Escape skills in the event of a fire incident in a high-rise building

In fact, in a fire, smoke and toxic gases will “kill” people faster than litter. People in the house, especially in high-rise buildings, if they know escape skills, they will improve their chances of survival. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the following escape skills when a fire occurs in a high-rise building of the company P69 :

What to do to prevent fire in apartments or high-rise buildings?

What to do to prevent fire in apartments or high-rise buildings?
What to do to prevent fire in apartments or high-rise buildings?

– Investing in equipment for fire prevention and fighting to ensure safety such as installing fire prevention and fighting systems, fire alarms, fire extinguishers.

– Be careful when using the torch, doing electrical repairs or where there is a risk of electrical discharge.

– Provide full escape support equipment such as ropes, rope ladders to prevent unfortunate situations from happening.

– Regularly check places that are prone to fire and explosion such as electrical switches or the place where the power junction is located.

– Organize and participate in training sessions, guiding incident handling, using fire extinguishers regularly to promptly respond when an unfortunate fire occurs.

– Always be alert and prevent fire in all situations

How to escape in the event of a fire in a high-rise apartment building?

Recently, more and more large fires have occurred in high-rise apartment buildings. P69 company would like to summarize the escape ways to ensure your safety when living in a high-rise apartment building.

How to escape in the event of a fire in a high-rise apartment building?
How to escape in the event of a fire in a high-rise apartment building?

1. Never use the elevator when there is a fire incident

Elevators are an extremely dangerous place when there is a fire. Because all the places where the fire occurs are completely cut off to prevent the spread and outbreak of the fire, and the power cut will also limit the loss of life and property of people. Elevators need electricity to operate, so using the elevator when a fire occurs is like locking yourself into a dead place.

Being trapped in an elevator can cause you to suffocate due to the spread of smoke from the fire, it can also cause you to be grilled if the fire catches on to the elevator area causing the stainless steel to be heated. Moreover, at this time, firefighters will have a lot of people to save in the building, so detecting people trapped in the ladder will be very difficult. So always remember to use the stairs when a fire occurs.

2. Always know the building plan

Always remember the building plan and memorize the possible exit directions, the location of the stairs and the exit door so that you can get to a safe place as soon as possible. Because in the event of a fire we lose our temper easily, so knowing where we can escape is especially important. Smoke from a fire can make things difficult to see, so it’s important to learn and remember ways to get out of the house.

How many exits are there? How to get to those exits? This is the first factor you need to know when moving into an apartment, especially high-rise apartments.

3. Consider running up or running down

Consider which direction the smoke is coming from to consider running to the top floor or running down to the first floor. Don’t be too panicky to “plug your head and neck” and run down to the lower floor according to inertia. Try to stay away from the fire as soon as possible, to avoid going to the wrong place where the fire originated, which will easily lead to smoke inhalation.

Also, always pay attention to how far you are running when using the emergency stairs. In the worst case, you can’t get out by yourself to be able to notify the exact location where you are standing, helping rescuers find you as soon as possible.

4. Consider before opening the door in case of fire

Before deciding to open the exit door, put the back of your hand on the door, if it feels warm, don’t open it – the other side of the door is on fire. Use the back of your hand to test, not your palm. Because burned palms will hinder your escape when you crawl or descend the fire ladder. When a big fire occurs right outside your hallway, or stay indoors, block every crack at the door with a wet towel to avoid toxic fumes from entering the house.

In case, if no smoke is visible and the door is not hot, gently touch the doorknob with the back of your hand. If the doorknob is hot or very warm, do not open the door. If the doorknob is cool, and you can’t see smoke around the door, you can open the door very slowly and carefully.

When opening the door, if you see a fire or smoke entering the room, close the door quickly and make sure it is closed. If there is no smoke or fire when you open the door, proceed straight to your exit.

5. Always stay low

If you see smoke in your home, keep your body low near the floor when looking for an escape route. In fact, in a fire, smoke and toxic gases cause more people to faint than are burned by the fire. You will breathe less smoke if your body is closer to the floor. Smoke naturally rises, so if there’s smoke while you’re on your way out, staying low means you’re crawling under the smoke. You can crouch close to the floor, and crawl on your hands and knees under the smoke.

Exiting through the door should be your first choice, but you can also check if a window can be an escape route. Even high-rise windows come in handy when you need help, from a firefighter, or from someone else.

6. Do not attempt to collect property, find pets or return to the fire

Property can be rebuilt, so never try to collect property in case of fire because “people are left with property”. Don’t give up your life for little wealth, money or a favorite item. You also do not try to find pets when a fire occurs, worry about the lives of yourself and your family members first.

The most important thing is that you get out safely. You also need to remember that you shouldn’t stay in your home longer than you are required to, even to call an ambulance. Chances are someone is calling outside. Once out, absolutely do not come back to get anything.

7. Case can not run out

Where can't run out
Where can’t run out

If you can’t go outside, gather everyone in one room, choosing a room with a window if possible. Prevent smoke and fire from entering through the door by blocking the openings around the door with sheets, blankets, clothing or duct tape. If there is a window in the room that doesn’t help you out, open it and stand in front of the window to breathe and call for help.

If you can get a piece of clothing or a towel, place it over your mouth so you don’t breathe in the smoke. Better if you wet the cloth before covering your mouth.

For now, think about which room is best, you need a window that can be opened and, if possible, a phone to call an ambulance. No matter how scared you are, never hide under your bed or closet. Because then, it will be very difficult for the firefighters to find you. Remember that firefighters and others will find you to free you. The sooner they find you, the quicker you’ll get out.

Equipment and equipment for fire prevention and fighting in apartments and high-rise buildings

– Equip with means of fire prevention such as installation of fire prevention and fighting systems, fire alarms, fire extinguishers.

– Equipped with emergency escape support such as ropes, rope ladders, escape ropes to prevent unfortunate situations from happening.

– Regularly check and pay attention to places that are prone to fire and explosion such as electrical switches, where the power bridge is located.

– Pay special attention when using the torch, doing electrical repairs or where there is a risk of electrical discharge.

– Regularly organize and participate in training sessions, instructing how to handle incidents, how to use fire extinguishers to promptly respond to fires.

– Always uphold the spirit of vigilance, prevent fire in all situations.

Notes when escaping when a fire occurs in a high-rise building

Things you need to keep in mind when escaping in the event of a high-rise fire incident include:

1. Absolutely keep calm

Calmness is one of the factors that helps us to be lucid enough to escape the fire most effectively. After detecting a fire, you should immediately call the switchboard 114, call the building management board and press the nearest fire alarm button to notify everyone. If the fire is small, you can use a fire extinguisher to extinguish it on the spot. Avoid panic, agitation, loss of composure leading to unfortunate consequences.

2. Keep in touch with people around where the high-rise building incident occurs

During a fire, chaos, fear, and jostling are inevitable. You need to stay in touch with the people around you so that you can respond promptly and help each other while on the move.

3. No jostling or trampling

Squeezing and stomping on each other is common when escaping fire and explosion in high-rise buildings. However, this jostling doesn’t make us move any faster. It caused the situation to become chaotic, many people were pinched and trampled, and those who fell unconsciously became obstacles in the way. As a result, we move slower, heavier, take more time and effort.

4. Extinguish power before exiting

Disconnecting the circuit breaker, disconnecting the aptomat is one of the simplest and safest means of isolating the fire area. This prevents the fire from spreading to the surrounding areas, minimizing the damage caused by the fire.

5. Do not try to bring property

Wealth we can earn for a lifetime, but only one life. We need to protect our lives first, bring only identification documents, the most necessary assets. Do not carry too much, making moving and exiting high-rise buildings difficult and dangerous.

6. Use every means to stay safe when you can’t find an exit

In case the corridor leading to the emergency exit has been covered by smoke and fire, and you have no way to move, please choose the solution to stay indoors. You need to close all the doors, use blankets to prevent smoke from entering the room, use water to water around so that the fire does not enter your room. Immediately call 114 to promptly notify the fire department to come to the rescue. Move to a window or balcony, shout out loud and use a shirt, towel or brightly colored object to beckon people to know where they are in distress.

7. Absolutely do not jump from a height without a rescue team

In all cases, absolutely do not rush to jump from above to below to escape when safety conditions such as air cushions or some other protective equipment have been approved by the Fire Police force. Fire and rescue, rescue deployed below.

Above, Hakawa has summarized the necessary fire protection equipment as well as how to escape when in high-rise buildings. Hopefully, it will bring you useful information that can be applied in the event of an accident.

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