Installing flexible conduit: instructions, installation quotation

Installing flexible conduit to reduce construction time in difficult places, without spending a lot of accessories such as Installing hard wires conduit. In addition, the flexible conduit has the ability to coil tightly without much effort or damage to the wall surface of the building, and does not distort the pipe surface when bent.

Immediately refer to the article below for instructions on how to install flexible conduit, as well as installation costs

Learn about flexible conduit

Flexible conduit, also known as chicken intestine, elastic hose is a genuine product of Sino, manufactured and inspected carefully from raw material to finished product in accordance with BS6099 standards. Widely applied in the field of construction and installation such as floating installations or places that are difficult to install, where there are bends and bends.

SP conduit with insulation, anti-discharge, safety and durability… is considered the most commonly used brand in Vietnam thanks to its good quality, reasonable price, and durability. high.

Tìm hiểu về ống gen mềm luồn dây
Learn about flexible conduit

The special benefit of flexible hoses is the reduction of installation time in difficult-to-install locations, the reduction of attachments and direct costs. Flexible hoses are designed for use with rigid conduit accessories such as junction boxes, connectors, switch sockets and Installing Electrical Cabinet

This type of Vanlock flexible hose is especially suitable for floating lids or places that are difficult to install such as bends, windings, suitable when using machinery and equipment (moving or fixed) machines with large vibrations.

Advantages of installing flexible conduit

  • Produced from PVC, self-extinguishing when burned in a very short time, the pipe will automatically turn off, preventing fire from spreading to other parts.
  • Easy to bend with arbitrary angle, cut the pipe and assemble quickly
  • Has the ability to stretch, roll tightly without much effort
  • Shorten installation time in difficult-to-construct places such as places with bends and bends
  • Low cost, high aesthetic.

Notes when choosing flexible conduit in light electrical construction

As for the conduit, this is the type of conduit that is often used for wall wiring, floor wiring or installation in places where high pressure is required. Therefore, when using gene pipes during light electrical construction, you should arrange to place the gen pipe system so that it does not affect the concrete structure of the building.

Currently, round gene pipes are often used and widely constructed together with works to ensure easy construction and high aesthetics of the work.

Lưu ý khi lựa chọn ống gen mềm luồn dây trong thi công điện nhẹ
Notes when choosing flexible conduit in light electrical construction

Instructions for installing flexible conduit

Step 1: First, it is necessary to give a wiring diagram to have a reasonable installation plan for PVC conduit. In this step, we need to define the paths from the main power sources to the electrical boxes.

Step 2: Calculate the amount of PVC conduit that you will need. Based on the size of the electrical system to give the required number of conduits to use.

For locations where the pipe needs to be shortened, we use a hacksaw to cut the PVC conduit.

Step 3: Proceed to bend the conduit to thread the wires in the necessary positions according to the positions that you have marked on the pipes in the previous steps.

Step 4: Use more plastic pipe accessories to connect, split or fix the PVC conduit into the wall.

Step 5: After installing the pipeline, we will proceed to thread and pull the electrical conductor through the entire conduit route where you have installed the flexible conduit.

Hướng dẫn lắp đặt ống gen mềm luồn dây
Instructions for installing flexible conduit

Quotation for flexible wire conduit

P69 company updates the latest price list of flexible conduits 2022 as follows:

No. Product Categories Unit Unit Price
1 Vanlock D20 – VL9020CL flexible conduit (length 50m/roll) pcs 92.950 VND
2 Vanlock D25 – VL9025CL flexible conduit (length 40m/roll) pcs
119.350 VND
3 Vanlock D32 – VL9032CL flexible conduit (length 35m/roll) pcs
235.899 VND
4 Vanlock D40 – VL9040CL flexible conduit (length 25m/roll) pcs
364.700 VND
5 Vanlock D50 – VL9050CL flexible conduit (length 25m/roll) pcs
501.199 VND
6 Vanlock D16 – VL9016CL flexible conduit (length 50m/roll) pcs 77.000 VND

As for the quotation for installation of flexible conduit, it may vary from time to time. Due to the difference in the cost of raw materials. Therefore, for the best quotation for installing flexible conduit from P69 Company, please contact us directly for the fastest advice and support!

About the cost quote when installing. If you need advice quickly, please contact the phone number 02422121212 – 0965937799.

Prestigious conduit installation unit

Currently on the market, there are countless units that install flexible conduits. However, we would like to introduce to you a reputable unit leading in the installation of electricity, light electricity. That is P69 Joint Stock Company. P69 is always appreciated by people for the following reasons:

– Factory-scale production, using modern equipment. International standard

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– Free consultation and support 24/7

– Free shipping and installation

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