Construction and installation of local air conditioning outdoor units for all projects from A – Z

Local air conditioners include 2 clusters:local air conditioning outdoor unit and the cold air conditioning indoor unit are arranged separately. The link between the two clusters is the gas copper pipes and the control wires. So what is an air conditioner outdoor unit? Working principle? How is the installation process of the local air conditioning unit? Any notes? If you are also wondering about this, then let’s find out with P69 JSC:

What is a local air conditioner outdoor unit?

The outdoor unit (or hot unit) is the part that radiates heat to the environment. Basically, the outdoor unit consists of aluminum foil (or copper foil) that are assembled together. Copper pipes containing refrigerant are placed through this aluminum foil for the purpose of fast heat transfer.

Dàn nóng điều hòa (hay cục nóng)
The outdoor unit (or hot unit) is the part that radiates heat to the environment.

Function of outdoor unit: As mentioned above; The outdoor air conditioner has the effect of radiating heat to the environment, making the operation of the air conditioner smooth and convenient.

Working principle of local air conditioning outdoor unit

– After being absorbed by the refrigerant, the refrigerant will immediately move to the compressor. Here, the effect of high pressure will cause the refrigerant to gradually change from vapor to liquid with very high temperature. When the refrigerant reaches the outdoor unit, they will be cooled through the process of dissipating heat to the environment at the aluminum fins and the outdoor unit fan.

+ Block has the effect of pushing (or sucking) the refrigerant.

+ Block capacitor and fan have the effect of triggering Block and cooling fan automatically.

+ The reversing valve reverses the gas valve so that the air conditioner operates in the hot direction.

+ The board has the function of controlling the outdoor unit.

– Then the temperature from the cold unit when moving through the outdoor unit will have a significant and obvious change. And that is also the core of the operating principle of the outdoor air conditioner.

Nguyên lý hoạt động của dàn nóng điều hòa cục bộ
Working principle of local air conditioning outdoor unit

The most correct installation process for the local air conditioning outdoor unit

The outdoor unit is the part that is installed outdoors. Therefore, you should choose an elevated, airy installation location and should choose to install it in a covered area to limit rust on inclement weather days. Hanging outdoor unit must be sure, good bearing.

Steps to install the outdoor unit:

Step 1: Align the outdoor unit installation position in a level position.

Step 2: Screw and fix the L-bar to the wall.

Step 3: Fix the outdoor unit to the L-bar.

Step 4: Connect copper wire, electrical wire and insulation of gas valve similar to installing indoor unit

Notes on the location of the outdoor unit when installing the air conditioner 

– Due to the nature of operation, the installation location has a great influence on the outdoor unit. The structure of the outdoor unit allows it to dissipate heat. The higher the temperature at the place where the outdoor unit is located, the worse the heat dissipation ability of the outdoor unit and vice versa. Therefore, we need to place the outdoor unit in a cool location and not too far from the cold unit.

– The distance between the outdoor unit and the air conditioner should be the best:

– The maximum height between the outdoor unit and the indoor unit is recommended to be 12m. If the height of the outdoor unit of the air conditioner is higher than that of the cold unit, once the block compresses the refrigerant circulating in the system, it will also contain the oil of the machine.

– Because the outdoor unit has a high capacity compressor and fan. When operating, noise and vibration cannot be avoided, so the outdoor unit is usually installed in the corner of the wall and has a good bearing bracket. The distance between the outdoor unit and the wall must be greater than 0.2m; The distance between the two sides of each side is 0.25m and the distance between the wall opposite the outdoor unit is greater than 0.6m.

When to clean the local air conditioner outdoor unit?

The outdoor unit is an important part of the air conditioner’s operation. But over time, it will certainly be attached to a lot of dirt, affecting the operation and life of the device.

Therefore, to ensure the safety of the device. We need to pay attention to choose the right cleaning time. Normally, if the device is for home use, you have to clean it 1-2 times a year.

Khi nào cần vệ sinh dàn nóng điều hòa cục bộ?
When to clean the local air conditioner outdoor unit?

However, with air conditioners operating regularly in environments containing a lot of dust, such as at a company; factory; industrial parks… should be cleaned every 3-4 months to ensure the machine works well and avoid breakdowns.

What’s the air conditioner outdoor unit’s common error?

During use, your air conditioner may appear some basic errors, such as:

– Air conditioner outdoor unit disconnects continuously

– Air conditioner outdoor unit fan not working

– Block outdoor unit is not running

– The outdoor unit of the air conditioner is broken

– The outdoor unit of the air conditioner is clogged with moisture and dirty

– The outdoor unit makes a loud sound

To overcome the above situation, you need to contact an experienced company such as P69 – M&E Electrical Contractor for inspection and replacement.

Hopefully, with the information in this article, you will have a better understanding of the construction and installation of the local air conditioning outdoor unit. And know how to use the device, avoid unfortunate breakdowns from happening. Please contact us if you need air conditioning cleaning and repair!

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