blades are balanced by the latest generation dynamic balance control system to always ensure the propeller is not shaken, always operating stably. Therefore, the fan when operating has high flow but low pressure and low noise.

Fantech axial fans are ductless axial fans with direct drive motors and blades with adjustable blade tilt angle. The fans are manufactured with fan diameters from 315mm to 2000mm with flow: 720m3/h to 460,800m3/h. Static pressure: up to 3500Pa.

High-performance Fantech airfoil propeller manufactured with leading molding technology is very durable and sturdy.

6. Ifan axial fan

IFan is a well-known fan line with a production line in Vietnam that does not have to import engines from China, so it is more appreciated.

Ifan axial industrial fan equipment is basically composed of parts such as: fan housing, impeller, base, suction or blowing mouth, motor and transmission core. The product frame uses galvanized steel, high-grade stainless steel, powder-coated steel or composite, etc.

Ifan axial fan motor uses 100% copper in the device. The blade uses stainless steel with high durability, helping the axial ventilation fan to create an effective cooling airflow.

7. Hasaki Axial Fan

Hasaki axial fans have 2 main types: wall-mounted circular exhaust fans and portable exhaust fans. Fans are used to ventilate and cool factories, warehouses, livestock barns, etc. Axial exhaust fans connecting Hasaki ducts also supply air through pipes or air supply and exhaust systems for works, supply air in high-rise buildings, supply wind to ship decks, mines, ..

Axial fan Hasaki
Axial fan Hasaki

The smallest Hasaki duct-connected exhaust fan has a capacity of: 180W, Air flow: 1460M3/h, Pressure: 45Pa, Wing size 250. The largest type has a blade size of 600, Power: 2.2KW Air flow: 15600M3/h, Pressure: 322Pa depending on the user to choose the type suitable for use needs.

8. Shoohan circular axial fan

Shoohan axial fans are manufactured on modern Chinese scientific lines with high standards of performance and safety. The product has a new, compact and round design, so it is easy to install in many places and crept into the smallest nooks and crannies.

The propellers are specially designed in radians to look very nice, adding to the aesthetics. The fan housing is made of high-quality aluminum, carefully folded to support the lowest propeller when rotating at high speed. Both prolong the life of the fan and reduce the noise of the fan to a minimum.

Shoohan factory ventilation fan applies new technology to save maximum power consumption. With a large wind flow, the fan always brings fresh air to the workshop space, eliminating odors quickly. The fan has low noise so it does not affect the working environment of the workers.

The fan delivers more air volume and distributes it more evenly. The product achieves ideal performance and is easy to maintain.

There are a variety of outstanding models with each separate design of the industrial circular ventilation fan for you to choose according to your needs.

9. POG . pipe-connected axial fan

POG pipe axial fan is designed with sturdy structure, superior features, for large wind volume, high pressure, energy saving, low noise. Can be used for reversing ventilation, transporting air without corrosive substances, dust and solid impurities 150mg/m3 and temperature not higher than 80

Axial fan with pipe connection POG
Axial fan with pipe connection POG

AFA.POG axial fan products are widely applied to serve the needs of:

  • Exhaust corridor smoke, smoke exhaust – exhaust basement exhaust.
  • Pressurizing emergency stairs, lobby, buffer rooms.
  • Fresh air supply for basements – parking lots, common spaces.
  • Exhaust exhaust shaft cleaning, garbage shaft.
  • Supply air-conditioning and cold air to commercial and service spaces.
  • Supply fresh air to industrial kitchen system

10. Jetfan axial fan

Jetfan is a line of industrial axial fans that complement a system
of ventilation (supply and exhaust fans) to promote faster always-flowing air over a
large space, the axial type does not duct connection, direct drive and propeller unit with adjustable blade angle
. Double-head muffler fan to reduce operating air noise.

Advantages of Jetfan axial fan:

Good quality, long life motor: Electromechanical (Vietnam), Teco (Taiwan), ABB (Sweden), Simems (Germany),
ATT (Singapore), Bonfi (Italy), …

Solid materials, high durability: SS400 steel, 304 stainless steel, 316, composite coated steel.

Large flow, low noise due to the 2-head sound absorber.

High heat resistance: When a fire occurs, the fan operates stably.

Cost saving: no cost for ductwork, fans are usually fitted with 2-speed motors to save power, run at high speed during peak hours when there is a fire, run at low speed at normal hours. often.

Easy construction and installation: no need to install the ductwork system, especially less affecting other systems

Application of ducted axial fan

– Axial fan connecting the duct helps to supply fresh air as well as exhaust exhaust gas in factories, mines…

– Cooling equipment in the engine room, sucking hot air in the factory.

– Ventilate the basement to serve the works under construction.

– Helps increase the pressure to suck hot smoke out in the event of a fire.

– Supply fresh air to basements in apartments and tunnels.

– Filter dust in the used space, pressurize and adjust the airflow appropriately.

– Helps to reduce dust, ensure the health of workers, thereby increasing labor productivity for businesses.

– Protect equipment and machinery in the factory from moldy conditions, help machines have a longer life and operate more stably.

Quotation for industrial ducted axial fan 

Company P69 offers a full range of items from different brands. As a manufacturer, besides, there are products that we are the direct distributor for well-known fan brands in the market such as Shoohan, Dasin, Kyungjin, Afan, Deton,….

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Keeping up with the trend of the industrial fan market, along with the development and environmental hazards, we have promptly launched the best products and solutions to the conundrums that businesses are facing. encountered in an environment-related situation. Below is a price list of industrial ducted axial fans you can refer to

STT Name of axial fan with duct connection Fan price
first Dasin Direct Axial Exhaust Fan
From 3,200,000 to 5,100,000 VND
2 Phuong Linh Axial Fan
2,500,000 – 6,500,000 VND
3 Kruger axial fan
1,700,000- 4,500,000 VND
4 Axial fan Deton
2,000,000 VND – 5,900,000 VND
5 Fantech axial fan
1,500,000-5,500,000 VND
6 Ifan axial fan
2,200,000 – 6,000,000 VND
7 Axial fan Hasaki
1,100,000 VND – 3,600,000 VND

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