The wrong way to save electricity of today’s consumers

When you save electricity in the right way, it will save you some money. However, do you know what is the right way? Currently, many people still make the mistake of thinking that such ways are already saving electricity properly. Please follow the article below with P69 Company for more details!

Just turn off electrical equipment, no need to unplug

Many devices such as phone chargers, computers, microwave ovens, fans, etc. will use power in standby mode. Even if you turn them off but keep the plug in the outlet, they still use energy.

To limit energy consumption, you should unplug electronic devices from the electrical outlet when not in use.

However, do not unplug the electric stove immediately after use, but wait for the stove to cool down for about 30 minutes.

Use energy-saving appliances

Energy-saving devices are bought and used by many families in the hope of saving energy and reducing electricity bills.  However, power-saving devices only help stabilize electricity, reducing the amount of power wasted by lines and loads.

Moreover, buying power-saving devices of unknown origin and brand will cause more power consumption and not ensure electrical safety in your family.

Use energy-saving appliances
Use energy-saving appliances

Run the ceiling fan continuously to cool the room

Many families still think that turning on the ceiling fan continuously will make the room cooler. However, ceiling fans will not make your room cooler, but only allow air to circulate, creating a feeling of coolness.

On hot days, the use of a ceiling fan will not bring a cooler feeling but also waste electrical energy. You can replace the ceiling fan with an air conditioner to keep the home space cool and not lose too much electrical energy.

Keep the Air Conditioner at the Same Temperature

Many people believe that using the air conditioner at the same temperature for many hours continuously, even all day, will help save energy.

However, according to the US Department of Energy, you should increase the air conditioner temperature by 2-3 degrees at night or when there are few people in the house, this will save you up to 10% on electricity costs each year.

Normally Put the Device in Sleep or Standby

Leaving electrical devices in standby or sleeping mode does not mean they have stopped working. They still cause power loss with a certain amount of power. Worse, if your home’s power lines have problems, they will cause unnecessary consequences.

Using the Rice Cooker in Warming Mode for a Long Time

Many people think that fermenting leftover rice with a rice cooker will help keep the rice hot and delicious. But this is not entirely true. Incubating rice for too long will make the rice unpalatable and consume a lot of electricity.

Depending on the type of pot, cooking capacity, capacity, the amount of electricity consumed when in incubation mode will be different, about 40W – 150W. If you brew rice for about 10 hours, you can pay an additional 0.4 – 1.5 kWh of electricity.

Turn off the lights when leaving the room

Turn off the lights when leaving the room
Turn off the lights when leaving the room

This is the habit of many people to save energy in the house when not in use.

However, this is only true for incandescent lamps, and fluorescent lamps are not, turning on and off fluorescent lights many times will consume more electricity. So if you leave the house  within 15 minutes  , there is no need to turn off the lights.

No need to clean the ice on the freezer

Many people always think that if the ice layer on the freezer is thick, the ice will thicken faster and can save electricity.

However, having a thick layer of ice will make the  space narrow, preventing  cold air from moving evenly in the refrigerator compartment, making the cooling process take a long time, the cabinet must run continuously, causing a lot of electricity to increase.

Therefore, to avoid thick freezing appearing in the cabinet, you must  regularly clean, defrost, and clean the cabinet  to make the cabinet work better and avoid wasting electricity.

Putting Too Much Food In The Refrigerator

Putting Too Much Food In The Refrigerator
Putting Too Much Food In The Refrigerator

Putting too much food in the refrigerator and not having a proper food storage plan will quickly reduce the life of the refrigerator and consume a lot of electricity because the refrigerator must operate at full capacity to ensure the refrigerator temperature.

To ensure a stable refrigerator temperature, you should let the food cool down and then put it in the refrigerator for storage. You can also use porcelain and glass utensils with tight lids combined with enough food in the refrigerator to help save energy.

Turn Lights On/Off Regularly

Turning off the lights when leaving the room for a short period of time and immediately turning them back on is an energy-saving method applied by many Vietnamese families.  However, this method only works for incandescent lamps.

For fluorescent lights and combat lights, you should not turn them on and off many times because the lifespan of fluorescent lights is based on the number of turns on and off and will consume electricity. If you have work and only leave the room for 10-15 minutes, you do not need to turn off the lights.

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