Installing an apartment speaker system: note, the best solution

Installing an apartment speaker system is often used for fire prevention propaganda, announcing urgent content. The system is almost included in the design of the building, accompanied by a fire protection system. The main areas to be notified are: Corridors; elevator lobby; apartment premises; stair; Terraces; community house; kid’s playground,….

In this article, P69 Company will give you some notes when choosing to install an apartment speaker system and an announcement sound system for the building; office; apartment;… Let’s learn to have the best knowledge about the notification sound system for your apartment.

Standard for installation of apartment speaker system

  • Optimal solution, easy to use
  • The system works stably, the sound is clear
  • Sound notification system is divided into zones (for example: basement, corridor, operating area…)
  • Equipment with clear origin, system maintenance when there is a problem.
  • Quality products do not oxidize over time
Tiêu chuẩn lắp đặt hệ thống loa chung cư 
Standard for installation of apartment speaker system

Notes when installing apartment speaker system

One of the most important steps when installing an apartment speaker system is that you have to choose specialized speakers that are suitable for the system. You cannot bring a pair of big box speakers to use for the building’s sound system, but must be ceiling speakers, column speakers, box speakers .. and vice versa. Each sound system such as stage sound, restaurant sound, cafe sound … will have speaker devices designed specifically, so that it is most suitable and effective.

Never consider the choice of speaker installation redundant, roughly. One day you will have to regret if you do not prepare yourself with those basic knowledge. Not only does it cost money, but the effect it brings will not be what you want.

1. Select the type of announcement speaker

Speakers are an indispensable device in the notification sound system. To meet the needs of many different sound systems, the speakers have also become more diverse. Each system has its own specific type of loudspeaker.

If your speakers are installed in the hallway, where there is a small area, there is probably no more suitable type than ceiling speakers. Space saving, soft, clear sound quality, not too loud causing jarring, discomfort for residents. More importantly, it matches the design of the corridor, creating an airy and beautiful feeling for the building. You can also choose a loudspeaker for the rooftop area of ​​the apartment building to make the general announcement resound.

2. Select a reputable speaker company for the system.

In terms of long-term reputation, it is probably difficult for any audio company to surpass TOA. Although there are many major audio companies in the world such as BOSCH; ITC; EV…reliability and audio output are also outstanding. But TOA is still the most popular choice trusted by customers. TOA can meet all customer segments from low cost to high, but the sound quality is extremely good.

Choosing a notification sound system, we should choose a sound company that provides all the equipment in the system. Because when manufactured with the same company, the devices have been calculated by sound engineers to match, match between devices to create a system. Using equipment from manufacturers to mix it will not be smooth and sometimes create a limp in the installation process. And should choose genuine distribution agents to avoid encountering counterfeit goods of poor quality. Do not be greedy and ignorant to choose floating speaker devices only through mere advertising.

3. Select the required number of speakers in the system.

Choosing the number of speakers will become simple if you have a basic understanding of the installation distance and capacity of the speakers. If the area of ​​​​your apartment speaker system is larger, the more speakers need to be installed, the thickness of the distance between the speakers also depends on the installation space. On average, if it is a ceiling speaker, the speakers will be installed about 4-5m apart (depending on the area).

Selecting the number of speakers is also an important part of installing an apartment speaker system. If you think that the more speakers you install, the louder the sound travels, you are wrong. Aside from costing money, it’s not effective at all. easily tangled, the sound is overlapped, causing waste.

4. The best and reasonable speaker placement.

The placement of speakers again depends on the area of ​​​​the sound used. In addition, it also depends on the speaker design, the architecture of your apartment building.

Example : Ceiling speakers will be installed directly on the ceiling with a recessed speaker structure so that the sound bounces straight down to the listener. Box speakers are usually installed at extended angles so that the sound is spread to the correct listener position.

If you are clever in choosing the speaker placement, you will reduce the number of speakers and save a lot of costs installing the apartment speaker system.

Lưu ý khi lắp đặt hệ thống loa chung cư
Notes when installing apartment speaker system

5. Select and install the apartment speaker system according to the cost.

This is the last option you need to pay attention to. But you should not be too rigid in pricing. Because in fact, it is said that every money has a reason. Your sound system is important to suit your needs and space and then consider adjusting the cost.

Installation of the speaker system in the apartment

Before installing the announcement speaker system we need to have a design, based on which you can install it correctly. To get a standard design, we need to know the following:

  • Estimated investment capital for the notification sound system.
  • Purpose of use of the area where the sound system is installed.
  • There are partitions or shared for the whole system.
  • What is the overall capacity and usage of each area.
  • What are the existing infrastructure conditions of the installation area?
  • What are the conditions of use for the devices?
  • What types of speakers will be installed and used.

From this information, they will get a blueprint to satisfy the wishes of the installation party. Then the installation unit and the installer will agree on a design that is most suitable for the conditions of the two parties. Then proceed to install the notification sound system through the following steps:

Step 1: Survey the actual installation site to prepare the right tools

Step 2: Prepare tools and speakers to install

Step 3: Carry out the installation according to the design and space conditions

Step 4: Connect the speaker system to other audio devices in the system

Step 5: Check and finalize

Step 6: Acceptance and handover after installing the loudspeaker system

Lắp đặt hệ thống hệ thống loa chung cư
Installation of the speaker system in the apartment

Types of speakers that will be used in the apartment building sound system

Depending on the structure of the apartment door, we have the appropriate type of loudspeaker. There are apartments designed with soundproof doors, which will limit the noise to create privacy for each apartment. With this form, we should use loudspeakers. Loudspeakers are designed to play at high frequencies, so the sound is very large and far away. In case the apartments are closed, they can still hear the announcements from the management.

For apartments that use wooden doors or iron doors, we design ceiling speakers. Ceiling speakers have a beautiful compact design, sound coverage evenly. Because the sound dispersion is low unlike loudspeakers, the speakers must be mounted closer together, the distance between the speakers in the apartment corridor is from 8-12 meters.

As for the stairs, you should choose a box speaker with a capacity of 6-10W. It is possible for each floor of the stairs to mount 1 box speaker or 2 to 3 floors to install a speaker.

Các loại loa sẽ dùng trong hệ thống âm thanh tòa nhà chung cư
Types of speakers that will be used in the apartment building sound system

Reputable apartment speaker system installation unit

Currently, there are many units on the market that install apartment speaker systems. However, we would like to introduce to you a leading reputable unit in electrical installation, light electricity. It was P69 Company. P69 is always appreciated by people for the following reasons:

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