Installation of electrical cables: instructions, notes, installation quotation

Electrical cable installation work is done after the completion of Electric Cable Tray Installing Process or cable protection conduit system. The pulling of the wire strip is performed by a team of experienced workers to ensure that the cord is neatly installed, easy to observe, and convenient for later repair or replacement.

Immediately refer to the following article for instructions on how to install and install electrical cables, as well as notes and costs when installing and installing electrical cables.

What is Electric Cable?

Electric wires and cables are products that are manufactured to serve a wide range of economic sectors of society. Electric wire consists of one or several conductive cores. There are currently two types on the market, one with insulating sheath and one without insulation (sheathed wire and bare wire).

An electrical cable consists of one or more conductive cores (the single-core type is called a single cable), together with an insulating sheath and a protective layer. The protective layer of the power cable will make the cable more durable over time because it can protect the cable from many external forces such as impact, ultraviolet rays, water …

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Learn about power cables

Safety factors when installing power cables

– Before going underground, the power cable needs to have a pre-design so as not to destroy the structure of the work and to facilitate the upgrade and installation of the line in the future.

– Selecting genuine power cables, resistant to external impacts, outer protective pipes must be made of explosion-proof and waterproof materials for stable and safe underground passage.

– It is necessary to add a spare wire in case of a shortage of wires to connect more wires.

– Ensure the aesthetics and efficiency of use by choosing Cadivi power cables of the right size, height, and length for the project.

Notes on pulling the electrical cable installation strip

When constructing the main shaft power cable, it is necessary to pay attention to the following points:

– The phase wires must be marked carefully to avoid confusion, usually use red, yellow, green or black tape to note R phase, S phase, T phase, N neutral phase.

– Arrange the power cables in order to avoid overlapping causing confusion during connection, maintenance and repair.

– Use the drawstring to fix the wire to the cable tray ladder

– Check the contact cable surface to make sure it is smooth and flat to avoid scratching the cable during construction

– For cable lines that are hidden in PVC or HDPE pipes, the pipe joints must be carefully glued to avoid water seepage when buried in the ground.

– The wires are phased in the correct area according to the designed drawings. The wire ends will be marked in order according to the electrical distribution cabinet diagram to facilitate zoning if a problem occurs.

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Notes on pulling the electrical cable installation strip

Popular ways to install Electric cables today

In the design of electrical cabling systems, there are two main ways to conduct electrical wiring: floating wire and submerged wire. But, it is necessary to strictly follow the standards for installation to ensure the safety of users.

Going with ordinary floating power cables will be less aesthetic and very confusing. However, now there are many attached accessories that can partially overcome these disadvantages.

Install floating power cables

  • Advantages

Easily check the power cable line when there is a problem. When there is a short circuit, broken wire or damage, it is easy to check the damaged location for inspection and repair.

Low installation and construction costs. Flexibility in design, regardless of the design of the building.

  • Disadvantages

While designing and assembling, attention should be paid to spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms with water heaters. Ensure a safe distance between the power cable and the place where electricity, fire and heat are generated.

It is necessary to use sheathed wire made of good durable material, which is fireproof and can withstand a large capacity. Especially places where large-capacity electrical appliances are used, cooking areas.

  • Safe installation distance of power cables

– Install at least 2.75 m from the ground

– Minimum distance from floor, table and ground is 2.5m

– Minimum distance from the top of the balcony is 2.5m

– Minimum distance from the top of the window is 0.5m

– At least 1m from the bottom of the balcony or window

Lắp đặt đi dây cáp điện nổi
Install floating Electric cables

Installation of submersible Electric cables

  • Advantages

Neatly, because the wires are not exposed, you will not worry about being confused.

Luxurious, beautiful, does not cause a loss of aesthetics for the works after completion.

Suitable for applications in large projects that require airy, beautiful and luxurious spaces such as in buildings, villas, hotels, etc.

The possibility of electric shock, damage, fire and explosion will be lower. However, it is not without.

  • Disadvantages

High installation cost

It takes time to calculate and design the path of the wire.

It is necessary to choose the type of wire, components and accessories meticulously to ensure the safety of the system

When something goes wrong, it takes longer to find and fix the problem than when floating

  • Points to keep in mind when riding a submersible power cable

– Places that are plastered walls; ceilings; nails; Drilling holes are not allowed to directly install the submersible power cable system. Especially the wire does not have a protective sheath system.

– Do not install cables in vent pipes, roofs, or underground around the house.

– With load-bearing walls, if the depth of the trench is buried more than 1/3 of the wall’s thickness when no wires are placed.

– The power cable going through the wall into the house must have an insulated and heat-insulated conduit, which is fire resistant and avoids stagnant water.

Currently, in order to meet the needs of aesthetics and safety in the design and installation of electrical systems. Going underground cable is more and more popular than floating. However, if carefully calculated, and fully equipped with modern accessories, floating power cables are still applied in many projects.

Price list when installing electrical cables

On the market today, the installation of electrical cables has many service providers. Each service provider will have different characteristics and incentives. Of course, the price list listed on the market is not the same.

Besides, each supplier also has different product quality and price policy. Therefore, before making a decision to choose which product to trust, customers need to carefully consider their needs, financial conditions and suppliers. Only then, the new selection really brings the desired effect.

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