What is natural ventilation? 100% effective natural ventilation solution

Natural ventilation is very important. Because, it can help to ensure fresh and cool air supply. With hot and warm climates, it can meet the cooling needs of the building without having to resort to mechanical air-conditioning systems.

The amount of energy saved from this system can play a huge part in a building’s total energy consumption. So what is natural ventilation? Effective natural ventilation solution? Please refer to the article below with P69 JSC.

What is natural ventilation?

Natural ventilation is also known as passive ventilation. Is the creation and direction of air. Natural wind in the surrounding into the house space. The purpose is to bring the house air flow and natural light, control the quality of the air, dilute and replace polluted air.

Thông gió tự nhiên giúp căn nhà lưu thông không khí
Natural ventilation helps the house to circulate air

Is natural ventilation successful? This is determined by the degree of thermal comfort with sufficient fresh air for the building spaces. While consuming little or no energy for mechanical ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Các phương thức thông gió tự nhiên

Currently, there are two types of ventilation: forced ventilation and natural ventilation.

Forced ventilation: This is a ventilation process that does not operate naturally but uses heavy mechanical equipment such as: air conditioners; fan,…

Fully Natural Ventilation: This is a completely natural ventilation process. For example: Ventilation by opening windows and doors,..

Effective natural ventilation solutions

After learning what natural ventilation is in this section we will share with you how to naturally ventilate your home.

Natural ventilation solution from heat pressure

Natural ventilation from heat pressure or air convection in the room. The wind that is brought inside the house is the movement of the currents from an area of ​​pressure to an area of ​​low pressure.

In a defined space (a building, an architectural structure) due to human activity in the residential space will create temperature. This temperature will increase the temperature of the air. The higher the air temperature, the lighter it is and the higher it will fly. The cold air outside will take its place.

Therefore, today’s tube houses often add skylights to apply this method. Both the wind and the light.

Phương pháp lưu thống gió bằng giếng trời
Method of ventilation by skylight

For long tube houses, it is necessary to use two skylights. A well is responsible for bringing hot air to the outside environment. A well is responsible for welcoming the wind into the house based on the principle of natural pressure balance in the air.

However, for tube houses that only have a facade and cannot make a skylight, ventilation bricks should be used to increase the air intake area. Thus, the house will have natural wind.

Natural ventilation solution from wind pressure

This is a well-rated ventilation solution. When the dimensions of the air inlet and outlet are equal and are located in the same position, average ventilation is obtained.

Natural ventilation based on wind pressure is trans-room ventilation. The wind speed and flow rate of this method will also be affected by the intake and outlet system.

  • When the size of the air inlet is smaller than the outlet, and the outlet is set higher (the higher the position, the easier it is for hot air to escape). Ventilation flow will be much larger
  • In this case, the dimensions of the intake and the air outlet are equal and have the same position. Average ventilation rate and flow.
Giải pháp thông gió tự nhiên từ áp lực gió
Natural ventilation solution from wind pressure

However, the design of the air outlet system as in the first case is difficult to implement due to the limited area of ​​the construction area. In fact, it is very rare that a house has two facades or has a large enough back to allow ventilation

Solution for natural ventilation by opening windows and doors

The simplest and fastest way to keep the air in your home fresh is to regularly open the windows and doors of the house. In order for the atmosphere inside the room to be pleasant, the opening of the windows should be according to the laws of the weather.

For the best natural ventilation by opening the door, you should open more than one door. Doors should be designed on two different sides of the room to create passages for air.

Giải pháp lưu thông gió tự nhiên bằng cách mở cửa sổ và cửa ra vào
Solution for natural ventilation by opening windows and doors

Notes to save costs and increase the efficiency of natural ventilationNotes to save costs and increase the efficiency of natural ventilation

Natural ventilation to save costs and achieve good results needs to meet the following factors:

Choose ventilation materials

The important supporting element in the ventilation of houses is the material. Ventilation materials should be used that have gaps to help control wind and sunlight. You can use ventilation bricks; ventilation bar panels… to get the best build quality.

Select the side-opening window

According to construction experts, side-opening windows are often twice as likely to receive wind as sliding glass windows. Therefore, based on the ventilation needs that your family can choose the appropriate type of window.

Pay attention to the partitions

When there are too many tall partitions in the house, ventilation will be hindered. So you can replace concrete walls with wooden partitions; wire mesh… This will help with more efficient ventilation. At the same time, you should also calculate the height of the partition. Ensure aesthetics for housing space

Arrange the doors reasonably

Let natural ventilation for the best housing. You should pay attention to the arrangement of reasonable entrance and exit doors. This helps to support air circulation as well as the aesthetics of the space. Based on the area of ​​​​the house so that you can arrange the appropriate door size.

Plant more trees

Trees help provide a good source of air. Create a feeling of comfort for family members. So you can add indoor plants to enhance the best air circulation!

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