How to use industrial fans to save electricity

Industrial fans help to regulate, circulate air, remove exhaust gases, toxic gases, and provide fresh air for the living environment. However, if you do not know how to use it, it will cause a lot of wasted electricity. So how to use industrial fans to save electricity to save costs. Let 's find out with P69 Company through this article. Choose the right industrial fan Currently, there are 3 … Xem thêm >>

Operation process of cooling tower according to technical standards from A – Z

How to operate the cooling tower to both ensure safety and achieve the highest cooling performance is a concern of many people. Understanding this, P69 Company would like to share some methods of using the most effective cooling tower, invite you and your friends to consult. What is a cooling tower? What is a cooling tower system? What is English cooling tower?  Cooling Tower is a device used to … Xem thêm >>

Top 10 types of industrial ducted axial fans

Axial fans connecting ducts are designed with many different models and types. Along with specialized designs used to absorb smoke, dust, odors, ventilate and supply fresh air to restaurants, hotels, family kitchens, and restaurants, helping the air flow to be continuously circulated. However, on the market, there are many product lines of axial fans with pipe connections, making users confused … Xem thêm >>

Instructions for construction of exhaust fans according to technical standards

You want to refer to how to install wall-mounted, wall-mounted, industrial ventilation fans for closed bedrooms with or without air conditioning? Or install ventilation fans for kitchens, bathrooms…. Exhaust fan (also known as exhaust fan) does what? Why should you install ventilation fans in tight spaces such as bedrooms or crowded workspaces? Read this article to better understand the exhaust … Xem thêm >>

Construction and installation of heat-absorbing spheres in accordance with economical technical standards

Heat absorbing ball is an industrial product that is used to install on the roof to get the most natural wind today to create ventilation or air intake, heat absorption for houses, workshops, … helps reduce the temperature inside the space without using electricity or any other fuel source. Here we go to learn about the correct installation of the heat-absorbing ball. What is a heat absorber … Xem thêm >>