Installing TDC flanged square duct: solutions, quotation, installation method

Installing square ducts TDC is one of the main parts of the air distribution system in ventilation, air conditioning, the effects of removing dirt, releasing the obstructed air flow and providing supply of fresh processed air to put into the working and living environment with the main purpose of protecting human health and minimizing pollution in the working area. Let’s find out the following article with P69 Company.

What is TDC flange air duct?

TDC flanged square duct is a type of square duct connect by a TDC flange. Flanges will be manufactured by flange forming machine that connects to the ductwork and closes the two ends of the pipe. this is also one of the most commonly used square air ducts today, suitable for projects with narrow space and need to save space.

Ống gió vuông bích TDC
TDC flange air duct 

TDC square duct is used in many different systems such as: ventilation, exhaust, dust extraction, cooling,… in buildings, factories, commercial centers,…

TDC square ductwork is most suitable for installed on the ceiling, wall, hanging, etc, depending on the design and specific installation requirements.

Feature of TDC square flange duct

– TDC flanged ducts are used for supply and return air duct systems, central air conditioning duct systems.

– This type of duct can be insulated for central air conditioning ducts.

– Specialized for ventilation and central air conditioning systems VRV, Chiller .

– In addition, it is also used for dust extraction and dehumidification systems.

– Made from galvanized or stainless steel or black steel with anti-rust paint.

– Size: Design with many different sizes depending on the requirements of the wind pipe system.

– Color: the color of the material or painted according the the customer’s request.

Application and installation of square air duct TDC

– Applied in a variety of ventilation, odor extraction, dust extraction, cooling systems.. is one of the most important products in the process of completing the square air duct system.

– Connected to each other through  clamping flanges, bolts

– Installed on the ceiling, wall, hanging,… depending in the design with different facilities

– Can be combined well with the system of the ductwork accessories

– Application to direct the air flow circulating on the ductwork to a variety if locations in the factory

How to install TDC flanged square air duct

1. Layout

Reasonable and compact layout. Provide access doors for necessary positions for easy operation, maintenance. Arrange air ducts running parallel to each other or parallel to the construction structure of a reputable air conditioning repair building.

Space: Provide minimum free space for duct insulation as follow:
– 25 mm for adjacent ducts.
– 25 mm for sealing edges with other ducts and with floors …
– 50 mm for ducts and cable trays.
– 150 mm for ductwork and ground, below the suspended floor.

2. Hygiene

During the installation process, clean up all items and debris inside the ductwork.

3. TDC connector

  • Step 1:

Enter the corner E for the ductwork, duct fittings (this stage can be done at the Workshop).

Vào các E ke góc cho các đoạn ống gió, phụ kiện ống gió
Enter the corner E for ductwork, duct fittings

Make sure the keel is close to the right angle of the air duct and duct fittings.

  • Step 2:

After entering Eke, the right angles of the ducts and ductwork must be sealed with Sealant, Silicon ( this work can also be done form the factory).

Các góc vuông ống gió, phụ kiện ống gió phải được làm kín bằng Sealant, Silicol
The right angles of the ducts and fittings must be sealed with Sealant, silicon
  • Step 3:

Stick the seal between the ducts and the duct or between the duct and the ductwork.

Use Bolts and Ecu M8 to connect the splice

Use Clip to close the TDC link.

Liên kết TDC
TDC connector

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