Installation of electrical cabinets: installation instructions, detailed service quotes

The installation of industrial electrical cabinets meets quality standards, contributing to the stability and safety of the electrical system and machinery. Industrial electrical cabinets have an important role in operating the electrical system or the machinery system in the factory.

However, the general steps to designing and installing industrial electrical cabinets are not well known. In this article, P69 Joint Stock Company would like to share with you the most detailed and basic steps to installing industrial electrical cabinets.

What is Electric Cabinet?

Industrial electrical cabinets are devices that contain all important electrical system details such as switches; breakers; transformer; transformers… at construction sites, factories, and households. This is the place to supply and transmit power to branches to ensure stable, long-term and regular power transmission.

Usually, industrial electrical cabinets are usually rectangular or square. The cabinet is powder coated and different colors depending on the needs and purposes of use. This device is considered as a protection system for the equipment of an entire power network.

Tủ điện công nghiệp
Industrial electrical cabinet

Functions of industrial electrical cabinets

Industrial electrical cabinets are an indispensable part in any industrial work. From power plants to substations, transmission and distribution systems to electricity consumers. Be sure to isolate live equipment from electricity users during operation.

Industrial electrical cabinets have complex connection systems and control circuit structures. The design and installation of quality standard cabinets is the most important factor deciding on the safety of people and stability of the electrical system and machine lines.

The most correct installation guide for industrial electrical cabinets

Installing industrial electrical cabinets is not a simple task. Therefore, we need to be very careful and meticulous to be able to have quality electrical cabinets.

1. Make a diagram of the distribution of devices and their operating principles

The distribution diagram of electrical equipment is very important because it is necessary to arrange the equipment so that it is reasonable, complete and optimized so that they are not cumbersome and still reduce costs. It is important that we take into account the change or expansion of devices in the future.
Lập sơ đồ phân bổ các thiết bị cùng nguyên lý hoạt động của tủ điện
Make a diagram of the distribution of devices with the same operating principle of the electrical cabinet
Design diagrams are important because they are the first step in the installation process. If an error occurs from this step, it will lead to having to start over, so being careful when making design diagrams requires careful and thoughtful.
Sơ đồ đấu nối tủ điện
Electrical cabinet connection diagram

2. Investigate the cost of materials and equipment

Based on the initial diagram, it is necessary to find a type of electrical equipment of good quality, ensure it and arrange them in a reasonable order. T&T mechanical workshop encourages buyers to go to big dealers and have a warranty to use.

3. Buy an electrical cabinet that matches the size to hold the purchased electrical equipment

On the outside of the cabinet, they often make additional holes to install additional devices such as clocks, buttons, and indicator lights. To machine these positions, we have 2 ways to do it. If the customer requires high precision and complexity, the cabinet shell will be machined by CNC cutting machine. And when customers do not have many requirements, they will usually cut with a drill bit.

Principles when installing electrical equipment in industrial electrical cabinets:

  • Notification devices such as indicator lights, voltages, and meters are located at the top.
  • The control devices are arranged below such as push buttons, circuit breakers, switches…
  • Arrange switches, push buttons of the device horizontally or vertically. One device is a row for easy control and operation.
  • Some locations with holes to connect to external equipment such as ventilation fans or wiring places outside the electrical cabinet need a screen to prevent mice or insects from entering and damaging the electrical cord.

4. Install and arrange the parts on the electrical panel

The installation of equipment on the electrical panel is especially important because they not only need to be installed so that it is convenient during operation but also have to ensure aesthetics. Usually, the board is made of plywood 10mm iron material or placed horizontally. Accordingly, the devices are also arranged by position as follows:
  • The control devices placed above include relays (protective relays, intermediate relays), electromagnetic sensors, controllers.
  • The switchgear placed at the bottom includes aptomat, magnetic starter and contactor.
  • The total Aptomat is usually placed at the top left or in the center of the capacitor, depending on the distribution and arrangement of each person.
  • The electrical wiring bridge is located at the bottom for convenient connection and connection of different types of wires
Kiểm tra các thiết bị điện trước khi lắp đặt
Check electrical equipment before installation

5. Electrical wiring

Electrical conductors and terminals usually have many types of wires: green wire, red wire, yellow wire, black wire… Therefore, they need to be arranged scientifically. Can be numbered for easy operation and repair when unexpected problems occur. For special types of wire such as a high-sensitivity signal wire that requires an anti-interference shield, the power and signal circuit wires need to be distributed far apart and installed in separate ducts.

Electricians always wire the powertrain first and then the control wires. All control and power circuits should be connected at right angles to each other.

6. Check insulation safety between the equipment and electrical panels after installation

Check each part of the electrical panel to see if it is solid and reasonable. It is important that the equipment on the electrical panel must be in accordance with the established electrical diagram. Particularly for iron electrical cabinets, electricians will use 300W light bulbs by using grid electricity in series. If an error is discovered, it must be corrected immediately.

7. 2nd check for small loads before installing the equipment in the cabinet

To be on the safe side, the devices need to be tested again. Before being installed on the main switchboard, the above devices are tested for safety with low voltage load. After concluding that all parts are operating normally, they will be installed in the total electrical system.

8. Install the foot frame to install the cabinet and pull the power cord towards the industrial electrical cabinet

After determining the inside of the industrial electrical cabinet, we check the outside of the cabinet. The installation of a foot frame for the cabinet is essential to avoid situations where the ground is wet, causing unnecessary dangers. Next, the wires that are connected to the electrical cabinet side need to be pulled towards the cabinet cover.

9. Final retest of all internal and external device security.

At the end of the installation process, the electrician retests the safety of the entire system in the industrial electrical cabinet. In addition, it is necessary to check that the ground wire has met the copper core standard, the material is soft but difficult to break.

10. Cleaning electrical cabinets

After going through all the above stages, it will be necessary to clean the electrical cabinet with a vacuum cleaner and necessary items. Make sure the electrical cabinet is free from iron filings or dust.

Latest updated electrical cabinet installation quote 2022

P69 Joint Stock Company invites you to refer to our electrical cabinet installation quotation with available types and sizes. About the quotation of installing electrical cabinets manufactured according to your own requirements, if you need quick advice, please contact the phone number 02422121212 – 0965937799.

1 Electrical wiring for industrial electrical cabinets From 300.000đ Price depends on distance, load power cord, separation
2 Installation of electrical control cabinets From 300.000đ Survey – Quotation – Construction (electrical cabinet with PLC, Inverter…)
3 Upgrade available electrical cabinets From 300.000đ Survey – Quotation – Upgrade construction
4 Repair and upgrade lighting system From 300.000đ Survey – Quotation – Upgrade construction (Lighting system for factories, factories, offices, restaurants, cafes, shops…)
5 Install floating wire From 300.000đ Price depends on distance, quantity, power separation
6 Install negative wire From 300.000đ Price depends on distance, quantity, separation
7 Installation of 3-phase electrical cabinets From 400.000đ Survey – Quotation – Upgrade construction (Lighting system for factories, factories, offices, restaurants, cafes, shops…)
8 Construction of electrical system From 400.000đ Survey – Quotation – Upgrade construction (Lighting system for factories, factories, offices, restaurants, cafes, shops…)
9 Installation of lighting system From 300.000đ Survey – Quotation – Upgrade construction (Lighting system for factories, factories, offices, restaurants, cafes, shops…)


This unit price is for reference only. Depends on the project and construction works of the investor. The price list will be adjusted to best suit the set budget.

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