Effective methods to prevent lightning strikes in the rainy season

In the rainy season, especially in the summer, sudden thunderstorms accompanied by lightning always threaten the lives of people, especially those who have to work and do outdoor activities. Therefore, the knowledge to avoid lightning strikes in the rainy season can significantly reduce the possibility of being struck by lightning. Let’s find out with P69 Company !

Why does thunder occur?

Thunder or lightning is a phenomenon that occurs when clouds with opposite charges collide in the atmosphere. They have a moving speed of up to 36,000km/s. Lightning only appears during thunderstorms.

According to experts, in Vietnam, the first rains of the season will be accompanied by a very dangerous lightning phenomenon. Besides, thunder is not evenly distributed by country or region.

About 70% of heavy rains accompanied by thunder occur in the tropics, especially where there is a lot of air convection. Including Vietnam, it is estimated that every year our country experiences about 2 million lightning storms hitting the ground, mainly in areas such as Hai Duong, Ha Tinh and the Mekong River Delta.

Why does thunder occur?
Why does thunder occur?

Effective methods to prevent lightning strikes in the rainy season

Some effective methods of preventing lightning strikes in the rainy and stormy season you may be interested in:

1. Improvise when there is a thunderstorm

When there is a thunderstorm, you should limit going out as much as possible, preferably indoors. Do not stand in the rain at warehouses, bus shelters or tall trees and mounds. In addition, do not hold metal tools such as knives, sickles, etc. and do not stand near large animals.

Indoor appliances such as refrigerators, televisions, air conditioners, wifi networks, etc. must be unplugged. When indoors, you should stay away from doors, windows, electrical appliances should avoid wet places such as water tanks, showers and should not use phones unless necessary.

2. Install lightning rod on the roof

This is one of the methods to avoid lightning strikes of many high-rise buildings today. This method is both inexpensive and easy to implement.

Lightning rods work on the principle that when lightning strikes the roof, the lightning rod will conduct electricity to the ground. Therefore, lightning rods are usually metal, pointed and in a high position.

Install lightning rod on the roof
Install lightning rod on the roof

3. Using surge protection sockets

Surge arresters are a new device in recent years, they will keep electrical appliances safe in the home when struck by lightning.

Many power sockets integrate technology to connect to Wifi and just need to connect to the phone to be able to adjust on and off whenever needed. They are also easy to buy in the market and are affordable.

4. Lightning protection house with sickle

This solution sounds new but works very well. Crescent lightning protection has a simple structure, large scope of application and protects the whole building and internal wiring.

They work on the principle of accumulating voltage and releasing it through an arc hole. The cost of installing lightning protection with a crescent is also cheap and is applied by many rural families.

Some notes when there is lightning in the rainy season

Some notes when there is lightning in the rainy season
Some notes when there is lightning in the rainy season

– Do not use your phone during thunder

– Unplug the TV antenna and other electronics in use. In case of general grid failure, it is best to disconnect the circuit breaker or unplug all household electrical appliances from the electrical outlet.

– Limit bathing during storms or thunderstorms because copper pipes can conduct electricity.

– Do not go out during thunderstorms accompanied by thunder and do not go near downed power lines during and after the storm.

If you are outdoors during a storm, you must find a safe shelter, do not stand on high hills or open, spacious areas such as fields, playgrounds, etc., do not hide in the rain under ditches, canals, etc.

– Do not carry metal objects such as hoes, shovels, hammers, sickles…

– Some places are considered safe to avoid lightning: in large houses with closed doors, in cars with closed doors.

– If you are working in the field, you should run to the nearest place to keep yourself dry. If you can’t get to a safe place in time, you should hide in the lowest place, crouch and put your feet together…

How to give first aid to victims of lightning strikes

When meeting someone who has been struck by lightning, if the victim is comatose, it is necessary to check whether he is still breathing or not. If breathing stops, perform CPR immediately.

– Place the victim in a supine position.

– Conduct mouth-to-mouth resuscitation: Cover the victim’s nose with your hand, take a deep breath. Then close the victim’s mouth, take a long breath, and then let go to let the victim exhale normally. Continue to do so about 2 times.

– Extrathoracic compression: Determine the lower third of the sternum. Put your hands on the position just determined and press continuously about 30 times with a frequency of about 100 times / minute, pressing about 3-5cm deep.

– Alternate breathing with chest compressions like this with the rate of 2 breaths and 30 chest compressions until medical staff come to support and have essential equipment.

– Should immobilize the cervical spine and back for the patient in case of suspected head injury or swelling of the neck area with hematoma.

– Note, after giving first aid, it is necessary to quickly bring the victim to the nearest medical facility.

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