Installation of air conditioners in apartments: Construction, experience, quotation

Today, installing air conditioners in apartment is the basic need of most people. However, apartments are places with strict regulations on the location of air conditioners. Most apartments today are strictly forbidden to install outdoor units outside the house because it will cause unsightly and dangerous if the outdoor unit is dropped.

So what should you pay attention to when installing an apartment air conditioner? How to install it will best suit your home? Which type of air conditioner will help save costs, but use it for a long time? These are all questions people ask. The following will help those who need to learn and install air conditioners in apartments for reference. P69 is pleased to provide you with useful information!

Experience in installing air conditioners in apartments

This can be said to be the most standard apartment air conditioning installation experience that any design unit needs to pay attention to.

Determine the location to install the air conditioner before completing the apartment

In the design table of the apartment, the installation locations of air conditioners, underground electrical lines in the house, … you will see clearly. So ask for a blueprint of the house when it’s handed over. From there, you will initially determine which area to install an air conditioner to both ensure aesthetics and not affect the power line.

Limit the case of chiseling the wall to install the air conditioner in the apartment building. Because it may affect the underground power lines of the building. When the air conditioner has a problem in the power line, it will be difficult to repair.

Xác định vị trí lắp điều hòa trước khi hoàn thiện căn hộ
Determine the location to install the air conditioner before completing the apartment

The air conditioner indoor unit should be hung about 2.7m to 3m from the floor. It is necessary to avoid the wind direction of the indoor unit at a close distance from the main living areas such as desks, beds, etc., which can cause discomfort and affect health. In addition, the placement of the indoor unit must also take into account the problem of drainage.

In the process of air cooling (in the indoor unit), water vapor condenses, liquefies and is discharged out. Therefore, it is necessary to have a drain line from the indoor unit. Depending on the installation location of the indoor unit. But it is best to drain the water directly into the pipes, not to the floor.

Choose the right type of air conditioner for the apartment

Most apartments are regulated to install outdoor units on family balconies. Therefore, your balcony will be occupied by a large area by them. The choice of air conditioner at this time is very important. Please refer to some popular types of air conditioners for apartments today.

Local wall mounted air conditioner

For apartments that have 2 rooms that need to be installed, a local wall-mounted air conditioner will be the perfect choice. Because of the design according to the ratio of 1 outdoor unit and 1 indoor unit. The local outdoor unit will take up a lot of space outside the balcony.

Điều hòa cục bộ treo tường cục bộ

Local wall mounted air conditioner

In return, local wall-mounted air conditioners save investment costs. If you do not want to use a wall mounted air conditioner, you can use a more luxurious domestic commercial air conditioner.

Multi Air Conditioners

The outdoor unit of Multi air conditioners has the biggest advantage of saving space. This is the most commonly used air conditioner in big cities. Especially suitable for apartments with modest balconies, saving outdoor space.

With the advantage of connecting 1 outdoor unit with 3-5 indoor units. Installation space will be saved. At the same time, the indoor units are also more diverse to choose from.

Điều hòa Multi
Multi Air Conditioners

Central air conditioning VRV, VRF

For high-class apartments, with large space, attic or through apartments, central air conditioning is a more suitable choice. For the reason, local air conditioners and Multi air conditioners will find it difficult to meet the demand for use as well as the capacity to install for this type of apartment.

Điều hòa trung tâm VRV, VRF
Central air conditioning VRV, VRF

Central air conditioning belongs to the most advanced line, fully equipped with the most modern technology. With a capacity of up to 60HP, VRV total air conditioner can completely meet for large spaces. The cassette-mounted indoor unit, concealing the ceiling connected to the ductwork, will bring a luxury and modernity that can only be found in large centers with high aesthetic requirements.

Ducted ceiling air conditioner

The vast majority of apartments have a number of rooms from 2 rooms or more, such as 1 bedroom + 1 living room apartment, 1 living room + 2-bedroom apartment. The area of ​​each room is from 10 to 15 square meters. The design of small adjacent rooms can use 1 ducted air conditioner to cool or heat both 2 or 3 rooms.

The balcony area is small, so it is difficult to arrange many outdoor units such as local air conditioners. Ducted outdoor unit can cool 1 large room or 2; 3 small rooms, so it saves a lot of space.

Air conditioner with ducted ceiling to save space. Because the indoor unit is completely hidden in the plaster ceiling, it does not lose the aesthetics but also helps to make the space more luxurious and sophisticated.

Điều hòa âm trần nối ống gió
Ducted ceiling air conditioner

For the bedroom, always prioritize quiet. The small capacity ducted indoor unit is a suitable choice. You can leave the outdoor unit outside in the hallway, connect the ductwork and place the louver inside the room.

Installing apartment air conditioners must ensure aesthetics

Ensure the aesthetics of the apartment so as not to break the structure of the apartment by connecting or going lines. For the most part, the paths are recessed, installed in compliance with proper slope and drainage techniques.

Selecting the right indoor unit area, structure, aesthetics and quality is very important to ensure the effective operation of the air conditioning system. On the market today, there are many types of air conditioners, including 1 outdoor unit connecting multiple indoor units to save installation space.

Cost of air conditioning installation

The cost will depend on many factors. About the needs, functions and uses that you choose. Each air conditioner line will have different costs as well as different benefits. Refer to the following air conditioning installation costs.

Wall mounted local air conditioner

This is the most popular product line. Lowest cost of all air conditioners. For an apartment with 2 bedrooms with an area of ​​​​15m2 and a living room of 30m2. Installation budget is about 30 million depending on the brand and accompanying technology.

However, the installation of 3 outdoor units will occupy an area outside the large balcony. At the same time, the local wall-mounted air conditioners also take up a large amount of space. Makes the apartment somewhat unsatisfactory.

Multi Air Conditioner

This is a kind of central air conditioner for apartments. Cost only 60 million. Includes: 1 outdoor unit connected to many indoor units.

Multi air conditioner saves installation space. The indoor unit is also diverse, from wall-mounted to ceiling-mounted. In addition to saving energy, it also brings elegance and class to the house. But the investment cost will be higher.

Ducted ceiling air conditioner

This is a local product line. The cost will be about 40-50 million. You can install a ceiling-mounted indoor unit for the living room and a wall-mounted line for the bedroom. This helps bring a lot of luxury to the apartment.

However, its disadvantage is that it takes up all the installation space.

Central air conditioning VRV, VRF

This line of air conditioners is suitable for high-class apartments; penthouse; duplex or duplex apartments with large areas (over 100m2) when multi-air conditioners cannot meet.

The total central air conditioner has a larger capacity, ensuring the capacity for a large area. The cost for central air conditioners is higher than multi air conditioners because of their capacity and much more advanced technology.

The best unit installing air conditioners in apartments today

Currently, on the market, there are many units installing air conditioners in apartments with many different services and prices. However, it is not easy to find a place that supplies and installs safe, high-quality air conditioners at a good price.
P69 JSC is a reputable contractor that installs air conditioners in apartments according to customer requirements. With the motto ”Prestige – Quality – Progress – Efficiency”. P69 JSC always focuses on investing, renewing equipment as well as training to improve the experience of technicians to keep up with the trend. P69 is committed to preparing and conducting well on schedule of projects.

In particular, P69 always offers suitable service solutions for customers. The staff is always ready to give advice. Professional, optimized workflow helps small and medium businesses save their time and costs. Since then, we are confident to be the leading reputable air conditioning system installer in the country.

P69 will always bring satisfaction to its customers.

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