Industrial hot exhaust fan: uses, notes, price

For closed factory spaces, lack of ventilation holes, the temperature is often higher, causing a feeling of mystery and discomfort. Therefore, using an industrial hot exhaust fan is considered a superior solution that you cannot ignore. In today’s article, the company P69 will introduce to sell the functions and notes when buying industrial hot exhaust fans.

What is an industrial exhaust fan?

What is an industrial exhaust fan?
What is an industrial exhaust fan?

Hot exhaust fan is a type of fan used to extract air. The purpose is to suck hot air, absorb odors from the inside and push out to the outside environment to help the air circulate airy and fresh. Normally, exhaust fans are often used for factories, industrial production… There are two main types of hot exhaust fans: ceiling fans and wall-mounted exhaust fans.

Great effect of industrial hot air exhaust fan

Each manufacturing plant has its own criteria and characteristics, but many times they still do not pay attention to the most effective heat dissipation solutions today, typically using  industrial exhaust fans  to push steam. heat, fresh air supply right in that space and here are the reasons you should use  industrial hot exhaust fans .

  • Using  industrial exhaust fans  to suck the residual gases, harmful gases inside the factory away from the working location to help bring the best space for your factory.
  • Industrial exhaust fan is used as an industrial  ventilation fan to  help circulate the factory air to create an airy and fresh space for your factory.
  • Industrial exhaust fans, in addition to being used to absorb hot steam, also have other effects such as vacuuming, vacuuming, welding fumes, iron filings, etc.
  • The industrial exhaust fan is combined with a soft duct of the same size to help push the air further away and at the same time is used to supply fresh air to places with dilute oxygen.
  • Especially with its compact design, the fan can be easily moved to any place where it needs to be used

What to note when choosing to buy an industrial hot exhaust fan?

Choosing the right hot exhaust fan for each space is also extremely important. When choosing an exhaust fan, the following should be kept in mind:

What to note when choosing to buy an industrial hot exhaust fan?
What to note when choosing to buy an industrial hot exhaust fan?

1. Choose the right exhaust fan

Currently, there are two popular types of exhaust fans: square exhaust fans and round exhaust fans:

  • Square exhaust fan or wall-mounted exhaust fan is a square type, fixed to the wall.
  • The round exhaust fan has a round cylinder shape, which can be fixed/fixed or moved at will.

For spaces where hot air is produced a lot at a few fixed points such as welding workshops, printing workshops, etc., a circular exhaust fan should be used.

For a space where the heat is spread evenly around, a square exhaust fan should be chosen.

If you want the best suction effect, you can combine these two lines.

2. Product brand

Whether a brand can stand for a long time depends on the quality of the product. Poor product quality, the brand will soon be eliminated. Therefore, when choosing a brand of vacuum cleaner to buy, you need to choose reputable brands in the industrial fan manufacturing industry. For example, Dasin has more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing and exporting around the world.

3. Choose the right exhaust fan for the area

Depending on the small or large area used, the amount of hot air is more or less, but choose the appropriate size and capacity of the exhaust fan.

For small areas, it is recommended to use exhaust fans of small capacity and size. In contrast, large spaces such as factories, industrial parks, and factories need to be equipped with more quantity and larger capacity.

4. Fan construction

To work well in a harsh environment with a lot of hot air, the vacuum cleaner needs to be equipped with an extremely sturdy and durable motor, propeller, and fan housing. In addition to the fan, the specialized duct that supports the exhaust fan also needs to be a good heat-resistant type, for example, a simili fabric basket tube.

Where is the right place to install a hot exhaust fan?

Typically, exhaust fans are used in places where air cannot circulate on its own. Specifically: there are 2 types

1. Industrial hot air exhaust fan

With a large space like a factory, you just need to calculate the quantity and choose a large wind volume and large capacity. Normally, industrial hot exhaust fans are installed in the back and side of the room and workshop where the fan is located. The air from the inside will be discharged into the natural environment, and at the same time the wind is pushed into the workshop and room.

If the factory is large enough to need to install a ventilation fan, before construction, you should consult the service and ask to send the system layout plan. For convenience, the fan should be located in a place where it is easy to clean, milk, and check.

2. Fan to extract hot air in the home

For houses, because there are many different small rooms, using exhaust fans with compact size, low power, medium air flow or used in families installed in locations: living room, bedroom, kitchen, …

2.1. Exhaust fan in bedroom

The bedroom is a private living space, so it is often closed, the use time of the bedroom is also quite long, plus furniture, so it often produces a lot of heat and odors.

Install an exhaust fan with quiet operation that does not affect sleep. It is best to install the fan at a height close to the ceiling, if there is an air conditioner, install it at the minimum height equal to the air conditioner and on the opposite side of the air conditioner to achieve the best effect.

2.2. Hot exhaust fan, kitchen smoke exhaust

The kitchen is a place to cook, generate heat and produce a lot of odors. The heat in the kitchen has a higher temperature and more than other places, so it needs a fan with a stronger capacity.

Depending on the kitchen space, you can choose a ceiling or wall mounted hot exhaust fan to push hot air and kitchen smoke to the outside, ensuring comfortable air circulation, making the space more comfortable to eat. Enjoy delicious meals.

2.3. Exhaust fan for living room

In addition to the two spaces mentioned above, the hot exhaust fan can also be used in the living room, especially in small and narrow houses that lack open spaces. The device helps to remove the heat in the room, ventilating, ensuring your family’s activities become easier and more comfortable.

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