How to arrange the most reasonable bedroom lighting design

The lighting design for the bedroom is very important, not only to ensure the light to serve the necessary needs such as reading, makeup, changing … but it also ensures the aesthetics to bring a sense of comfort. most comfortable and relaxing for users. So how to design the most reasonable bedroom lighting design? Let ‘s find out the following article with P69 Company :

General rules when  arranging bedroom lights

No matter  what style of bedroom lighting you choose  , you need to ensure a harmonious and balanced lighting system. Here are some general principles when designing bedroom lighting systems:

General rules when arranging bedroom lights
General rules when arranging bedroom lights

1. Need to combine natural light and lamp light

Many homeowners are too focused on the design of the light bulb system that they forget about natural light. In fact, natural light is always on top and needs to be taken advantage of.

You need to  arrange bedroom lights  at  windows and doors to get reasonable light. Then calculate the minimum required lighting system during the day to take advantage of natural light.

That is: there will be bedrooms that do not need to use lights during the day. Because natural light is enough to illuminate the whole. Or, there are bedrooms that only need 1 small light bulb combined with natural light.

2. Arrange bedroom lights  according to use needs

With each bedroom, each person will have different needs. There are homeowners combined with the same office, reading room, study room … Therefore, for each use purpose, the choice of light and type of light bulb will be different. Families need to pay attention to this to  arrange the  appropriate bedroom LED lights .

– If you use the bedroom to work, you can combine more lights placed in the alcove. This light will provide just enough to the desk without affecting the bed position.

– If you read a book while lying in bed, you can use a table lamp or a pendant lamp to drop the head of the bed.

3. Layout bedroom lights combined with decorative lights

With the development trend of the times, the bedroom not only uses lights but also installs decorative lighting systems. Decorative lamps will provide soft light and help add aesthetics to the room.

Therefore, when  arranging bedroom lights , families need a harmonious combination of light bulbs and decorative lighting systems. Decorative lights will highlight some positions of the room, highlight the design of Decor items, bedroom furniture.

4. Light color of bedroom lights

The bedroom should only use soft light and even a little dark. Because this light will help create a feeling of comfort, relaxation, helping each person get to sleep easily, sleep deeper.

According to studies, yellow light is the most suitable for the bedroom. Or, homeowners can choose light in a color range from cool java to pale pink. This color range has a soft, pleasant color and is not harmful to the eyes.

5. Prioritize arrangement of bedroom lights  to adjust light intensity

The need for lighting in the bedroom will likely vary by use. For example, you can read, work… in the bedroom. Thus, if you choose a lamp that can adjust the light intensity, you will easily choose the right level of brightness to suit each need.

Standard of LED lighting in the bedroom

The lighting used in the bedroom is not as demanding and demanding as other spaces, so the lighting standards of LED lights in the bedroom are not too strict.

– About light intensity: The light in the bedroom requires a gentle intensity to create softness and mellow to meet the basic principle in bedroom lighting design is to create a feeling of relaxation and comfort. .

Illuminance: is a quantity that characterizes the amount of light or luminous flux density per unit area of ​​a surface. The illuminance is denoted by E. Unit is: lux (lx). According to national lighting standards, the standard illuminance for bedroom space is 150-300 lux.

– Number of bulbs: the standard for the number of bulbs in the layout of bedroom led lights given to users is based on the area of ​​space they are present as well as the actual capacity of the bulbs to find the number of bulbs. most suitable quantity.

Some notes when designing bedroom lighting

The bedroom is a private space that needs to be designed and decorated in a personal style, very attractive, romantic, modern, or a little fiery depending on the preferences of the owner of the room. But with any style of bedroom design, lighting also needs to be chosen appropriately and light up the entire space when night falls.

Some notes when designing bedroom lighting
Some notes when designing bedroom lighting

1. Lighting needs to match the bedroom function

Depending on the area and function you want the bedroom to bring, you choose the lighting layout accordingly. If you often watch TV in bed with your children, you can choose a bedside lamp or a bedside table lamp. If you want the bedroom to be very relaxing, a place for you to rest after a tiring day, the lamps arranged in the niches or the ceiling are probably the perfect choice for room lighting. sleep.

2. Should arrange the light according to the theme

You should choose the right lighting for the bedroom theme, to highlight the beauty of the room. If you want a romantic bedroom, it is best to arrange 2 wall lamps on either side of the bed. If you want the bedroom to give a deep impression, you should choose a multi-top chandelier decorated with crystal lampshades to create a feeling of light that is very eye-catching and gorgeous.

After the task of lighting the room, clarifying the bedroom design style is the second task of the lighting arrangement. You can refer to the light treatment methods on the pages of architectural magazines and choose a reasonable lighting style for your room.

3. Decorative lighting

Lighting in the bedroom also helps to display or highlight wall paintings, statues or architectural details in the room. Depending on your lighting wishes, the light will be treated to suit the room to create harmony. With a large bedroom, it is advisable to arrange more wall art with attached lights. With statues and sculptures, you should use floor lamps to reflect light from below to create interesting visual effects.

4. Choose the right light color

 The best light color in the bedroom  is in the light range from cold java to pale pink, with this color range will make the bedroom feel peaceful and pleasant. The color of the lampshade, the light of the bulb add great beauty to the bedroom, and the feeling of relaxation upon entering the room.

How to arrange lights for a reasonable bedroom

The arrangement of lights in the bedroom is to arrange a whole system including many types of lights with different names. So how to have a reasonable arrangement of lights for the bedroom? Soon, you will find the answer to this question. Together we will design a reasonable bedroom light with the lights below.

How to arrange lights for a reasonable bedroom
How to arrange lights for a reasonable bedroom

1. Bedside lamp

It can be said that the bedside lamp is one of the important lights in the lighting system arranged in the bedroom. Unpretentious, the bedside lamp is really the most essential light for this private room of yours. Because this light not only helps you sleep well with soft light, but also can support the light when you want to read a book or watch TV in bed.

With bedside lamps, you should choose a pair of lights divided into 2 sides. That way, the new light can shine on the bed evenly. Only one of the two sides is not very good. Choose bedside lamps with a slightly dark shade with a low height, just enough to shine light on the edge of your bed. That seems to be the most reasonable option.

2. Dressing table lamp

For single women’s houses or small families, the bedroom must never lack the so-called dressing table. Therefore, it is always necessary to have a dressing table lamp. The dressing table lamp does not need to be too demanding, nor does it need to be “genuine” like the lights on the dressing table of the stars you often see.

Just choose a light that is bright enough and the light is as natural as possible so as not to make your face deformed when applying makeup. In addition, you should also pay attention to the position of your lights. It is best to put the lights on either side of the makeup mirror. The light is just enough.

3. Ceiling lights

In fact, for the bedroom, ceiling lights are not as important as other rooms in the house. However, still in the top of the important lights to have. Ceiling lights have an overall lighting effect for the room, and this is also the bedroom. Therefore, the requirement is that the ceiling light must give a soft light, neither dazzling nor too dark. Currently, the most popular type of ceiling light is LED panel light.

4 favorite bedroom decoration lights

The most popular types of bedroom decoration lights today are:

4 favorite bedroom decoration lights
4 favorite bedroom decoration lights

1. Downlight Led Downlight for bedroom decoration

For the bedroom,  recessed led downlights  often use warm yellow light. This color creates a feeling of closeness, relaxation and comfort. You should choose a light bulb with a moderate capacity of about 3-6W depending on the size of the room. Because this light level is just enough for you to rest and relax with activities in the bedroom such as reading books, newspapers …. You can refer  to opulight’s slim downlight  , which is ultra-thin and lightweight,
This is almost an indispensable type of lighting in today’s architectural works. LED recessed lights with compact design are attached to the ceiling to save space and area. Lamps are very diverse in design, light color, power and have high aesthetics. This type of lamp has very good light quality, so it is often used as background light. With this type of lamp, the space exudes modernity, sophistication and comfort

2. Bedroom decorative chandeliers

Decorative chandeliers with sophisticated and luxurious designs are often more picky about users. Therefore, if you love this type of lamp, you should choose products with the right size and design for the bedroom space. This will create a highlight and avoid causing asynchronous lameness in the entire bedroom.

3. Beautiful, modern and luxurious table lamp

With beautiful, luxurious and affordable design, bedroom table lamps are the choice of many families today. Lamps are usually placed on the bedside table or bedside table. It can be used as a night light as well as a reading light before sleeping. Table lamps today come in a variety of designs and patterns. Therefore, they also contribute to the beauty of the bedroom.

Table lamps today come in a variety of designs and patterns. Therefore, they also contribute to the beauty of the bedroom.

4. Ceiling lights decorate the bedroom

Ceiling lights are also quite popular. They both provide light and create accents and decorations for the bedroom space. There are many different models of ceiling lights, but the most popular are led string lights and T5 led bulbs. These lights bounce light straight up to the ceiling and reflect it down. So they don’t cause glare or discomfort. It is recommended to use warm-colored light to bring a great rest space to the bedroom.

Should LED lights be used in the bedroom?

LED lights are the most modern type of lighting equipment today. LED bulbs are carefully calculated by the manufacturer for each parameter, adjust the quality of the light source and ensure it is suitable for all user needs from living, working, playing… Specifically, advantages of LEDs as follows:

LED lights provide a stable light source thanks to the superior LED chip, capable of adjusting the light in all conditions on the grid, especially with the flickering up and down of our country’s electricity grid. Users who use them can completely rest assured not to worry about their activities.

The lights using this type of bulb also have the function of increasing and decreasing the light intensity according to the needs, so it is suitable for each different use situation. In addition, they also have a variety of colors, satisfying customers who have high requirements for the appropriateness of feng shui elements.

Above all, LED bulbs can save up to 70% of electricity, do not generate heat when operating and especially do not produce toxic substances harmful to human health such as ultraviolet rays or mercury. Therefore, you absolutely can and should use this product for your living space, especially the bedroom. Where there is a high requirement for the quality of the light source to achieve the best and deepest sleep.

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