Essential note when building the factory’s electrical system

The design and construction of the factory’s electrical system is an extremely important part, directly affecting the operation of the business. Currently, the demand for electrical systems for large industrial parks and factories should find the optimal design options, save costs and bring the highest efficiency. Joint P69 to learn more about the design and construction of the factory’s electrical system in the article below.

Construction items of factory electrical system

The construction items of the best factory electrical system today include:

1. Construction of the total power cable system

The total power cable system is a dynamic power cable system that is responsible for conducting electricity from the transformer station to the factory, providing electricity for the machines and equipment in the factory.

Thi công hệ thống cáp nguồn tổng
Construction of the total power cable system 

The main shaft electrodynamic cable system is considered the most important component in the construction of the power system. The system is usually led from the back of the substation, connected to the MCCB (ACB) and then to the main switchboard. The total power supply cable is responsible for powering the entire system. The main power cable can be floating or negative underground depending on the requirements of the investor.

Some important points to note:

  • It is necessary to design to clearly distinguish the phase wires so as not to be confused when using.
  • It is necessary to arrange the cables neatly, in a certain order for easy maintenance or inspection when there is a problem.
  • It is necessary to fix the wire to the cable tray ladder system.
  • It is necessary to check and ensure the safety of the rope before putting it into use.
  • When designing the underground negative wire, it is necessary to ensure that the wire is not wet or soaked in water.

2. Construction of cable tray ladder system

Cable tray ladder system is a rack system used to fix the electric cable system and lead the cable to the electrical cabinet. Often used in factories, basements or high-rise buildings. In addition to installing a cable tray ladder, it helps to arrange the cable system neatly, increasing the aesthetics. At the same time convenient for inspection and maintenance.

Thi công hệ thống thang máng cáp
Construction of cable tray ladder system

Some important points to note:

  • First of all, cable tray ladders must ensure safety factors. The number of support bars on the cable tray ladder must be able to withstand the load of the cable system. The support bars must be synchronous and have the same height.
  • Cable tray ladders need anti-static paint as required to avoid the risk of electric leakage.
  • In addition, when designing the cable tray ladder system, it must ensure that it is easy to check and repair when there is a problem and has high aesthetics.

3. Installation of electrical cabinets for the factory

Workshop electrical cabinets are often branched separately for each area for convenience in operation and use and do not affect other areas if there is a problem. Currently, contractors often use 4 main types of electrical cabinets:

  • Distribution cabinet
  • Central control cabinet
  • Electrical cabinet ATS (Switching cabinet)
  • Capacitor cabinets and fire protection pump cabinets

The electrical cabinet for the workshop allows monitoring, inspection and control of the electrical system easily.

Some important points to note:

  • Technicians need to calculate so that all works smoothly. Because the production power system cannot be interrupted for a long time, engineers need to arrange an additional backup power source (generator) when the grid power fails. At this time, the ATS electrical cabinet is used to easily switch between the two above power sources.

4. Construction of light electrical system for the factory

Light electrical system of the factory includes lighting system, fire alarm system, camera system and domestic electrical system. Each workshop (carpentry workshop, garment factory, mechanical workshop, warehouse, etc.) has its own characteristics, properties and different usage needs.

Thi công hệ thống điện nhẹ cho nhà xưởng
Construction of light electrical systems for factories

Some important points to note:

  • Depending on the area in the factory, you will choose the appropriate lighting for it.
  • Clearly define the need for light intensity, light color and other requirements on the level of suitability for each production workshop.

Some things to note in the design of the factory electrical system

When constructing important items, in order for the installation of the workshop’s electrical system to be guaranteed, the previous design needs to be calculated accurately and reasonably. Technicians should note the following points:

Always put safety first: The electrical system needs to be safe to avoid accidents and risks of damage to both property and people.

Prepare a backup plan, renovate and upgrade the electrical system in advance: Over time, the factory’s electrical system will inevitably become old and outdated. Therefore, for the factory to operate sustainably, backup, renovation and upgrade plans are indispensable.

Having a plan to maintain and repair the electrical system: During the operation, the electrical system is maintained and repaired in a timely manner, which will ensure the working performance of the factory.

Having a plan to maintain and repair the electrical system: During the operation, the electrical system is maintained and repaired in a timely manner, which will ensure the working performance of the factory.

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To design and construct the factory electrical system, many factors will be needed. In addition to the requirements for technical expertise. Experience in construction and installation will be an important factor contributing to a perfect factory electrical system, consistent with each project.

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