Experience in the design and construction of standard housing dust treatment

The design and construction of housing dust treatment has become a core issue for apartment buildings and civil houses. However, many customers are still confused and confused when designing and choosing a reputable support unit. The following article of P69 Company will lead you to find the most reasonable answer to this question.

What sources does dust come from?

Indoor dust comes from mainly indoor activities including the activities of objects, equipment and machinery, and the next cause is the dust that enters directly from the outside through contact in the house. crevices, windows…

What sources does dust come from?
What sources does dust come from?

The daily activities of each individual when going out and bringing home a certain amount of dust. Especially when using household electrical appliances, it will cause static electricity, attract dust on the ground and promote air circulation, causing dust to be promoted.

The heat sink of air-filtering and air-conditioning products is not effective. Or the operation does not meet the requirements will also leave a lot of dust in the air.

Bed sheets and pillows have a fiber component during use. Then they will fall to the floor and cause dirt. Besides, during the cooking process, grease and smoke stains also cause many dust particles. Or like freckles, when we worship, we also produce some dust in the house

The harmful effects of dust in the house

Dust affects the health and activities of family members. Specifically, please read the information below:

1. Respiratory diseases, itching, fatigue

The main source of indoor pollution is common dust. Indoor air pollution has been linked to an increasing number of respiratory diseases such as asthma, pneumonia, and even lung cancer.

2. Create an environment for pathogenic microorganisms to grow

In addition, dust also accumulates in pet hair, insects, food, pollen, spores, mold, etc. All form an ideal environment for microorganisms to grow and cause diseases. In addition, if the house is humid due to the weather or a humidifier, it will create conditions for mold growth.

Some experience in the design and construction of housing dust treatment

Some experience in the design and construction of house dust treatment that you need to pay attention to below to prevent dust from entering the house, affecting the health of yourself and your family.

1. Planting trees

The trend of urban greening is increasingly popular. The design of houses with lots of trees not only has the effect of beautifying the house but also helps to better regulate the air, catch the sun and reduce the sultry effectively. Moreover, indoor plants also act as a protective layer to filter dust from the house.

Trees will create a buffer space between the house and the area with a lot of dust. Just a garden with green trees or a lake in front of the house will help create an airy and cool living environment.

For apartments, planting trees on balconies and windows creates a beautiful green area, shading from the sun, preventing dust and noise.

In addition, it is possible to build more courtyards and skylights to give the house more light and open up an airy space inside without being directly exposed to the street.

Planting trees
Planting trees

2. Use simple furniture

Dust is always present in the air and flies into the house, clinging to architectural and interior surfaces, causing loss of aesthetics, directly affecting the health of the family. For items, sophisticated furniture will be very difficult to clean, easy to collect dust.

Therefore, choosing a simple interior design without carving many details is a reasonable solution.

Double-layer facades such as transparent glass should be designed to block the sun and reduce some of the dust. Because they will easily cling to the glass door instead of flying into the house. At that time, we just need to find a way to clean the glass instead of cleaning everything in the house.

In addition, small decorations or books and newspapers, if placed around in each room, will make the job of dust control more difficult. Therefore, if there are such items in the house, you should pay attention to cleaning to avoid being forgotten and dusted for too long.

3. Limit furniture made of cloth, bamboo, etc.

Some families want to use materials made of fabric, bamboo, .. for decoration such as sofas, tablecloths, carpets, shelves made of bamboo, sedge… These are all furniture. easy to accumulate dust.

For families with young children, these items can all affect the child’s respiratory tract if not cleaned well.

Furthermore, when a piece of such item decomposes and produces dust, you should dispose of it immediately to eliminate other risks. Instead, you can buy items made of leather or wood.

Items from this material are mostly durable and highly functional, easy to clean and repair. Currently, there are more diverse models to suit the style of each family.

4. Clean the house regularly

It is impossible to completely eliminate dust from our lives, but we should try to find reasonable solutions to minimize them.

One of the most effective ways beyond choosing smart designs is to clean the place regularly. Even in a modern home with many functions, cleaning is also essential to avoid damaging furniture.

It is recommended to clean the furniture in the house once a week such as: tables and chairs, doors, wardrobes … Remove unnecessary or damaged items such as toys, old books, ..

Some objects instead of throwing away, let’s find ways to recycle to protect the environment. For thick items such as cushions, sofas, carpets, etc., every 3 months, pillows and carpets should be knocked out to reduce dust or taken out to the laundromat.

Besides, we can apply technology to the house cleaning work itself. The use of vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, sweepers, etc. are very popular nowadays. They are really effective for users if they find the right machine for the family.

Air quality and indoor dust can be easily controlled, giving us a positive, quality rest space.

5. Window design orientation right from the time of house construction

If you want to build a new, or remodel the apartment. Please consult a team of professionals. Not every window is good for ventilation.

West facing windows will only bring dust and heat to your home. Please clearly orient the number, size and direction of windows to reduce dust in the house

6. Replace the filter on the air purifier

Replace the filter on the air purifier
Replace the filter on the air purifier

It’s amazing how people forget to change the air filter in their central air conditioner or an air purifier in their home. Once the filter becomes too dirty, it is not effective at removing dust particles and cannot keep the air clean in your home.

The replacement filter will ensure that it will help remove dust particles in the air, air purifier models with a high amount of dust will cause harm to the user, so replace the filter regularly. When the quality of the filter has deteriorated and the filters need cleaning, they can be cleaned regularly.

An air purifier is a very necessary product for users today when its ability to handle fine dust becomes more and more effective, especially in periods of heavy air pollution in big cities.

7. Use an air purifier to clean fabric dust in the house, in the bedroom

What the home air purifier is capable of handling both dust and odors, including harmful gases, it will suck all the air in the room through the filter to retain harmful substances, fine dust, fabric dust. in the home. At the end of the dust cleaning process in the engine room, it will return to maintenance mode, minimizing power consumption.

The air purifier can be used continuously in the room, no need to turn it off when not in use, with power-saving models, you can be assured of the power consumption when in the smallest mode only. Just like an LED light bulb. Check out this article on how to find the best air purifier for dust removal.

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