Agile and economical installation of air conditioning gas pipes

Summer is the time when the air conditioning systems runs at full capacity to meet the cooling needs of every home. In order for the air conditioner to work in the most durable way, the installation of air conditioning gas pipes is extremely important. Do you know how to install air conditioning gas pipe system? Please follow the article of P69 Company to understand better!

What is air conditioner gas ?

Air conditioning or conditioning gas, also known as refrigerant, is often used in air conditioning to carry heat form a place of low temperature to a place with a higher temperature. This is an indispensable component in the cooling process of the air conditioning system in general and the refrigerant is used of each type of machine, the appropriate type of refrigerant is used to ensure good and efficient operation of the air conditioner

Nạp gas bổ sung cho điều hòa dễ dàng
Recharge additional gas for air conditioner easily

The effect of air conditioning gas

In air conditioners and air conditioners there are vapor compressors. Refrigerant gas is sucked by the compressor form the evaporator to compress it to high pressure and push it into the compress it to high pressure and push it into the condenser. In the condenser, the steam is discharged to the cooling medium to condense back into a liquid.

The liquid is passed through the throttle valve into the evaporator. When passing through the throttle valve, the pressure suddenly drops to very low. causing the liquid to evaporate, creating a cold effect to cool the room.

Therefore, gas is an extremely important component in air conditioners. Without gas, your air conditioner will be useless!

Installation instructions for air conditioning gas pipes

Refilling air conditioner gas is one of the jobs that requires employees to have technical knowledge and necessary specialized tools company P69.

If you do not have expertise in gas charging, it is best to call a refrigeration technician for help!

1. Necessary tolls when refilling air conditioner gas

– Dedicated gas meter

– Gas bottle

– Gas connector

– Line clamp meter

– screwdriver, wrench

– Vacuums

2. Specific installation steps

To install air conditioner gas you need to go through 3 steps:

Step 1: Check the amount of gas on the air conditioner 

– Use a screwdriver to remove the entire air conditioner cover, then use a wrench to unscrew the gas filling screws.

– Connect one meter wire to the gas filling valve, the other wire to the gas tan to see how much the gas pressure in the air conditioner is now

– Next, check and thoroughly handle the leak condition of the cold pipeline system.

Step 2: Vacuum

– Avoid the situation that there are many mixtures of gas and gas entering the air conditioning system

– Therefore, in order to have the correct way to charge air-conditioner gas, you need to use a dedicated air vacuum cleaner to suck up all the air in the pine system.

– At this time, the pressure gauge lowers the humidity, you proceed to lock the valve and turn off the suction cooler for 30 minutes to 60 minutes. When the clock hand points to the zero mark, you are now assured. Because the system is free of impurities and completely sealed.

Step 3: Carry out gas charging 

– Open the gas shutoff valve in the gas tank to its full extent, then open the gas shutoff valve at the meter to limit the gas at the gas meter to about 250 PSI and need to close the gas valve at the meter.

– You only open the gas valve at the clock for about 15 to 20 seconds and lock it again until the air conditioner line indicator at the meter is equal to the parameter recorded on the air conditioner.

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