Instructions on how to refill Gas for standard cold storage system

Cold storage not cold or weak cooling is one of the signs that cold storage is leaking gas or running out of gas. So, what tools do you need to prepare and how to do it, and how to properly charge the gas for the cold storage system? Let ‘s find out with P69 company through the following article

Why is it necessary to charge gas for the cold storage system?

Did you know that the joints of cold storage air conditioners are not completely sealed? Can degassing, oiling, and repair operations lead to a loss of gas?

Yes, the amount of gas in the refrigeration system is lost for many different reasons. And when the amount of gas is not guaranteed, the system will slow down, the compressors will be damaged, the cooling capacity will decrease and the cooling time will increase. Of course, the machine’s life will also decrease, they get sick.

How to identify cold storage system lacking cold gas?

When there is a shortage of refrigerant gas, the most common phenomenon we encounter: When starting the cold storage, we do not feel the cold radiating into the warehouse or the cold air is too weak, the outdoor unit does not see the phenomenon of heat. blown out or the indoor unit is covered with ice.

Besides, for some high-end models, there is a self-diagnostic function. Users can easily monitor the gas parameters right on the included remote of the machine. If the cold storage is out of gas, then you need to refill the gas immediately. To ensure that your cold storage is always stable.

How to identify cold storage system lacking cold gas?
How to identify cold storage system lacking cold gas?

Principles to be followed when filling gas for cold storage system

Just like any maintenance activity, gas charging for the refrigeration system also needs to follow certain principles.

– The pressure in the gas bottle needs to be guaranteed to be higher than the filling pressure

– The compressor has no abnormal signs, works well

– Check tightness before and when filling gas

– Gas bottles need to be tilted or turned upside down so that liquid gas can easily flow in

– Gas to be charged must be of the same type as the gas currently in the system

Four notes before pumping cold storage gas

1. Before pumping gas, you should check what kind of gas the air conditioner is using. To determine the type of gas, you call the air conditioner company you are using, say the model name of the air conditioner and ask the consultant to check the information for you. In addition, you can look up warranty information for each manufacturer here.

2. When refueling the cylinder, you need to turn the gas tank upside down and charge it at the 3-way gas valve behind the outdoor unit.

3. Do not charge gas in heating mode. At this time, the 3-way valve pressure is high, causing gas to not be pumped into the air conditioner according to the design.

4. Lower the temperature of the remote to 17 degrees Celsius and set the pressure to about 150 psi. If the weather is cold, you should turn on the compressor to work, set the evaporator fan speed according to the ambient temperature.

Instructions on how to refill Gas for standard cold storage system

How to charge Gas for standard cold storage system includes 3 steps. Please refer to the information below

Instructions on how to refill Gas for standard cold storage system
Instructions on how to refill Gas for standard cold storage system

Step 1: It is necessary to determine the drug that needs to be loaded

Two types of refrigerant states exist: liquid at the bottom of the device and vapor at the top. The vapor state is negligible, so it is only necessary to determine the mass of the liquid medium. An additional 10-15% is required when calculating the amount of vapor medium.
Detailed statistics on the amount of refrigerant:
– 100% with the supply line.
– 60% with the intermediate medium standing.
– 30% with the indoor unit supplying the liquid in the direct throttling mode.
– 20% with high pressure tank.
– 10% with condenser.
– 0% with oil separator.

Step 2: Prepare the tools when filling the refrigerant system

– Labor protection tools required: gloves, masks, protective clothing

– Tools: Gas valve key, sealed tester, gas bottle holder, chalk, scale, filling wire

– Normally, for industrial refrigeration systems we will not use scales or chalk.

Step 3: Recharge gas

With large cold storage, you should use the method of loading according to the supply line: fast time, large quantity and liquid loading. Divided into two phases of charging the refrigerant: new and additional charging:

  • New refill: Since the system has been vacuumed, just open valve A and the refrigerant bottle valve, the refrigerant will be automatically sucked into the high pressure tank. It is necessary to observe the refrigerant level in the tank and check the pressure gauge. If the pressure does not increase, then we stop and test the machine, and at the same time check parameters such as compression and suction pressure.
  • Additional charging: Observe the compression pressure, current or voltage, we will see that the amount of refrigerant in the system is not enough, we need to carry out additional charging. Pay attention when the system works, close valve A. Then open the cylinder valve to let the compressor suck in. And check the suction pressure gauge, see the level of the high pressure tank. If you see the level of fluid in the tank is about 80%, then stop. Open valve A and close the refrigerant bottle valve. Continue to check the pressure of the system if it finds enough refrigerant, then stop.

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