Installing flexible conduit: instructions, installation quotation

Installing flexible conduit to reduce construction time in difficult places, without spending a lot of accessories such as Installing hard wires conduit. In addition, the flexible conduit has the ability to coil tightly without much effort or damage to the wall surface of the building, and does not distort the pipe surface when bent. Immediately refer to the article below for instructions on … Xem thêm >>

Installation of rigid conduit: regulations, instructions, installation quotation

For large buildings, the installation of rigid conduits is very important. The process of wiring the entire building requires a standard and durable electrical conduit, the usage and wiring method must also be scientific and for the right purpose. The use of conduit for electrical wires inside the wall or floating in the building will not only contribute to ensuring the safety of the wires being … Xem thêm >>

Installation of Transformers: process, instructions, installation quotation

Transformer is one of the high value products. Users often want cheap or do not have enough money, so they close their eyes to buy doses. But the potential problems and uncertainties when using old transformers (old transformers) greatly affect the use process as well as the maintenance process. Therefore, this article P69 company will help customers who want to buy transformers have a better … Xem thêm >>

Installation of electrical cabinets: installation instructions, detailed service quotes

The installation of industrial electrical cabinets meets quality standards, contributing to the stability and safety of the electrical system and machinery. Industrial electrical cabinets have an important role in operating the electrical system or the machinery system in the factory. However, the general steps to designing and installing industrial electrical cabinets are not well known. In … Xem thêm >>

Installation of hot-dip galvanized cable trays: benefits, service quotes

Hot-dip galvanized cable tray is a type of cable tray but is coated with a layer of zinc on the surface to protect the cable tray from environmental agents such as rust, peeling paint surface. Installation of hot-dip galvanized cable trays is usually suitable for outdoor projects with large steel structures such as oil and gas rigs, hydroelectric dam gates, factories, factories, etc. and places … Xem thêm >>

Installing standard powder coated cable tray – detailed quotation

Installing powder-coated cable trays is an important device for putting wires, wires and network cables in buildings, construction sites, factories, etc. There are many people who do not fully understand the installation process. Install cable trays, product notes as well as choose reputable manufacturers and accessories. The following article, P69 Joint Stock Company will share all the … Xem thêm >>

Installation of hot-dip galvanized cable ladders: benefits, service quotes

Hot-dip galvanized cable ladder is applying technology to coat the entire surface of the cable ladder with a layer of hot-dip zinc to optimally protect the cable ladder against environmental factors, metal corrosion, surface peeling paint… Installing Hot-dip Galvanized Ladder Tray is often applied to outdoor works, near the sea and in places where the environment is highly corrosive... Let's … Xem thêm >>

Installing powder-coated cable ladders: notes, benefits, service quotes

Installing powder-coated cable ladders is one of the most important and indispensable equipment in the electrical system of constructions such as factories commercial centers, hospitals, etc. It plays a very important role, but not everyone, also know about the specific effects of the above device. Powder coated cable ladder is the most preferred product used by contractors in today's cable … Xem thêm >>

Air conditioner shelf: Classification, quotation, notes

Currently, many families intend to use the hot air conditioner shelf to complete the cooling procedure for the room. However, many people only know how the air conditioner works and how good it is, but do not know that the supporting devices for the air conditioner are also very important such as the hot air conditioner holder. If you buy an inappropriate bracket, it may make the air conditioner … Xem thêm >>