Refrigerator leaking water? Causes and effective solutions

Air conditioners, air conditioners leaking water  in the house is a very common phenomenon. Makes you feel annoyed, uncomfortable even though you have chosen good models such as Daikin, toshiba, Panasonic… So  what’s wrong with the air conditioner and air conditioner, what’s wrongWhat is the cause and how to fix it? Let’s find out with P69 Company through the article below!

Refrigerator is leaking water

The air conditioner consists of a hot unit, a cold unit and a copper pipe for gas. So the phenomenon of water leakage also occurs in those 3 parts:

Refrigerator is leaking water
Refrigerator is leaking water

1. Air conditioner is leaking water at the heater

  • The heater is usually installed on the outside, so if the water is small, few people will notice. This is a very normal phenomenon because both copper pipes at the connection position to the hot unit contain cold gas. The small tube is colder than the large tube, which condenses the water vapor into droplets that settle on the surface of the copper tube.
  • The way to fix the water heater  is that the worker will wrap the insulation pipe carefully with the pipe next to the hot one; Wrapping all the valves connecting the heater will limit that water stagnation. If it’s too open, more water will flow.
  • If there are furniture, walkways, etc., falling under the heater will damage the furniture. Then it needs to be properly insulated. If it doesn’t affect the bottom, just let the water leak, it’s not much water.
  • As for the case  of the air conditioner heater, there  is a lot of water in the 2-way air conditioner. When turning on the air conditioner in the heating direction, the hot unit will change to the cold one. It  ‘s very normal to have a watery cold,  and this we all know. The heater is in the open air, so people rarely attach a water pipe, so we see the water in the heater flowing into the ferry..

2. Copper pipe is leaking water

  • The copper tube that carries the gas is also cold, which also condenses the air into droplets. Thanks to the insulation, the copper pipe does not leak water.
  • However, despite being insulated, the copper pipe is still watery due to 2 main reasons: 1 is the lack of gas in the air conditioner, leading to freezing of the pipes. 2 is that the machine is too dirty, the cold air does not come out of the indoor unit, so the copper pipes are soaked with water.
  • In addition, the cause may be due to the floating condensate pipe wrapped with the punctured, torn copper pipe. Leads to water leaking from copper pipes.

3. Air conditioner/air conditioner is leaking water in the cooler

  • The gas passing through the indoor unit causes the air to condense into droplets. Water stagnates on the aluminum fins. Those drops will flow down the trough. 2 sides of the trough will have 2 drainage holes.
  • Depending on which side is convenient when installing the air conditioner, the worker will attach the drain pipe to one side of the water trough. The other side will have a rubber stopper. Water will flow along that pipe into the wall-mounted water pipe that flows down the gas hole or into the toilet, or the water tank…
  • Here we study the phenomenon of  air conditioner leaking water  , that is, the water droplets do not flow into the above locations. But  water flows from the cold unit in the house  .


What are the dangers of leaking air conditioners?

A leaking air conditioner will affect daily life and bring many harms to users as follows:

  • When the humidity in the room is high, it will form an unpleasant odor and create conditions for bacteria to grow.
  • If your family has young children and the elderly, humid air is easy to cause respiratory diseases such as cough, bronchitis, ..
  • Air conditioner leaking water also poses a danger to life, such as electric shock, electric leakage to the outside environment.
  • If you place the air conditioner close to electronic devices, when the air conditioner leaks water, it will easily damage and reduce the life of the equipment.
  • Unsightly for the room because of long-term water leakage, on the wall will form patches of moss and mold.

Causes of air conditioner leaking water

Most of the cases are because the indoor unit has not been cleaned, maintained, or charged for a long time. Let’s find out the 4 basic causes of air conditioners with water interference and leakage below:

1. Indoor unit is not cleaned and maintained periodically

If you do not regularly clean your air conditioner, there is a possibility of water leaking. Because after a period of operation, the indoor unit will be dusty and water leakage will occur.

Therefore, you need to clean and maintain at least every  3 months . As for the general cleaning of the air conditioner, you should perform it  once a month , in order to ensure the machine’s durable operation, increase its lifespan and help the air stay fresh and cool.

2. Broken or cracked water trough

When the air conditioner is leaking water, the big cause can be a clogged or broken gutter. This situation is mostly common in old air conditioners, which have been used for a long time.

However, this cause also appears in some air conditioners when newly purchased, possibly due to the manufacturing or transportation process that breaks or cracks the water trough. Moisture in the indoor unit is leaked out, drips down the water trough and flows out.

If it lasts for a long time, it will form algae that flows into the drainage pipe. If users do not clean them in time, they will form more and more, causing  blockages in the drainage pipes, overflowing water in the trough  and creating a good environment for bacteria to grow.

3. Improper installation of the air conditioner

Some air conditioner installers are inexperienced, they will install drain pipes  without slope  or make  the pipes too long  without ventilation holes. Therefore, the water is not released to the outside, but flows back into the trough, causing the air conditioner to flow out.

In addition, the person installing the air conditioner is  deflected to one side , causing the trough to deviate, so the water will flow to the lower end of the trough and leak onto the wall and floor.

4. Air conditioner is short of gas

The lack of gas in the air conditioner is one of the common causes of air conditioner leaking water to the outside. The appliance does not have enough gas, causing  frost  to occur in the indoor unit. At that time, the air conditioner does not ensure enough temperature, causing the ice to melt through the trough and water out.

How to fix the water leak of the air conditioner

Leaky air conditioners cause many harms to human life: humid, uncomfortable rooms, directly affecting health. It can affect other devices such as TV or laptop or any device placed under the indoor unit. Note that when installing the air conditioner, users should not install it near other electronic devices because it can lead to electrical leakage, short circuit, water flowing in the room, which is also dangerous to people.

How to fix the water leak of the air conditioner
How to fix the water leak of the air conditioner

Depending on the cause of the air conditioner leaking water, there will be appropriate solutions and repairs. Here are some solutions to fix this situation:

– If the air conditioner has not been maintained for a long time, you should check it immediately.

– If you suspect that the drain pipe is damaged, you should check and wash away any residue using a pressure pump.

– If the phenomenon of freezing of the indoor unit occurs, should carefully check and add more gas to the air conditioner.

– If the indoor unit fan is not spinning, you should check if it is working stably.

– If the water trough or indoor unit are installed incorrectly or they are tilted, you should recalibrate accordingly.

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