Ducted-connected ceiling-mounted air conditioners have been used by consumers a lot because of the advantages it brings. But how to install it to the right standards, quality assurance is a problem that many people have to think about. If you also have those concerns, learn how to install ducted ceiling air conditioners in the following article. P69 is pleased to provide you with useful information!


About the ceiling-mounted air conditioner indoor unit with duct connection

Ducted-connected ceiling-mounted air-conditioner is operated by the mechanism of blowing cold air through the ducts. The indoor unit is installed on the ceiling or hidden from the ceiling so that the equipment is not exposed. This helps the parts of the indoor unit to be protected at all times, increasing product life. At the same time, the wires will be hidden to save space and increase the aesthetics of your home.


Choosing the right indoor air conditioner line is inherently difficult, the construction and installation process also causes many users a headache. Especially the systems are highly complex and require many standards in the installation process.


Ducted ceiling air conditioning unit is suitable for all spaces from small to large but still ensures the ability to air conditioner is always at a stable level. Convenience and synchronization are also factors that make this product line well appreciated.


To knock down the house, the indoor unit must be high enough for the wind to spread evenly. Avoid blowing directly into the sitting position in the living room or bed, causing discomfort and cold.


Advantages and disadvantages of ducted ceiling mounted air conditioners

With its special structure, the indoor unit has the following advantages:

– This indoor unit connects many ventilation pipes to help load cold air in a large space, emitting a cooler and stronger air stream than conventional air conditioners.

– The ability of the indoor unit to air-condition large spaces or many small rooms side by side

Dàn lạnh điều hòa âm trần nối ống gió cho văn phòng


– The indoor unit operates very smoothly and does not make any noise during use. Stable operation, little damage.

– The indoor unit is easy to install, highly aesthetic because the pipeline is hidden, and the air conditioner rig is built into the wall.

– The indoor unit saves room space due to the design taking advantage of the excess space.


Disadvantages of ceiling mounted air conditioner indoor unit with duct connection

– Not as good as central air conditioners

– The number of cooling rooms is also limited from about 2-3 rooms to the maximum


However, compared to the line of wall-mounted air conditioner indoor units, it is clear that the ceiling-mounted air conditioner indoor unit has many more advantages.


Note when installing the ceiling mounted air conditioner unit with duct connection

Installing a ceiling mounted air conditioner unit with a duct connection is much more complicated than a wall mounted indoor unit. The reason is that the indoor unit of this air conditioner is quite large, heavy and bulky. The wall-mounted air conditioner unit is mounted directly on the flat wall, while the ceiling-mounted air conditioner indoor unit is hung in the room space and the unit is hidden in the ceiling of the room. Therefore, when installing the indoor unit, a skilled and professional worker should pay attention to the following factors:

– Determine the exact location of the indoor unit to get a mark to drill 4 holes hanging on the ceiling.

– Drilling holes for hanging must be aligned, perpendicular to the floor so that after putting the air conditioner on the machine, it will not be pushed or skewed in space. The hanging position needs to ensure aesthetics, safety and save electricity.

– When hanging up, always have a locking nut to avoid self-disassembly.

– Put the primary indoor unit on a relative position.

– Catching bolts and openings ensures extremely safe to avoid the phenomenon of dropping the machine later.

Lưu ý khi lắp đặt dàn lạnh điều hòa âm trần nối ống gió


Where to buy a ceiling mounted Cassette air conditioner at a good price?

Currently, on the market, there are many units that install ducted ceiling-mounted air conditioning units with many different services and prices. However, it is not easy to find a place that provides reputable and quality air conditioning systems at a good price.


Company P69 is the unit that installs the best indoor unit today. Always give priority to customer requirements. With the motto ”Prestige – Quality – Progress – Efficiency”. P69  always focuses on investing, renewing equipment as well as training to improve the experience of technicians to keep up with the trend. P69 is committed to preparing and well progressing projects..


In particular, P69 always offers suitable service solutions. The staff is always ready to give advice. With a professional process that has been optimized to help small and medium businesses save their time and costs. Since then, we are confident to be the most prestigious installation of air conditioning systems in general, the installation of ceiling mounted air conditioners in particular, the leading reputation in the country.


P69.JSC will always bring satisfaction to its customers.



With ISO 9001:2015 management process. Professional consulting staff – working based on the principle of “ENTHUSIASM – INTELLIGENCE – SPEED”.

With strict criteria: Dedicated advice – Deserving products – Fast progress – Reasonable prices.

The factory has an area of ​​10,000m2, we supply an unlimited number of products when customers have demand to order.


We P69 JSC provide and install the following services:



P69 JSC has become one of the largest suppliers for typical projects such as: Vinhomes Grand Park; Vinhomes Smart City; Hanoi F1 race track; Vinhomes Central Park; Vinhomes Golden River; Vinhomes Times City; Vinhomes Royal City; Building of the Ministry of Public Security – Pham Van Dong; Building of EVN – Vietnam Electricity Corporation – 11 Cua Bac; Factory Samsung Electronic Vietnam; Hyundai Thanh Cong 2 Automobile Factory;… And many other big projects


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