Installing air conditioners at home: Construction, experience, price list

Air conditioner is a type of fixe equipment, closely related to the architecture and aesthetics of buildings. Therefore, the installation of air conditioners at home needs to be careful calculated from the design stage and then articulated from the overall design of the whole architecture, then to the electrical systems, the drainage system so that they are compatible set and most suitable.

The installation of air conditioners at home greatly affects the aesthetics of the interior space and the service life of the product. To make this easy, P69 shares with you the experience is installing air conditioners, as well as costs when installing through the article below!

Summary of experience in installing air conditioners at home

Choosing the installation location is always a headache for customers when buying an air conditioner. Here are some home air conditioner installation experiences that you should pay attention to.

1. Choose the location to install the air conditioner in accordance with the house premises

This item is the most important because is almost determines the operating capacity of the air conditioner.

If not, choose a suitable place to install the air conditioner. It will make use of the device not as effective as desired, or it will cost more to repair the house to move the air conditioner to a new location.

The structure if the regulator includes the outdoor unit and the indoor unit, with the operating principle and installation process of these two units also having their and installation process of these two units also having their own ways

Chọn vị trí lắp đặt đặt điều hòa phù hợp với khuôn viên nhà
Choose a location to install the air conditioner that is suitable for your home

Carefully consider where to place the outdoor and cold units, drainage and insulation distance of you want them to be installed on the wall or under the wall to ensure aesthetics. This stage needs to be completed before the false ceiling construction or masonry plastering.

Different types of air conditioners will have different capacities, functions, forms and technical requirements for pipes and lines. Some models need their own safety devices such as circuit breakers and auxiliary aptomat.

Prepare supplies:

  • Copper pipe.
  • The chicken intestine pipe leads water form the indoor unit to the outside
  • Electrical CB.
  • Wire.
  • Insulation wrap.
  • L-bar for outdoor unit.

Note: Depending on home conditions or customers with their own requirements when installing, other materials may arise.

2. Install the air conditioner indoor unit

The air conditioner indoor unit is the part installed inside the room for air conditioning. In places where direct sunlight shines or where there is a high temperature difference, such as a door window, you should avoid installing it.

If installed on these places, the cold air flow directly meets the hot air, it will condense, causing the air conditioner to sweat and drip water

Lắp đặt dàn lạnh điều hòa
Install the air conditioner unit 

You should not install the air conditioner in the direction of the wind blowing across the room or in the corner of the room. Because, so the cold air in the room will be uneven, seriously affecting the operating capacity and consuming more power. The air conditioner should be installed so that the air flow flows along the room,

Refrigeration installation process

Step 1: Install the indoor unit bracket.

Design the position for the bracket with a ruler, ensuring that the machine is always balanced when installed. Fix the indoor unit bracket with screws and drill holes for the copper wire to come out.

Step 2: Connect to prepare to install the indoor unit.

Open the electrical box on the indoor unit. Connect the power cord inside.

Step 3: Install copper wire and wrap insulation.

After wiring is complete, start installing copper wires, water wires and insulation for 3 indoor unit pipes. The insulation winding for copper wire must ensure the correct technique to ensure no loss of cold vapor and refrigerant.

Step 4: Install the indoor unit on the bracket.

Check and re-align for the last time to see if the machine is balanced. The indoor unit should also be installed at a convenient height for easy cleaning and maintenance.

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3. Go copper wire form indoor unit to outdoor unit

Step 1: Break the conduit to fit the position of the outdoor

Step 2: Use specialized pliers to flare the copper pipe to connect to the copper wire going outside.

Step 3:Connect the wire from the indoor unit to the copper wire on the outside. Use a wrench to tighten the two connection points to tighten and seal

Note: In step 2, it is very important to flare the copper pipe, the pipe must be flared with a special toll, correct technique and matched with the connector to ensure that the cold air and refrigerant do not leak out during the process

Đi dây đồng từ dàn lạnh tới dàn nóng
Go copper wire form indoor unit to outdoor unit

4. Install the outdoor unit of the air conditioner

The air conditioning unit needs to be placed outdoors, but it should be in a shady location, avoid a place that is airtight, has no obstructions in front of it, and should not face the house opposite.

Because being left outdoors for a long time will easily damage, the outdoor  unit should be installed in a location that is  easily accessible for repair and maintenance. However, you should not cover it too tightly because it will affect the heat dissipation process and easily damage the device.

According to the Japanese experience, the outdoor unit can use a heat-resistant silver plate to shield it or, if conditions permit, to make a frame for the hot unit with insulation. This measure can help save electricity bills from 5% to 10%.


Do not place the outdoor unit in the middle of the wall because it will cause more noise than the position in the corner. The outdoor unit mount needs to be firmly  secured to withstand the force.

When installing the outdoor unit, remember that you can use rubber feet to support the outdoor unit minimizing the vibration of the machine when operating.

You should install the indoor unit higher than the outdoor unit so that the oil is returned to the engine block easily, saving a lot of maintenance or repair work and prolonging the life of the machine.

If due to housing conditions, you install the outdoor unit higher than the indoor unit (3m or more), then you will have to make an additional oil trap system to limit the shortage of oil for the outdoor unit, because it is impossible to draw oil back.

Lắp đặt dàn nóng điều hòa
Installing the outdoor unit of the air conditioner

The process of installing the outdoor unit

Step 1: Measure the two bases, the distance between the two legs of the outdoor unit to fix the outdoor unit.

Step 2: Similar to the indoor unit , align the outdoor unit mounting position for water leveling.

Step 3: Attach the L-bar to the wall. Fixed drilling and screwing. When installing the air conditioner, the outdoor unit can be placed directly on the ground without having to be mounted on the wall. Depending on your needs and aesthetics, you can decide whether to place the heater

Step 4:  Install air conditioner outdoor unit

  • Attach the heater to the leveled position and start the connection.
  • Connect the copper wire connected in the previous steps to the outdoor unit of the air conditioner.
  • Use a wrench to tighten it.
  • Use the hex key to check the last time that the gas from the outdoor unit is leaking or still working.

Step 5: Electricity connection for outdoor unit

  • Wrap the final insulation for the gas valve and the refrigerant on the outdoor unit to ensure that the machine does not leak gas or heat outside.
  • Installation and connection between outdoor and indoor units is complete.

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5. Location of drainage line

Many people often pay little attention to the drain of the air conditioner, this is a mistake tha should be avoided. Water in the indoor unit is the process of condensing and liquefying water vapor.

Many people wonder how to handle the water pipe when the room is closed or the room is closed or the drainage area is too far away. Incase pf reluctance, the pipe must be floating. We have to accept the loss of aesthetics but must ensure that the height is gradually lower to avoid sideways.

With pipes placed underground in the wall, it should be covered with insulation because cold water can cause wear and tear to the wall structure, easily causing mold or cracking. Air-conditioning water can be drained to the roof systems, toilets or kitchen sinks. However, it is best to drain water directly into the plumbing and should not allow water to drain into the floor.

6. Ask a professional to install the air conditioner

Improper installation of the air conditioner can lead to the machine not working properly, gas leaks, water leaks, reduced life expectancy, etc., even causing a lot of damage in terms of time, money and health. of the user.

To ensure that the air conditioner is operating properly, it is necessary to have experienced installers. Help you:

  • Save time and installation costs because there will rarely be unnecessary errors.
  • Be advised exactly where to install the air conditioner to ensure the longevity of the machine.
  • With professional tools and specialized knowledge, the installer will help your air conditioner run smoothly.
  • Normally, air conditioning stores will also provide this service, in addition, if you have trusted acquaintances, you can also ask them to install it to save costs.

7. Vacuum when filling gas

First use a pressure gauge to connect to the vacuum cleaner. Connect the other end of the vacuum cleaner to the outdoor unit inlet line. Connect the other end of the vacuum cleaner to the outdoor unit inlet line.

Hút chân không khi nạp gas
Vacuum when filling gas

8. Test run the air conditioner

After the installation is complete, next will conduct a test run of the machine to check if the machine is working or not. Finally, remove the dust filter and how to clean it yourself at home.

Some other notes when installing air conditioners at home

– Avoid letting the drainage pipe be bent, causing water to back up to the floor. At the same time, it is also absolutely not advisable to let the outlet of the pipe connect directly to the sewage pipe if you do not want your room to have a bad smell and be contaminated with bacteria.

– Do not install the air conditioner near other electrical appliances such as televisions, refrigerators, etc.

– If the cold air flows directly on the body, it is also good for health

– If you live in an apartment or close to a neighbor’s wall, you should install the outdoor unit of the air conditioner a bit far from their door to avoid conflicts because of the noise of the air conditioner!

Price list for construction and installation of air conditioning materials at home

Most customers are often confused when each unit provides a different price list for home air conditioning installation. A cheap home air conditioner installation unit may not bring quality products. The units that offer “heavenly” price lists do not necessarily have commensurate good materials.

Before choosing, you should consult and research carefully to choose a reputable unit. Below is a quote for the exact installation and installation of air conditioning materials at home from the leading reputable supplier of air conditioning and ventilation systems in the market P69 – M&E Contractor.


STT Details


1 Installation of Gas R22 air conditioners, capacity under 18,000 BTU Set 200,000
2 Installation of Gas R22 air conditioners, capacity from 18,000 BTU – 24,000 BTU Set 250,000
3 Installation of Gas R22 air conditioners, capacity from 18,000 BTU – 24,000 BTU Set 300,000
4 Air conditioner installation 24,000 BTU (Gas R32, R410) Set 350,000
5 Installation of air conditioner 30,000 BTU (Gas R22, Multi, wall mounted) Set 350,000
6 Installation of cabinet air conditioners 18,000 BTU – less than 36,000 BTU Set 450,000
7 Installation of cabinet air conditioners with a capacity of more than 36,000 BTU
or Cassette air conditioner 18,000 BTU – 36,000 BTU
Set 500,000
8 Installation of Cassette air conditioners with a capacity of more than 36,000 BTU Set 850,000


1 Dismantling old air conditioners with capacity of 28,000 BTU – 48,000 BTU Set 200,000
2 Wall perforated wall hanging insulation pipe (Not including plastering and wall painting) M 40,000
3 Construction of perforating the wall to bury the drainage pipe (Not including plastering and painting) M 30,000
4 Pipes on gypsum ceilings, drop ceilings M 25,000
5 Installation work incurred when using a rope ladder Set 200,000
6 Installation work incurred in the case of copper pipe welding (Welding) M 50,000
7 Dismantling old air conditioners with capacity less than 24,000 BTU Set 150,000
1 Pipeline inspection and cleaning is available at the guest house (Blowing Nitrogen to expel Gas) Set 150,000
2 Cleaning and maintenance of old machines Set 150,000


1 Double insulated copper tube for machine 7,000 – less than 10,000 BTU
(tube thickness 0.71mm)
M 160,000
2 Double insulated copper pipe for machines over 11,000 – under 18,000 BTU
(tube thickness 0.71mm)
M 190,000
3 Double insulated copper pipe for machines over 18,000 – 24,000 BTU
(tube thickness 0.71mm and tube size 16)
M 260,000
4 Hot block holder for machine 9,000 – 11,000 BTU Set 90,000
5 Hot block holder for 12,000 – 24,000 BTU . machines Set 100,000
6 Hot block holder for machines over 28,000 BTU (wall mounted) Set 200,000
7 Automat 30A 2 poles PCS 90,000
8 Sewage pipe (elastic tube) M 8,000
9 Power cord 2 x 2.5 (CADIVI – Vcmo) M 20,000
10 Power cord 2 x 4 (CADIVI – Vcmo) M 28,000
11 Auxiliary supplies (nuts, screws, screws, bolts, adhesive tape) Set 40,000
12 Insulation fabric (1 meter pipe = 1 meter fabric) M 8,000
13 Small electric gel M 10,000
14 Gel tube box type for insulation tube (Gel Sino 60×40) M 40,000


1 Recharge Gas for the machine without Gas R22 Time 200,000
2 Add additional Gas to the machine for Gas R22 Time 50,000
3 Recharge Gas for the machine without Gas R32, R410 Time 400,000
4 Add additional Gas in case the pipe length exceeds the standard 10m- Gas R32, R410 Time 120,000


– Price list is subject to change due to daily fluctuations in materials

– The above material price list is inclusive of VAT (VAT).

– The arising outside the above list will be done according to the actual survey and the agreed unit price

Customers can directly contact the hotline: 02422121212 and 0965937799 for free advice and answers. At the same time, sales staff send the most accurate price list of installation and home air conditioning materials.

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