Installing standard wall-mounted air conditioner indoor unit with very good price

Wall-mounted air conditioners have two main parts, the outdoor unit and the indoor unit. Wall mounted air conditioner unit are installed inside the house for cooling, while the outdoor unit is installed outside. The indoor unit is composed of many different parts. In which the indoor unit is considered the main and most important part. It has a huge effect on the operation of the air conditioner. But do you know what are the requirements when installing a wall-mounted indoor unit? How is the installation process? If you also have those concerns, read the article below. P69 is pleased to provide you with useful information !

Get to know about air conditioning units

The air conditioner indoor unit is part of the refrigeration unit. Helps the air conditioner to operate smoothly. This is a thick woven aluminum (or copper) heatsink that covers the outside of the copper tubes and contains the refrigerant inside.

Dàn lạnh điều hòa treo tường
The air conditioner indoor unit is part of the refrigeration unit. Help the air conditioner to work smoothly

The indoor unit absorbs heat in the air when the indoor unit fan sucks through it. The air going out of the indoor unit will have a lower temperature and be cleaner because the dirt has been largely retained in the filter and indoor unit.

Requirement when installing wall mounted air conditioner unit

Survey the installation location: It is usually placed in the center of the room so that the cold air spreads throughout the room. Choose a position to place the machine firmly, with the least vibration when operating, increasing aesthetics and safety for users.

Yêu cầu khi lắp đặt dàn lạnh điều hòa treo tường 
Requirements when installing wall-mounted air conditioning units

Technical calculation before installing air conditioner:

+ The copper pipe connecting the outdoor unit and indoor unit must not be longer than 15m for machines with a capacity of 9000BTU and 12000BTU..

+ For machines with a capacity of 18000BTU, 20000BTU and 24000BTU, the copper pipe connecting the outdoor unit to the indoor unit must not exceed 20m in length.

+ The outdoor unit should not be placed higher than the indoor unit 7m for machines with a capacity of 9000BTU and 12000BTU. No more than 15m for machines with capacity of 18000BTU, 20000BTU and 24000BTU.

+ Power cable for machines with capacity of 9000BTU and 12000BTU 1.5mm.

+ Power cable for machines with capacity over 18000 BTU ≥ 2,5mm.

Locations that should be avoided when installing indoor wall mounted air conditioner units

Do not mount the indoor unit in the corner of the room: Cold air will not be evenly distributed in the room

Do not install the indoor unit close to the floor: This is a fairly common error, installed this way, you will see that the feet are cold, the head is hot. Hot air tends to rise up, cold air sinks down.

Các vị trí nên tránh khi lắp đặt dàn lạnh điều hòa treo tường trong nhà
Locations that should be avoided when installing indoor wall mounted air conditioner units

The indoor unit should not be installed in the kitchen: The air environment in the kitchen is often greasy, salty, etc., so it is easy to cause the air conditioner to clog and rust. In order for the dining room to have cold air when eating, you should separate the kitchen and dining room if you want to use air conditioning. The best way is that the dining room should use natural air as the best.

Standard wall mounted air conditioner installation procedure

The process of installing the wall mounted air conditioner unit is carried out as follows:

Step 1: Determine the exact installation location: The indoor unit is hung about 5 cm from the ceiling.

Step 2: Remove the corrugated iron board installed after the indoor unit, use the corrugated iron board to locate and measure the installation size, re-align and take the mark.

Step 3: Proceed to use the drill in the pre-marked position.

Quy trình lắp đặt dàn lạnh điều hòa treo tường chuẩn
Standard wall-mounted air conditioner installation process

Step 3: Remove the cover to wire the signal according to the instructions on the electrical diagram included when buying the machine.

Step 4: Adjust the copper pipe to the installation position. Remove the shrink from the copper pipe, seal the 2 ends to avoid dust during use.

Step 5: Wrap the insulation, roll the si tape into the copper pipe, drainage pipe and signal wire going inside the wall to the outside. Finally, we hang the indoor unit on the corrugated iron board and adjust the indoor unit to be even.

Good price wall mounted air conditioner installation unit

Currently, on the market, there are many units installing wall mounted air conditioners with many different services and prices. However, it is not easy to find a place that provides reputable and quality air conditioning systems at a good price.

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