Installing diffuser with insect screens: how to install, benefits, classification

In the ventilation system, the louver is a very important and indispensable device. There are many types of louvers on the market today, but why should you install air vents with insect screens? What is the process of installing air vents with insect screens? What are the benefits of installing air vents with insect screens ? Which air vents come with insect screens ? Let's find out with P69 … Xem thêm >>

Install louver with dust filter in accordance with technical standards from A – Z

In modern life with an increasing number of people, buildings and workplaces are becoming more and more secretive and uncomfortable, significantly affecting work efficiency and people 's health. Dust filter is one solution. The air vent with dust filter is one of the important devices in bringing fresh air to the space. This device is widely used in many constructions such as factories, … Xem thêm >>

Installing weather proof diffuser : how to install, classify, quote

At present, most of the works are built with sealed entrances to avoid noise and dust from outside. However, these buildings will be deprived of the amount of air supplied through the ducts for human body activities. The lack of air will increase the temperature inside the house, thereby creating other inconveniences. It is for that reason that we need to install a suitable ventilation system to … Xem thêm >>

Installing Leaner Diffuser: how to install, benefits, installation quote

Linear Diffuser, also known by another name, straight slat louver. The louver is designed to be the simplest shape in the louver products. But they are chosen by the majority of customers to install for their system. That choice is not just an inevitable choice of the requirements system. But sometimes they also choose alternatives based on performance, product cost; as well as ensure the … Xem thêm >>

Installation of air diffuser: quotation, technical standard installation method

Air diffuser are highly appreciated for their aesthetics and especially their ability to diffuse, absorb and purify air very well, mainly as cold air supply doors in ceiling-mounted air-conditioning systems. With a variety of design in terms of types. designs or colors, the diffuser air intake is flexibly applied in many different projects. Form industrial buildings such as factories, or civil … Xem thêm >>

Installing single layer diffuser: how to install, installation quote 2022

The oval spokes have a high ventilation rate from 60% to 80%, and are used as air supply and return doors in ceiling-mounted air-conditioning systems connecting ducts, ventilation systems and fire extinguishers. Bringing to the building a high aesthetic thanks to the use of oval-shaped spokes, making the surface of the louvers more slender. So how to install the new oval spokes? What is the cost … Xem thêm >>

Slot Linear Diffuser: Quotation, Technical installation

Nowaday, the technology development entails a serial of intelligent machine technologies. One of them is air conditioner. With the hot weather of summer, there is nothing better than having an air conditioner, but for the ventilation air conditioner to work effectively, it is indispensable for the Slot Diffuser. What is Slot Diffuser ? What is the use and cost of installing Slot louvers? We will … Xem thêm >>

Installing eggcrate grille: quotation, standard construction plan

The ventilation system is an indispensable system in almost every building. From houses, offices, buildings, apartments, factories, factories, hospitals,... all need a ventilation system. Installing eggcrate grillers are the most important parts of these systems. Currently, the market has many types of louvers, serving different purposes and of course, the price of each type of louver also has … Xem thêm >>

Installing a stair booster air duct: Principle, how to install it from A-Z

Installing high-pressure ventilation systems for stair in buildings, high-rise apartment buildings office areas is extremely necessary. The goal of any booster system is to keep smoke and toxic gases away form exits. So how important is the installation of a stair booster duct? Principle and how to install? Follow the article below with P69. Construction of stair booster system According to … Xem thêm >>