Operation process of cooling tower according to technical standards from A – Z

How to operate the cooling tower to both ensure safety and achieve the highest cooling performance is a concern of many people. Understanding this, P69 Company would like to share some methods of using the most effective cooling tower, invite you and your friends to consult.

What is a cooling tower? What is a cooling tower system?

What is English cooling tower?  Cooling Tower is a device used to reduce the temperature of the water in the HVAC system by capturing the heat of that water and then releasing the heat to the atmosphere . The water-heating mechanism is for the purpose of dissipating heat for machinery, equipment, the environment inside the factory, and the air-conditioning system.

Radiator towers  are large-scale cooling equipment, so they are often used in HVAC systems of manufacturing plants, commercial buildings, hotels, etc.

The benefits of operating a cooling tower properly

Water cooling tower is also known as cooling tower. It is used in industrial plants to cool down water to cool machinery through evaporation. When the heat is discharged to the outside atmosphere, the amount of water inside is cooled down, the equipment and machinery in the factory will be significantly cooled. Using a cooling tower is a modern and more effective method than traditional methods.

Properly operating the cooling tower will bring many benefits to users, such as:

  • Minimizing possible breakdowns
  • Saving cost of cooling tower maintenance
  • Increase productivity and efficiency, bring high profits for businesses
  • Extend the life of machinery and equipment

Operation process of cooling tower

In order for the cooling tower to be most effective, we need to understand the process of operating the cooling tower. Specifically, the basic process is described below:

Operation process of cooling tower
Operation process of cooling tower

1. Step 1: Check before operating the cooling tower

– Radiator tower is currently a popular cooling device used by many businesses in food, pharmaceutical, machinery manufacturing, etc. activities of their units. However, not all users know how to use the water cooling tower effectively.

– Accordingly, during the operation of the water cooling tower, users should pay attention to follow the standard steps. First, technicians need to prepare to operate the cooling tower by re-checking all functions and parts of the tower. Specifically:

– Open the bottom of the tank to drain the water and clean this part. Because after a period of use at the bottom of the water tank, there will be a lot of dirt and moss. This will cause the device’s performance to decrease, components will be corroded. Please open the discharge pipe at the bottom of the tank of the cooling tower, proceed to clean the scale on the bottom of the tower (using a specialized cleaning solution, brush)

– Check whether the water circulation is good by pouring water into the tank until the valve floats off and rotates the nozzle to rotate freely and then pumps water into the tank to the allowable water level.

– Check if there are any foreign objects trapped in the system, blocking the nozzle, riser or nozzle and blower.

– Check the injector, cooling beam by spraying test on the grille. Check the circulation of the water system by pouring water into the tank, observe the automatic float valve of the cooling tower to see how it works.

– Check voltage and current to match the fan motor and check the direction of rotation of the fan. Besides, the operator should also let the fan run for 2-3 minutes to make sure the device still works normally.

– Check the operation of the blower on the top of the tower.

2. Step 2: Prepare the water system

During this process, you need to do the following:

  • First let the pump unit run for about 5 minutes to expel all the air in the nozzle and riser to the outside, then check the water level in the tank before operating the cooling tower to ensure stable operation. .
  • Next, the user starts the pump and adjusts the float until the water in the tank reaches the allowable water level.
  • When the water flow is stable, the operator needs to make sure that the nozzle rotation, balance and rotation speed are always working in the best working condition. For example, the Tashin TSC 5RT – 30RT factory water cooling tower has a nozzle speed of 7 – 12 rpm, while the nozzle speed of the Tashin 800RT – 1000RT tower is 2-3 rpm, …

3. Step 3: Start the exhaust fan

Start the blower for the cooling tower to work and operate:

  • The person in charge of operating the water cooling tower needs to check the ventilation holes for dirt or foreign objects that interfere with the operation of the device.
  • After starting the exhaust fan, users need to check the current and voltage, the direction of rotation of the fan. If the fan draws air from the bottom, it means that the motor is properly connected and the device is eligible for normal operation.

When to use cooling tower system?

Cooling towers are used to cool systems with water and wind cooling capabilities. Users should invest and install a cooling system in the following cases:

  • The heat output of the system is large, requiring heat dissipation for machinery to ensure safety for equipment and operators.
  • Units with machines and equipment operating continuously, need to use cooling towers to ensure working performance.
  • It is necessary to use a cooling tower to meet the needs of using air conditioning, or used in frozen products such as seafood, meat, livestock, poultry, agricultural products, ….
  • Need to be used to cool machines that produce aluminum billets, steel, plastic injections, electrical cables, pharmaceuticals,…

Some notes when operating cooling towers

To ensure the safety of users and those around, cooling tower operators need to keep a few things in mind:

1. Maintain proper water flow

The water flow needs to be maintained according to the standards of each different tower type to achieve the highest working efficiency. In case, the water level in the tank drops below the specified level, the outside air will have a chance to enter inside causing e-pump phenomenon. Therefore, the best water level should be maintained at about 4-5 cm, below the overflow level of the tower.

2. Regularly clean the tower

The components of the tower such as the base of the tank, the sprinkler pipe, etc., after a period of use, are easy to get dust, scale or corrode, affecting the working efficiency. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly clean the tower, maintain and maintain it to maintain working efficiency as well as increase the life of the tower.

3. Noise control

To ensure that the water cooling tower does not affect the user during operation, the user needs to check the vibration, noise and nozzle, the temperature of the water, the motor voltage and the oil level of the reducer.

The above are the operations before operating the cooling tower that any user should know. Hopefully, with this information, users will have more experience in using and maintaining the device.

Signs that need to clean the cooling tower 

During the cooling tower inspection, here are some signs that you need to clean the tower as soon as possible.

Signs that need to clean the cooling tower 
Signs that need to clean the cooling tower
  • During the operation of the tower, there is a strange noise, or the water in the leaky seal or the pump body is abnormally hot.
  • There is a lot of dirt on the bottom of the tower.
  • Working efficiency is significantly reduced, unable to meet the needs of cooling, used in production.
  • The inside of the cooling tower emits a loud noise, when touched, there will be a strong vibration. Although new to use, this condition still has a low frequency.
  • The heatsink has too much dirt, mainly CaCO3 with the color of lime.
  • During rotation, the tower fan makes an abnormal noise or is reversed.
  • The water dispenser is no longer as efficient as before.
  • The temperature of the water source at the outlet is not enough to meet the operating standards of the tower.

How to clean radiator tower components

To ensure that the cooling tower always operates in stable conditions, helping to improve the performance of the tower components cleaning is also very important. Below are cleaning and maintenance instructions for tower components:

1. Clean the tank cover and base

Usually, this part is made of durable fiber material that resists corrosion and rust very well. So, to clean, we just need to use a soapy water solution to clean the tank shell, crickets from dirt, dust, moss, spider webs.

2. Cleaning for the sprinkler head

Although the cleaning cycle has not yet come, the nozzle shows signs of rotating too slowly compared to the standard parameters. Or stop spinning suddenly, you need to check if the rotating head, supporting frame is entangled with moss or dirt.

When you have sprayed the dirt and moss, but the spray head still does not improve its performance, you need to replace this component.

3. Clean the water dispenser

This helps to ensure that the water distribution efficiency of the tower is always stable over time. After cleaning, you need to reinstall the water divider as before, remember to pay attention to the angle of the tube.

4. Maintenance for propeller

The propeller is also a part that is most susceptible to dust and dirt during use. During the cleaning process, you need to pay attention to ensure that the adjustment for the tilt of the propeller is up to standard with the original design.

Cleaning heatsinks and other components

You can use a high-pressure car wash device, combined with anti-scale chemicals to clean the spray, remove dirt for this cooling tower component.

For other components of the tower, you should clean and periodically paint anti-rust paint for metal parts; At the same time, prevent dirt, moss on these parts to ensure that the tower always operates in the best condition of components, improving the efficiency of use for users.

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