Installing basement exhaust ducts: How to install, optimal solutions

The basement is always a parking space for motorbikes, cars, garbage collection, etc., so it generates a large amount of harmful gases such as NO,CO2, SO2… and even noise. Therefore, it is very important to install the basement exhaust air duct. Follow the article of P69 Company to know these fan installations!

Why install a ventilation system for the basement?

With a closed design, limited space, so the basement cannot avoid the influence of vehicle smoke, during the process of moving in and out in the basement.

In addition to the negative effects of dirt, a number of other emissions are also released into the environment.

That has a great impact on human health. Therefore, the installation of a ventilation system for the basement is a correct solution used by man units.

Steps to install basement exhaust air ducts

Here are the steps to install the ductwork

Các bước lắp đặt ống gió hút khí thải tầng hầm
Solution to protect health when basement pollution

Step1: Analyze the basement structure, Choose the design option

In order to design a detailed ventilation system for a high-rise building for the basement area, the implementing unit must learn carefully about the structure.

After firmly grasping structural information such as total area, height infrastructure system, the implementing unit will choose the appropriate design option.

Step 2: Design the ventilation and smoke extraction system, and arrange teh location of the equipment

After the design plan is available, the implementing unit will conduct an overview system this design table will show details of locations to install ventilation and smoke extraction equipment.

Step 3: Calculate wind flow and loss head

Based on the structural parameters as well as the installation locations, the implementing unit will have to calculate the wind flow and loss head.

This stage is very important because it affects the efficiency of the smoke extraction and ventilation system. Therefore, the operate

Step 4: Select the device that matches the calculated parameters

The equipment for the smoke extraction and ventilation system in the basement is very diverse. Each type of device has a different capacity.

Therefore, when customers need to install smoke extraction and ventilation systems, they must learn carefully to choose the right equipment.

The optimal solution is to install the ventilation system form the completion of the rough part of the building.

Effects when installing ventilation systems for basements:

– Remove harmful gases such as CO2, SO2 and other dirty gases. At the same time bring fresh air from outside to make the air cleaner and cooler.

– Create a fresh atmosphere in the working environment. Improve the health of workers.

– More specifically, it is fire prevention or control when there is a fire.

Giải pháp tối ưu là lắp đặt hệ thống thông gió
The optimal solution is to install a ventilation system

– Using an exhaust fan also saves costs when using an air conditioning system or a cooling fan. Small noise, convenient, suitable for use standards as well as climatic and economic conditions of Vietnam.

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