Instructions for cleaning ceiling air conditioners according to technical standards

Ceiling air conditioners are designed in a position on the ceiling for large spaces that need quick cooling. Many customers who are businesses, factories, and workshops choose to install ceiling-mounted air conditioners because of their convenient, elegant and flexible design. But after a period of use, the ceiling air conditioner needs to be cleaned properly if it wants to increase its lifespan and keep its cooling efficiency. Today, the company P69 will guide to clean the ceiling air conditioner properly. Find  out right away in this article!

What is a ceiling air conditioner?

Air conditioner (or ceiling air conditioner) is an air conditioner that is designed to be submerged in a room, usually located on the ceiling or door. When installing ceiling-mounted air conditioners, there is no need to handle the slope like conventional air conditioners.

Ceiling air conditioners have a basic structure consisting of 2 parts:

– Indoor unit: is a copper tube aluminum fin heat exchanger equipped with a centrifugal fan. The indoor unit consists of a fan and a control board, so the power consumption is low, only about 5% compared to the amount of electricity consumed by the machine.

– Outdoor unit: copper tube aluminum fin heat exchanger with axial fan. The outdoor unit can be installed outdoors without shielding. However, outdoor units when installed outdoors need to avoid direct sunlight to increase their lifespan. The outdoor unit of the ceiling-mounted air conditioner is composed of gas pipes, control wires, and power lines. The outdoor unit is where 95% of the machine’s power is consumed.

What is a ceiling air conditioner?
What is a ceiling air conditioner?

Why should the ceiling air conditioner be cleaned periodically?

As mentioned above, ceiling-mounted air conditioners are used often in homes, offices, agencies, etc. In a long time, there will certainly be many layers of dust and dirt around the air conditioner. Especially in the hot and cold units. That will impede air circulation, causing heat exchange to suffer. And potentially cause mold to the product.

If the ceiling air conditioner is not cleaned and maintained periodically, it will lead to the following specific conditions:

For the indoor unit: the air conditioner is poor, running noisy, causing dew on the surface of the machine, leading to the condition of the air conditioner leaking water.

For outdoor unit: poor heat exchanger, overloaded machine due to high condensing pressure, more power consumption, easily damaged equipment leading to reduced machine life or machine failure.

Therefore, periodic cleaning and maintenance of ceiling air conditioners is necessary to ensure good operation of the air conditioner and help increase the life of the machine.

Why should the ceiling air conditioner be cleaned periodically?
Why should the ceiling air conditioner be cleaned periodically?

Simple steps to clean the ceiling air conditioner

Cleaning and maintenance of ceiling air conditioners is similar to the maintenance of wall mounted air conditioners. Only difference in the ceiling indoor unit is a little bit because it is more difficult to remove for cleaning.

Step 1: Clean the ceiling air conditioner outdoor unit

The first thing that you need to do is disconnect the power by unplugging the power plug before cleaning the ceiling air conditioner at home to ensure your safety.

First, you need to remove the outdoor unit mask sheets to facilitate cleaning of the components. Then, spray the condenser, outdoor fan, and mask with a spray nozzle to remove dirt from the outdoor unit. After spraying, you proceed to reinstall the details in sequence.

Step 2: Clean the air filter

Air filters can be cleaned using a vacuum or washed them with warm water and a neutral detergent. Then dry and place in a place  out of direct  sunlight .

Cleaning the air filter will help the machine remove dust and bring fresh air.

Clean the air filter
Clean the air filter

Step 3: Clean or replace the Plasma filter

The plasma filter of the in-ceiling machine is located right after the air filter. This filter can be cleaned by dipping it in water mixed with mild detergent to remove dirt and mold to help protect health and skin, and prevent respiratory-related diseases.

Step 4. Check for leaks and unnecessary noise

After cleaning the outdoor unit as well as the indoor unit, you should conduct a test run to check if the machine is leaking electricity or water. Besides, if the machine makes a noise, what you need to do is turn off the machine and contact the nearest service center for support.

Things to know when cleaning the ceiling air conditioner

Before  cleaning the ceiling air conditioner , you need to prepare the following tools:

  • Ladder: You should use a new type of ladder, not wobbly, rust to avoid causing danger.
  • High pressure water pump Used to clean the ceiling air conditioner.
  • Wipes: Used to dry the parts of the air conditioner. You should pay attention to choose dry towels instead of wet ones. Because wet wipes will cause the air conditioner to be moldy, causing a dangerous electrical short.
  • Screwdriver: Used to remove the outside of the air conditioner. To facilitate the maintenance of the machine, you should use the appropriate type of screwdriver. You should avoid using a screwdriver that is too large or too small for the size of the machine.
  • Large canvas bag or bucket of water: Used to catch water and dirt that fall from machine maintenance.

Besides preparing tools, you should also find someone to help you maintain the machine. Because this will make  cleaning the air conditioner  more convenient.

Signs that you need to clean the ceiling air conditioner

The most noticeable thing is that ceiling air conditioners emit non-cold air and reduce cooling capacity. At this time, the machine needs to be cleaned after a long time of use.

Next is the high electricity bill, which proves that the ceiling air conditioner is clogged with dirt, causing the machine to clog, which makes the machine have to run more to provide enough cold air.

The next sign is that the ceiling air conditioner emits an unpleasant odor when used.

Ceiling air conditioners need to be cleaned periodically  every 6 months  to ensure cooling capacity as well as improve the life of the machine.

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