Agile and economical installation of air conditioning gas pipes

Summer is the time when the air conditioning systems runs at full capacity to meet the cooling needs of every home. In order for the air conditioner to work in the most durable way, the installation of air conditioning gas pipes is extremely important. Do you know how to install air conditioning gas pipe system? Please follow the article of P69 Company to understand better! What is air … Xem thêm >>

[Technical advice] When to service the air conditioner

Air conditioner maintenance is necessary to maintain the longevity of the equipment. In addition, regular air conditioner maintenance will help the air conditioner operate at full capacity, saving electricity and other costs. However, not everyone pays attention to this. Therefore, in this article of P69 Company, we will share with you in detail the reasons for air conditioner? And what are the … Xem thêm >>

Install efficient centrifugal ventilation fans for factories

A Centrifugal ventilator is a device that is used a lot in construction. The device is highly appreciated for its ease of use and design, bringing comfort to the user. So do you know how to install this blower? Follow the article Installing a centrifugal exhaust fan of P69 Mechanical Factory for better understand! What is a centrifugal fan? Centrifugal fan, also known as centrifugal exhaust fan, … Xem thêm >>

Installation of outdoor units for VRV and VRF air conditioners quickly and reasonablely

Installation of outdoor air conditioning units VRV, VRF is one of the types of air conditioning systems for high-rise buildings or works with large use areas. the construction and installation of outdoor units for VRV,VRF air conditioners quickly and cheaply are chosen by many contractors for their projects. Please follow the article of P69 - M&E Contractors to better understand! What is VRV, … Xem thêm >>

Simple and effective axial ventilation fan installation

Axial exhaust fans are an essential item in the workshop space. Helps remove odors, dust and bring fresh air. The correct installation of fans helps this product promote its full use. So what is the correct installation? Please follow the article Installing axial ventilation fans of P69 Company for details! What is a ventilation fan? Exhaust fan is a ventilation support device, commonly used … Xem thêm >>

Instructions for maintaining air conditioners according to technical standards to save money

Want for the system to operate efficiently and save power after a long time of use. Then you need to maintain the air conditioning system. So what is the maintain the air conditioning system. So what is the maintenance process for the air conditioning system? In the article below, P69 will guide the most details technical maintenance of air conditioners. Maintenance of air conditioning systems … Xem thêm >>

Instructions for recharging air conditioning gas according to the standard process from A – Z

When you see that your air conditioner is operating normally, the cooling capacity is naturally weak. Most likely it is under or out of gas. In this case, you must carefully check and refill gas. Thus, the new air conditioner works normally again. If the air conditioner cannot come to check and refill gas for the air conditioner, you can completely fill up the air conditioner yourself with … Xem thêm >>

Instructions for installing air conditioners correctly to increase performance from A – Z

Currently, households, offices, apartments... all use air conditioning as an indispensable device. Therefore, the need to install air conditioners and air conditioners is greater Our company P69 has many years of experience in providing air conditioning installation services. With a team of highly skilled workers with many years of experience will always bring the highest efficiency and … Xem thêm >>

Installing air conditioners at home: Construction, experience, price list

Air conditioner is a type of fixe equipment, closely related to the architecture and aesthetics of buildings. Therefore, the installation of air conditioners at home needs to be careful calculated from the design stage and then articulated from the overall design of the whole architecture, then to the electrical systems, the drainage system so that they are compatible set and most suitable. The … Xem thêm >>