[Technical advice] When to service the air conditioner

Air conditioner maintenance is necessary to maintain the longevity of the equipment. In addition, regular air conditioner maintenance will help the air conditioner operate at full capacity, saving electricity and other costs. However, not everyone pays attention to this. Therefore, in this article of P69 Company, we will share with you in detail the reasons for air conditioner? And what are the maintenance procedures for the air conditioner.

Why is air conditioner maintenance necessary?

– Helps the machine run well and cool faster

– Check of the gas flow is enough for cooling ?

– Detect unusual problems, prolong the life of the machine

– Make sure the machine is always in good working condition, running smoothly. cold fast and deep, good drainage.

– Being in the North around March and April of the solar calendar (early hot season) is the most suitable time for you to do this job so as not worry about an uncomfortable hot season.

Bảo dưỡng điều hòa giúp không khí trong lành
Air conditioner maintenance helps keep the air fresh

When to service the air conditioner?

Usually, the right time to service the air conditioner is about once every 3-4 months.

However, for air conditioners that are installed in areas or production and business environments, which are active and easy to collect dust, you need to perform maintenance every 203 months.

In addition, when you notice that the air conditioner has the following signs, you need to repair it immediately without waiting for the right time.

– The air conditioners is weak, not wearing the correct capacity or the air conditioner is not cold.

– When noticing that the air conditioner is no longer running smoothly, it makes a loud noise in the 2 outdoor units and the indoor unit. The main cause is due to dust on the motor and propeller. You just need to clean it and the machine can run as smoothly as before.

– Air conditioner is missing gas

– When the air conditioner has a water leak in the indoor unit. The cause is due to a lack of gas, snow on the indoor unit or maybe a blockage in the drainage pipe due to dust .

– Air conditioners consumer more power than normal.

Các dấu hiệu nhận biết cần bảo dưỡng điều hòa
Signs of need for air conditioner maintenance

Air conditioner maintenance steps

Here are the air conditioner maintenance steps to help you quickly remove dirt and problems that the air conditioner encounters.

1. Some tools to prepare

– Turbochargers

– Air conditioner cleaning solution in spray form

– Screwdrivers, pliers…

– Clean towel

– Nylon bag

– Vacuum cleaner

2. Air conditioner maintenance from A to Z

The following steps help you maintain the air conditioner quickly

Step 1: Turn off the power to the air conditioner or air conditioner

Before performing air conditioner maintenance, you need to ensure safety by disconnecting the machine’s power supply. After 2 minutes for the machine to return to a stable state, you will begin the steps of washing the air conditioner for maintenance.

Step 2: Check gas

Air conditioners or air conditioners will need a certain amount of gas to operate, check the gas and pipes to make sure there are no shortages or leaks.

Step 3: Check the air conditioner

In this step, you will have to open the case and check the internal equipment such as electric motor, pressure pump … This test step will help you find out problems such as: the air conditioner is not cold, the air conditioner is broken. leak. As soon as you find a problem, call a repairman for help.

Step 4: Clean the air conditioner unit

To clean the air conditioner at home, you need to use a cleaning solution to clean the indoor unit, clean it thoroughly to make sure the air outlets are no longer dusty.

After removing the air filter and rinsing it with water, then dry it with a towel. Next, use a damp cloth to wipe around the case to keep it clean.

Note that when spraying cleaning water, spray parallel to the aluminum foil in the direction from top to bottom. This helps the aluminum foil to avoid being distorted due to too strong water force.

Step 5: Clean the air conditioner heater

To clean the air conditioner heater, remove the outdoor unit cover, dust it with a soft brush first. Then use a pressure pump to spray in the form of a jet into the slots of the radiator. Then you check again that the outdoor unit is carefully covered, and the power lines are stable or not, making sure there are no scratches or corner loss due to insect bites.

Step 6: Check the air conditioner

After you have cleaned the large and small appliances, reinstall them in their correct position and then check the power source to be sure. Finally, plug the power back in and turn on the machine to make sure it can run stably again.

For more details, see here: Technical standards for air conditioning maintenance.

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