Instructions for construction and installation of standard HDPE water pipes

In the construction process, besides the quality, the method of construction and installation of HDPE water pipes in accordance with the technical process is essential and important. That will help the pipeline be sure, not damaged and not have any problems during operation and operation. This also helps users reduce the burden of repair costs. Let 's learn about the construction and installation … Xem thêm >>

Instructions for installing technical standard uPVC water pipes

UPVC plastic water pipes are more and more widely used in life, gradually replacing cast iron, steel and cement pipes because it has many outstanding advantages. Currently, the installation of uPVC water pipes in civil construction works is indispensable. However, through the process of use, it is inevitable that the water pipe will be subject to collision, contact, wear and tear, causing bursting … Xem thêm >>

How to install standard PPR water pipes and things to note

Nowadays the use of PPR plumbing installation is increasingly popular. For large projects, they not only use PPR heat-resistant plastic pipes for the hot water system, but they use PPR pipes in the entire plumbing system. And it is more convenient that when there is a breakdown or leak, we still have an effective PPR heat pipe welding method. Today, let's learn with P69 Company how to install PPR … Xem thêm >>

Detailed technical standard water pump installation instructions

Installing a water pump with proper technique and convenience is not too difficult but not easy. Especially when we have no knowledge about pumps. Demand for pumps is increasing day by day. So what is the structure of the water pump? How to install the water pump? What are the precautions when installing the water pump? Please refer to the article below with P69 company . Structure of the water … Xem thêm >>

Instructions for installing toilet equipment from skilled workers

P69 company specializes in providing sanitary equipment installers with a full range of sanitary equipment from famous companies, domestic companies depending on the requirements of customers, with competitive prices in the market. Unlike the rest of the house, the toilet needs not only aesthetics above but also rationality below. A misalignment of a few cups or installation with a lack of … Xem thêm >>


Leading in the field of M&E in Vietnam - P69 is pleased to be a partner in the construction of M&E system in the project: "Construction of M&E system at S10.03 building, Lot A1, in Vinhomes Grand Park". Information on construction of M&E system in building S10.03, lot A1 – Item: Construction of M&E system in building S10.03, lot A1 – Location: District 9, Ho Chi … Xem thêm >>


With the motto "Prestige - Quality - Progress - Efficiency". P69 Company always focuses on investing, renewing equipment as well as training to improve the experience of technicians to keep up with the trend. P69 is committed to preparing and executing projects on schedule. Project under construction, works: Vinhomes Grand Park (District 9). – Item: Construction of M&E system in building … Xem thêm >>


Construction of M&E in Vinfast Hai Phong inside and outside the workers' houses helps to quickly improve the living conditions for workers in the industrial park, helping to enhance the position of Vinfast Hai Phong. Promote the establishment of production facilities in the IZ, and create more motivation for workers. Information about M&E construction in Vinfast Hai Phong – … Xem thêm >>


Vinfast Hai Phong - From a coastal land, Cat Hai is just a shrimp pond and salt field - a place associated with the livelihood of many generations of poor islanders. Cat Hai today is adorned by the great construction site of VinFast - an automobile manufacturing complex with the goal of making Vietnamese-branded cars within 24 months.  PROJECTS IN CONSTRUCTION, WORKS: VINFAST HAI … Xem thêm >>