10+ Fire safety skills you need to know

In the fires so far, there have been many tragic accidents that occurred because people did not know what to do to escape. Equip yourself with the necessary skills to protect your own safety in case of an emergency. Let ‘s learn with P69 Company the important things that you need to pay attention to when a fire occurs, skills to escape the fire safely.

Safe fire escape skills you need to know
Safe fire escape skills you need to know

1. Must be calm

The first thing is that you need to  stay calm , because only calm can help you think clearly. If it is a small fire, take a fire extinguisher and extinguish the fire immediately. If it is a big fire, it is even more important to calm down to find the safest way to handle it. The first factor for people to survive when a fire occurs is to be really calm and quickly follow the right methods and escape skills.

When you see a big fire, notify everyone in the area where the fire is happening, work together to extinguish the fire or escape safely. There are many forms of alarm for everyone to know, handle or promptly get out of a fire such as shouting, blaring a fire alarm, broadcasting on loudspeakers, etc.

2. Find a way to put out the fire

When a fire is detected, you must calm down to find a way to handle it, you should first find a way to put out the fire, you can use powder, Co2 gas cylinders, sand, blankets, water or other things that you can get right away. there is a possibility of extinguishing the fire.

In case the fire is too big to be extinguished, you must quickly find a way to escape. Shout out to everyone in the house to escape together, then immediately dial 114 for help.

3. Shout loudly and call everyone to escape

When you discover a fire, you need to shout  so that everyone around you knows and call 114 (fire) to call for help. Close doors where fire could spread and get out quickly. When you see a big fire, notify everyone in the area where the fire is happening, work together to extinguish the fire or escape safely.

There are many forms of alarm for everyone to know, handle or promptly escape from a fire such as shouting, sounding fire alarms, broadcasting on loudspeakers, etc. For establishments that have automatic fire alarm systems installed press the fire alarm button, the system will immediately signal by sound and light (via bell, fire alarm light) to the protected area.

4. Move

Smoke in the fire will obstruct visibility, to avoid suffocation and easier to see, move out by crawling on the ground and along the wall to find the fastest way out. Reclining on the ground will also help you have more air to breathe, avoiding suffocation due to smoke.

If smoke is coming from above or right in the area, move quickly to the exit door and go down to the lower floors. If smoke is coming from downstairs, find a way to move back up to the top floor to avoid suffocation.

5. When escaping, remember the following

– Do not try to collect valuables or look for pets in the house.

– Do not investigate the fire.

– Crawling on the floor if there is smoke because the air is cleaner near the floor, so keep your nose as low as possible; Remember smoke is very poisonous and can kill you.

– When going out, only open the door you need and close all open doors to prevent the fire from spreading quickly.

– Before opening the door, put the back of your hand on the door, if it feels warm, don’t open it – the other side of the door is on fire. Use the back of your hand to test, not your palm. Because burned palms will hinder your escape when you crawl or descend the fire ladder.

If you’re escaping with someone else, go together if possible.

– Most likely the exit is on fire or smoke, so you need to know where the other exits are. Also, if you live in an apartment building, you also need to know the best way to get to the stairs or other emergency exits.

6. If your clothes are on fire

– Don’t run around, you’ll just fan the flames and make them burn faster.

– Lie down, this makes it harder for the fire to spread and reduces the impact of the fire on your face and head (fire burns from the bottom to the top).

– Extinguish the fire, covering the fire with heavy material, such as a coat or blanket, which disrupts the oxygen supply to the fire.

– Roll around to help put out the fire.

7. What to do when you can’t go out immediately?

What to do when you can't go out right away?
What to do when you can’t go out right away?

If you can’t get out quickly because fire or smoke has blocked your exit, if your exit is blocked:

– If you are on the ground floor, go out by the window: throw blankets, pillows, cushions on the ground outside to support you

– If you cannot open the window, use a heavy object to break it at the end, when touching the sharp edges use cloth, towel or blanket.

– Lower the child as low as possible before releasing the child so that an adult can support the child if possible.

– Lower your body by placing your hands on the window sill before dropping down.

If you can’t get out, gather everyone in one room:

– Choose a room with a window if possible.

– Prevent smoke and fire from entering through the door by blocking the openings around the door with sheets, blankets, clothing or duct tape.

– If there is a window in the room but it does not help you out, open it and stand in front of the window to breathe and call for help.

– If you can get a piece of clothing or a towel, place it over your mouth so you don’t breathe in the smoke. Better if you wet the cloth before covering your mouth.

– From now on, think about which room is best, you need a window that can be opened and, if possible, a phone to call an ambulance.

– No matter how scared you are, never hide under your bed or closet. Because then, it will be very difficult for the firefighters to find you. Remember that firefighters and others will find you to free you. The sooner they find you, the quicker you’ll get out.

8. Be careful when opening the door to the outside

If the door or doorknob is too hot, indicating that the fire is burning outside is very large, absolutely do not open the door and should find another way out. If you feel safe, when opening the door, you should avoid your face, avoid people to the side to prevent smoke and heat from hitting your face.

At the same time, when opening the door, you must avoid it to the side to prevent fire. In the event of a fire outbreak, smoke and toxic gases cover the corridor and cannot escape, so calmly use a damp blanket, or adhesive tape to seal the door slots to prevent smoke from entering the room and staying in the room. Wait for the fire and rescue force to arrive to take to a safe place.

9. Cooperation 

When a fire occurs, you must stay calm, pay attention to follow the instructions of the fire prevention and fighting police force and the rescue team.

If a fire or explosion occurs in crowded places such as shopping malls, supermarkets, cinemas, etc., the first thing to do is to calmly find a way or follow the instructions of the staff to exit the building. through normal exits such as stairs, where there are Exit lights. These are the safest exits.

10. Don’t come back

If you can get out, you should find a safe place near your home to wait. If there are people in the house, wait for the fire brigade to arrive. You can tell them about the person who is stuck and they will find the trapped person to help you faster.

If you return to a burned home, you will slow down firefighters’ efforts to save the missing person, and put yourself in a very dangerous situation.

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