Instructions for installing fire extinguisher boxes from A – Z

The fire box is also in the fire protection equipment which is very important and necessary in the fire fighting system. Installing a standard fire extinguisher box will ensure its safety and effectiveness. P69 Company provides the leading fire protection equipment in Vietnam accompanied by technical consultants dedicated to helping customers in a very satisfied way. Today’s article P69 will share with you how to install the right fire extinguisher box!

Distinctive features of the fire-fighting media box

Đặc tính nổi bật hộp đựng phương tiện chữa cháy
Distinctive features of the fire-fighting media box

– Contains fire-fighting vehicles

– Use and maintain all kinds of fire-fighting means

– Helps to easily identify where fire equipment is stored to promptly handle quickly in the event of an incident.

– Design screw holes in the wall according to fire protection standards.

– The box can store all kinds of vehicles such as: Mausoleum, fire hydrant, fire extinguisher,,….

– The door of the cabinet is designed with glass surface so that in case of an emergency, the glass can be broken to get the vehicle faster.

– The locker is designed quite simply,  easy to use  when taking the vehicle.

– The paint color is bright, bright, increases the durability of the box and shines the space…

Advantages of fire fighting media box

– Easy to use

– Holdsfullall kinds of fire fighting equipment

– Long life

– Low cost

Things to prepare before installing the fire extinguisher box

Những điều cần chuẩn bị trước khi lắp đặt lắp đặt hộp đựng phương tiện chữa cháy
Things to prepare before installing and installing a fire extinguisher box

Before installing the fire extinguisher box, you need to prepare some issues as follows:

  • Construction drawings approved by the investor.
  • Supplies and accessories comply with the approval of the investor.
  • Check the construction site.
  • Check the quality of accessories, not convex;
  • Prepare all the necessary tools for installation.
  • Standards for installation of fire-extinguishing media boxes

Standards for installation of fire-extinguishing media boxes

Vietnam Standard  TCVN 2622:1995  on fire prevention and fighting for houses and buildings – design requirements and regulations on fire-fighting media containers used in the wall water throat fire fighting system are as follows:

– Doors of wall cabinets for placing fire hydrants (fire-fighting media containers) are allowed to be made of combustible materials.

– Fire-fighting equipment containers must be arranged next to the entrance, on the landing of the elevator, in the lobby, corridor and other places where it is easy to see and use.

– The fire-fighting equipment container must have a valve lock, sprinkler, and fire hose reel of sufficient length as calculated.

– The number of in-wall fire-fighting media containers must correspond to the number of fire-fighting hydrants for each point inside the house as prescribed in TCVN-2622:1995.

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Instructions for installing fire extinguisher boxes from A – Z

To install an effective fire extinguisher box to ensure safety, you can refer to the following installation steps:

Step 1: Choose a quality fire extinguisher.

To choose for yourself a quality fire box when buying, you should choose a box with a thick and smooth tole layer, look at the bright and shiny paint color, the door of the box is closed and locked carefully. The edge of the box must be smooth to make it smooth when we touch it. (If the edge of the box is not smooth when we open the box carelessly, the tole will cut our hands because the tole is very sharp). In the picture below, I will open the fire box so you can see the details of the inside of the box and pay close attention to the gloss of the paint and the tole layer of the box. Inside the box, there is a hole design in 4 corners so that when drilling screws into the wall, it is safe and secure.

Note: When buying, choose the right box size for the load to be used.

Hướng dẫn lắp đặt hộp đựng phương tiện chữa cháy
Installation instructions for fire fighting equipment box

Step 2. Arrange the location of the fire box

Layout according to fire prevention and fighting design standards: TCVN 2622-1995, TCVN 5738-1993, TCVN 3890-2009, TCVN 7336-2003 and construction and installation arranged according to set standards.

Step 3. Install the fire box

Installed according to the design drawings approved by the Investor and the fire prevention and fighting police agency.

Step 4. Test and Trial

Test and put to trial.

Notes when installing fire extinguisher boxes

When installing a fire extinguisher box, we need to avoid the following common mistakes:

  • Install in the wrong position, install at the wrong distance, … not enough backup distance for the future.
  • Without fixing bolts, the fire cabinet is not installed properly.
  • Do not clean the cabinet after installation.
  • Note the direction of the cabinet door after installation, to avoid reverse installation, or improper installation.

The above are some basic problems about the fire extinguisher box. We hope that the information we provide in this article will be useful to you.

Guide to Choosing a Fire Extinguisher Container

Hướng Dẫn Chọn Hộp Đựng Phương Tiện Chữa Cháy
Guide to Choosing a Fire Prevention Tool Box

When choosing a fire extinguisher box, you should choose a box with a thick and smooth corrugated iron layer, bright and shiny paint color; The door of the box is tightly closed and locked.

The edge of the box must be smooth to the touch, if the edge of the box is not smooth, the user will be vulnerable to being cut by the metal leaf.

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