Installing Double layer diffusers: quotation, standard installation instructions

Double-layer diffusers are used in the air conditioning system (cold air outlet, air return), ventilation system (fresh air supply, air intake...), so that the whole system is operated properly. Ideally, the louver should be installed in the most reasonable and accurate way. But installing new 2-layer diffuser is standard? What is the installation cost? Please refer to the article below with P69 … Xem thêm >>

Installation of flexible ducts with insulation: quotation, standard installation

In order to optimize the function of the insulated flexible duct, and at the same time to help the duct, and at the same time to help the duct system operate smoothly and stably, when installing the insulated flexible duct, it is necessary to have qualified techniques. Let's find out with the company P69 about the costs as well as the notes when installing a flexible duct with standard insulation … Xem thêm >>

Instructions for installing detailed Jetfan ventilation fans from A-Z

The basement is usually a place designed underground, in order to save space and create aesthetics for the space. But the basement is a place that contains very little air, causing a feeling of oppression, discomfort, containing many harmful gases such as NO, CO2, SO2... extremely important. The following article, P69 Company will guile you to install Jetfan ventilation fans in details, please … Xem thêm >>

Installing a square air duct with bracket C: quote, how to install it correctly

Only install the square air duct with bracket C when there are technical requirements form the project, or the unit has installation requirements. Or used for ducts with side lengths less than 20mm. So how to install the C-shaped square air duct with the correct standard? What's the cost? Please refer to he article below with P69 Company. What is C brace square air duct? C-shaped square air duct … Xem thêm >>

Installing non insulated flexible ducts: quotation, standard installation

To ensure optimal function of the flexible duct. At the same time, to help the duct system operate smoothly and stably, when installing the flexible duct, it is necessary to have qualified techniques. In this article, P69 Company will share with you the standard non-insulated flexible duct installations. At the same time, update the latest price of uninsulated flexible duct. Please refer! How to … Xem thêm >>

Installing fresh air duct in basement: how to install, optimal solution

In order to ensure good ventilation and air circulation in living spaces in high-rise buildings and factories, the installation of the ductwork system needs to be technically correct. Below is the share of P69 Company about installing the latest basement fresh air duct. Please refer ! What is the role of the duct to supply fresh air to the basement? The outstanding effects that the fresh air … Xem thêm >>

Installing basement exhaust ducts: How to install, optimal solutions

The basement is always a parking space for motorbikes, cars, garbage collection, etc., so it generates a large amount of harmful gases such as NO,CO2, SO2... and even noise. Therefore, it is very important to install the basement exhaust air duct. Follow the article of P69 Company to know these fan installations! Why install a ventilation system for the basement? With a closed design, limited … Xem thêm >>

Installing TDC flanged square duct: solutions, quotation, installation method

Installing square ducts TDC is one of the main parts of the air distribution system in ventilation, air conditioning, the effects of removing dirt, releasing the obstructed air flow and providing supply of fresh processed air to put into the working and living environment with the main purpose of protecting human health and minimizing pollution in the working area. Let's find out the following … Xem thêm >>

Installing spiral ducts: Installation process and instrucitons

Proper installation of ductwork is a prerequisite for the ductwork system to function properly, safely and long-term. Therefore, this operation is extremely important and must be understood. If you are wondering about how to install a spiral duct, don't ignore the article of P69 Company ! Features of the spiral air duct  Spiral air duct has a round tube shape. Bring softness and bring high … Xem thêm >>