Install fire prevention and fighting standards and rules in accordance with regulations

Rules and regulations on fire prevention and fighting are one of the devices in fire prevention and fighting with the purpose of warning, vigilance, helping to prevent the risk of fire and explosion that may occur in residential areas and buildings. house, business establishment, production. The installation of fire prevention standards, as well as the installation of fire prevention regulations, … Xem thêm >>

The standard specifies how to install fire extinguishers from A – Z

Fire extinguishers are important fire fighting equipment. Anyone can easily buy this equipment, but not everyone knows the standards governing the installation of fire extinguishers . Therefore, the effectiveness of using fire extinguishers is not high. How to install fire extinguisher according to TCVN? Note in regulations on installation of fire extinguishers? How to install fire extinguisher? … Xem thêm >>

Instructions for installing fire extinguisher boxes from A – Z

The fire box is also in the fire protection equipment which is very important and necessary in the fire fighting system. Installing a standard fire extinguisher box will ensure its safety and effectiveness. P69 Company provides the leading fire protection equipment in Vietnam accompanied by technical consultants dedicated to helping customers in a very satisfied way. Today's article P69 will share … Xem thêm >>

How to design, install and operate fire pumps in detail

To install and operate a standard fire pump, how do we need to know about fire pump installation standards? Because after the installation, the fire protection agency will check the entire pipeline system, pressure, and electrical system to ensure safety or not before being licensed to operate. In this article , P69 Company would like to share how to install and operate the most standard fire … Xem thêm >>

How to install and maintain Sprinkler nozzles 100% correctly

When installing sprinkler heads , care must be taken and the instructions below to be followed to ensure that sprinklers are not damaged and function properly. Procedure for inspection and maintenance of Sprinkler nozzles is also one of the decisive factors for the success of the fire fighting system using this device that many installation units are always aiming for. So, how to install and … Xem thêm >>

P69 Successfully Produce of Certified Fire Resistant Air Valves

Leading in the field of manufacturing and installing air valves - P69 is pleased to be the first unit to successfully produce Fire Valves with fire resistance limit (Certified) in Vietnam market. The first unit to successfully produce a wind valve that reaches the fire resistance limit Passed through rigorous testing and inspection. P69 is honored to be the first unit to successfully produce … Xem thêm >>

Detailed construction and installation instructions for fire fighting pipes

Technical construction and installation of fire-fighting pipelines includes the following methods. P69 company will send you the solution and instructions for the construction and installation of fire-fighting pipelines to the highest standards and to ensure the highest safety. Please refer to the article below. Tools for construction and installation of fire-fighting pipelines Electric … Xem thêm >>

Instruction for construction and installation of water thanks according to technical standards

Installing a water tank offers many benefits. In the past, most households installed water tanks to replace brick water tanks. However, in order for the water tank to promote its full effects as well as the long-term use of the water tank, the installation is extremely important. So, let's immediately refer to the construction and installation steps of the water tank with P69 Company in the … Xem thêm >>

Installation instructions for optical hangers, brackets for water pipes

Installing optical suspension, round water pipe rack is the best choice for investors if they want to create a safe suspension system, save time and save costs. So what are the characteristics of the optical hanger, round water pipe rack? What are the technical standards? Based on what to confirm this is an important product of the plumbing system? Let's find out with P69 Company in the article to … Xem thêm >>