Standard water supply and drainage pipe sealing test procedure from A – Z

Sealing test of water supply and drainage pipes is a particularly important task of the acceptance and installation of drainage systems. In case the drainage system leaks, it will lead to subsidence of the ground; seepage; dispersing odors;... Therefore, in addition to pressure testing of water supply pipes , the criteria for checking the tightness of drainage pipes with water always need to be … Xem thêm >>

How to install the right size rainwater drainage pipe

Installing rainwater pipes is an extremely important item when building any project. Reasonable drainage pipe design not only brings efficiency but also helps to increase durability, aesthetics as well as save construction costs. Therefore, choosing the type of pipe, the diameter of the drainage pipe as well as the related factors in the design and construction process is necessary to bring about … Xem thêm >>

How to properly install loggia drainage pipe

Are you looking for a contractor to install loggia drain pipes ? P69 Company provides a team of construction workers for water supply and drainage pipeline systems in Vietnam. Professional, quality and affordable installation service. Take a look at the following article of P69 Company on how to install a standard loggia drainage pipe. What is Logia? This is known as the hallway that, … Xem thêm >>

Diagram of how to design and install toilet drain pipe

We cannot deny the importance of toilet plumbing installation. The bathroom is the smallest space in the house. Yet it is the most important place in the family, anyone after stepping out of the toilet also feels comfortable after bathing. The following article, P69 Company will help you answer questions about how to install a toilet drain pipe, through which you can go through the pipe in your … Xem thêm >>

Instructions for construction and installation of apartment drainage pipes from A – Z

An apartment water supply system is a system that supplies water for daily life in a residential area. In contrast, the apartment drainage system is a drainage system consisting of pipes, culverts, ditches and channels in charge of treating domestic wastewater before discharging it to the source. A satisfactory water supply and drainage system will contribute to improving the quality of life of … Xem thêm >>

Detailed installation instructions for central hot water pump cluster

Currently, the need to use hot water in every family, especially when winter comes, is an indispensable need. Equipment such as water heaters and solar water heaters are no longer strange to users. However, there is another type of hot water supply technology that many people probably do not know about, which is the installation of a central hot water pump cluster. Therefore, invite you and P69 … Xem thêm >>

How to install cold water meter for apartments

The installation of a cold water meter looks simple, but in fact, this work requires meticulousness and high accuracy. The installation of the meter cannot be done through speakers, because it will affect the readings as well as the life of the water meter. Through this P69 Joint Stock Company will share some experience on how to install cold water meter that we draw from long-term working … Xem thêm >>

How to install a hot water meter for a standard apartment from A – Z

The installation of the hot water meter in accordance with the technical requirements plays an extremely important role in the operation and use, this helps the system to operate smoothly, stably and accurately with the parameters. displayed on the watch face. Hot water meter, hot water flow meter is essentially a type of flow meter commonly used for many different industrial systems with the … Xem thêm >>

How to install a detailed technical standard apartment water supply pipe

When you have a need to install an apartment water supply pipe, then look to P69 Joint Stock Company, not simply an electrician, but we have construction experience for many large projects and works, from water supply systems to water supply systems. civil drainage to hotels, apartment housing systems… The construction and installation of the apartment water supply pipe need to be done in a … Xem thêm >>