Install efficient centrifugal ventilation fans for factories

A Centrifugal ventilator is a device that is used a lot in construction. The device is highly appreciated for its ease of use and design, bringing comfort to the user. So do you know how to install this blower? Follow the article Installing a centrifugal exhaust fan of P69 Mechanical Factory for better understand!

What is a centrifugal fan?

Centrifugal fan, also known as centrifugal exhaust fan, is a type of fan that draws air along the axis based on the centrifugal force exerted around the fan housing, then the wind is pushed out in a direction perpendicular to the axis of the fan. Centrifugal fans are divided into 2 main types including:

1. Direct centrifugal fan

With direct centrifugal fans, the motor is mounted directly on the impeller. This type of fan has the advantage of having a fast air intake speed, but you cannot use them in an acidic environment or a very hot environment.

Lắp đặt quạt thông gió ly tâm
The steps to install the most accurate centrifugal exhaust fan

2. Indirect centrifugal fan

Indirect centrifugal fans are the opposite, the motor is attached to the impeller by a belt. When the motor works, it will make the wire move and pull the propeller to rotate. It has a very high heat resistance, so you can put it in any environment including acidic environments. However, in terms of air intake speed, it is not as good as a direct centrifugal fan.

Installation instructions for centrifugal exhaust fans

The following are the most accurate installation steps that P69 Company shares with you

Step 1: Determine the area of ​​the room where the centrifugal fan is installed

Determining the space to install a high-pressure centrifugal exhaust fan is the first and extremely important step. Because the fan line has many parameters with different capacities. Large capacity fans for large spaces, small fans for small spaces. In order to ensure the correct criteria and purpose of using the fan’s ventilation.

Step 2: Determine the location to install the centrifugal exhaust fan

– Location of installation of exhaust fans for factories: for factories, install overhead fans; reinforced with V steel frame.
– Installation location of warehouse ventilation centrifugal exhaust fan: Should install ventilation exhaust fan at the top, hot air exit direction on both sides near the end of the warehouse.
– Placement of ventilation fan where air conditioner is located: The exhaust fan should be installed opposite and at the furthest distance from the air conditioner or air conditioner.

Step 3: Prepare the necessary tools.

Of course, installing any mechanical device requires installation tools. With the ventilation fan, besides the exhaust fan, you need to prepare some other tools; such as screwdrivers, pliers, drills, screws, nuts, workwear.

Step 4: Mark the location to install the ventilation fan on the wall

To hang, install the fan exactly where it needs to be installed. Make sure the fan is in good working order and aesthetically pleasing.

Step 5: Cut the corrugated iron or punch the wall to prepare the waiting hole

Place the exhaust fan in the predefined installation position while reinforcing the fan with a V steel frame.

Step 6: Fasten the exhaust fan on the wall with screws and support tools.

This is an extremely important step to make sure the fan is firmly attached to the wall or in a fixed position. Prevent the fan from shifting position or falling.

Step 7: Connect the power cord to the fan.

After connecting the power source, the exhaust fan can be tested; At the same time, check if the operation of the fan is guaranteed? And finally handing over and putting into use.

The great role of centrifugal ventilation fans for factories

You will easily see centrifugal ventilation systems in industrial parks in industrial kitchens with large capacity or industrial zones with a lot of dust such as factories, factories, etc.

  • The exhaust fan helps to remove unpleasant odors, but grease stains, etc. due to high-frequency cooking, helps to ventilate the air, always creating a clean environment.
  • With paint shops, industrial sewing, … will no longer worry about the air full of dust, chemicals, but instead fresh air thanks to the centrifugal ventilator.
  • With moldy working environments such as basements and parking lots, all can be more comfortable thanks to the great effect of the ventilation fan.
  • Ensuring a clean working environment helps employees work well in their environment while ensuring the health and improving work efficiency.
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Centrifugal ventilators are extremely popular in factories

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