What is VRV central air conditioner? System structure, advantages and disadvantages

Nowadays, the demand for cooling/heating is increasing day by day. And industrial parks, factories, hospitals, schools, hotels are even more necessary. To cool such large spaces, using local air conditioners is not effective. What is the solution here? VRV central air conditioner is the perfect choice for your project. So what is VRV central air conditioner? Structure, advantages and disadvantages … Xem thêm >>

Technical installation of central chiller air conditioning system with safety standards

Talking about air conditioners must be no stranger to the majority of consumers. However, talking about central air conditioning Chiller, it is still a vague concept that not everyone understands. If you are also having trouble installing a central chiller air conditioning system, please refer to the details below the content of the company P69 ! What is a central chiller air conditioning … Xem thêm >>

What is local ventilation? Function, how to install

Local ventilation systems are systems that mechanically absorb dust and dust at the source, with or without treatment, before being discharged to the outside environment. To better understand the local ventilation system, please read the detailed article P69 Company is a contractor specializing in the construction, installation, and design of ventilation systems for office buildings, large … Xem thêm >>

How to calculate the air flow in the factory using the standard formula

Factory ventilation is now mandatory for today's factory. There are many different ventilation measures used in the factory system. Depending on the investment costs of the business owner, appropriate ventilation measures will be taken. The following article , P69 Company will share with you how to calculate the air flow in the factory using the standard formula. Why ventilate the … Xem thêm >>

The current standard method of mechanical ventilation in the factory

The mechanical ventilation system in the factory helps to create a ventilated working environment, saving initial investment and operating costs. The ventilation system will bring cool air into the factory, discharge polluted air and bring in clean air from the outside to help ensure the health of workers. Company P69 with many years of experience in the field of supplying mechanical and … Xem thêm >>