What is a ceiling fan? Should I use this fan?

Ceiling fans are a product that brings a healthy living space, with many benefits such as: supporting air convection, eliminating disease-carrying bacteria, providing fresh oxygen, etc. However, many people also wonder what is a ceiling fan? Should I use this fan? Today, P69 company will answer you the following questions.

What is a ceiling fan?

Ceiling fans are special axial fans, designed to minimize noise when operating and create high efficiency when operating. The fan is installed in the ceiling, has the effect of balancing humidity; reduce heat to create a source of fresh, airy air for the installed space without affecting everyone’s working activities.

Fans installed in the ceiling will help save space, harmonize with the interior, the layout of the house while still doing its ventilation task.

The fan has the ability to ventilate with a large capacity. Currently, products are designed in a variety of designs, sizes, and capacities to suit many different projects and needs.

What is a ceiling fan?
What is a ceiling fan?

Ventilation fans are often installed in large spaces such as: high-rise buildings, office areas, office areas, restaurants, hotels.. and can also be installed in narrow places such as houses. Bathroom, bedroom, living room…

Uses of ceiling fans

Like other ventilation fans, ceiling fans are used to circulate air from the inside out. Create a circulating wind system, providing fresh air into that space. Filter out dirt, reduce pollution caused by the operation of machines and people and pets.

But each exhaust fan is designed for its own purpose so that the exhaust fan works as efficiently as its name suggests.

1. Air circulation

Currently, almost every space is a closed space, especially in urban areas and big cities, to avoid outside noise and dust and to have a private life that does not affect everyone. people around. But in a closed space, the air cannot circulate easily, there is not enough natural air for everyone in that space.

Ventilation fans are the best solution for those closed spaces where air cannot be circulated on its own. Ceiling fans are popular today because of its benefits and because of its diverse designs and sizes to suit many different spaces.

Ceiling exhaust fan is a device used to bring outside air into the interior and vice versa, the fan helps to draw and push air to circulate air to bring cool space.

Products with exposed propellers have a discreet protective case and beautiful design. As an advanced product, with many outstanding advantages such as deodorizing, reducing heat accumulated in the room, creating a cool atmosphere for the working space, so this product is more and more popularly used.

The fan series is designed in many different sizes, diverse models suitable for many spaces. Products can be installed in crowded areas such as commercial centers, conference areas, buildings, production areas; processing, warehouses…

In addition, the product is installed in wet spaces such as bathrooms, toilets … or spaces that need to be ventilated. In particular, in environments with mold and mildew and where many bacteria are harmful to health. Therefore, when installing this product, it will ensure to bring a cool and dry space to the bathroom to repel disease-causing germs.

Ventilation of the space will repel molds that affect the utensils and food in your home, and the odor in the house will also disappear.

2. Ensure the health of everyone in the family

When installed in the family space, the ceiling fan will help protect the health of family members; ensure a healthy environment and not be affected by skin and respiratory diseases. Especially in families with sick people, children or the elderly.

Uses of ceiling fans
Uses of ceiling fans

3. Best suction, push wind

Is a product line with the ability to operate very smoothly; 2-way air intake and expulsion, thus performing the best ventilation and exhaust functions. Therefore, in small spaces, choosing to install ceiling exhaust fans is the most perfect choice to create the most ventilation for the space. Ceiling fans come in many different sizes to suit a variety of uses.

Compared with wall-mounted ventilation fans, the popularity of ceiling fans is higher, because ceiling fans have natural ventilation to create greater cleanliness than wall-mounted ventilation fans and because of the fan’s capacity. larger than a wall-mounted exhaust fan.

This is a line of ventilation fans with high aesthetics, effective operation thanks to special air ducts. The space between 2 layers of plaster ceiling can be used as an air duct to the outside.

Should ceiling fans be installed in air-conditioned rooms?

Air conditioners when installed in the home are often used in closed spaces such as bedrooms, offices, etc. If the air in these areas is not circulated, it will  not be able to provide enough oxygen  . The moldy air flow will not be able to escape, which can  affect the health  of the user when staying in the room for too long.

When using an exhaust fan to help create a convection flow to circulate air inside and outside the house, your air will be changed, providing more fresh air from outside.

Therefore, according to many experts, when installing an air conditioner, there must be an exhaust fan to change the air in the room in order to provide enough oxygen for the user to protect health and prevent a lack of oxygen causing pain. headache, fatigue, dizziness,…

In addition to the ability to clean the air, installing an exhaust fan that  reduces odors in the room  from here will help the air conditioner reduce the capacity burden, increase the durability of the air conditioner and save electricity more effectively.

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