Installing smart home devices; installation process and experience

Installing smart home devices is a type of house where electrical and electronic equipment is installed that can be controlled or automated or semi-automatic. Replace humans in performing one or several management and control operations. This electronic system communicates with the user through an indoor electronic board, a mobile phone app, a tablet or a web interface. (According to Wikipedia)

Thanks to the application of technologies such as infrared, smart phones, IoT, cloud technology… Smart homes can automatically help you do housework. For smart investors, they always appreciate a home that can be automated.

When you’re a smart home, you’re using technology to make life more comfortable. They will reduce your workload. Help you have more time to relax, not make you lazy.

Why install a smart home device?

Deciding the cost of smart home installation depends on your needs: What areas of the house do you want to install smart home devices for? And what do you want the smart home system to do?

  • Control on and off TV, air conditioner, curtain automatically remotely by phone?
  • Timer or control on / off the light system by phone?
  • Control the living environment
  • Security control
  • Automatic fire alarm, gas leak alarm
  • Automatic watering
  • Directly integrate CCTV and smart home control system
  • Create contexts (If…then) to create automatic actions, without the direct impact of human hands, the devices still work properly according to the available programming of the user: open The door light is on, the door is closed, the light is off…
  • Or many other smart gadgets at your disposal.
Tại sao phải lắp đặt thiết bị smart home?
What install a smart home device?

What happens when installing a smart home?

To find out the answer to whether to install a smart home, let’s find out what happens when deciding to choose to install. From that overview to compare with your own conditions, it will definitely help make a quick decision.

Make the house become more modern, smarter

When you come to this article, surely ordinary houses are not attractive enough for you. Because of the above utilities and smart home values, there are really too many advantages. The integration of high technology and intelligence always creates a halo, making the family’s home more modern and wonderful.

Enjoy impressive facilities

In recent years, the media, TV, and newspapers talk about smart homes a lot, and modern gadgets are always a topic of public interest. Installing a smart home means you’ll be able to:

– Monitor and control the house remotely via Smartphone.
– Help you automate and control multiple devices at the same time with intelligent contexts.
– Smart home: lighting, automatic curtains, garden watering, …

Smart home creates surprises, unique

Smart homes not only always impress friends and relatives but also the owners themselves. In fact, smart home technology is updated quite often, developers create many new smart technologies that are born every year. Typically, do you know the smart anti-theft system? face smart door lock?… more surprises to discover.

Điều gì xẩy ra khi lắp đặt nhà thông minh?
What happens when installing a smart home?

Cost to install smart home

Cost is the most important factor when asking the question of whether to install a smart home or not. Home and smart home are different because the word “smart” and the word smart always make things more expensive. Actually smart home is not as expensive as you think! The market is expanding, the competition makes smart home device prices very affordable. Smart home companies also actively design many affordable and accessible solution packages for all audiences.

Smart home device installation process

When starting the smart home design and installation process, we must clearly define the construction stages. There are 3 main stages: Design, construction and finishing in use. Depending on the stage, the process is slightly different.

1. The house is being designed & built

At this stage, you can completely consider installing any Smart home technology. As well as any number of solutions.

Step 1: Select technology

Currently, there are 2 Smart Home technologies:

  • Smart homes use wires to connect devices.
  • Wireless smart home uses waves to communicate..

Step 2: Choose a solution

Wired technology is the first choice for large houses such as Penthouses, villas. As for townhouses and apartments, wireless will be the most reasonable technology. Next, you are free to choose and design smart solutions that suit your needs.


  • Smart lighting.
  • 24/7 security system.
  • Air conditioning control.
  • Automatic irrigation.
  • Presence sensor.
  • Control rolling doors, gates.
  • Doorbell system with Intercom image.
  • Intelligent CCTV application artificial intelligence.
  • LED lights 16 million colors.
  • ……..

Step 3: Design the drawing

Design layout drawings of equipment and principle diagrams. This will help you figure out if the location of the device is suitable. Thereby helping to form a specific equipment volume table according to the drawing. Thanks to that, you can estimate the cost to invest in a smart home.

Step 4: Select the unit

Make a contract with the equipment supplier and construction unit. This step begins when your house is in the process of being wired. Depending on the type of technology you choose, the signal wire and the negative base.

Step 5: Import and install the device

This step usually falls into the finishing phase of the house. The equipment is installed in the correct position as arranged on the drawings.

Step 6: Configure on the phone

Finally, configure and install controls on the phone. When all equipment is installed and working properly. The technicians will configure the smart home to your liking. Then they will install the APP on the phone. Finally, you check and try to control the house remotely via smartphone.

Quy trình lắp đặt thiết bị smart home
Smart home device installation process

2. The house is under construction, going to electricity

If your home is at this stage, then you can no longer choose technology. Only wireless technology can do that. Because 90% of the houses at the completion stage have already pulled the 220VAC CU/PVC wire and the universal negative base. You cannot use wired smart home technology.

On the other hand, having reached this stage, you are no longer free to choose a solution.

According to the experience of P69 Company, you can choose the following solutions:

  • Smart lighting control.
  • Control air conditioner, TV.
  • Wireless anti-intrusion security system.
  • Motion sensor.

In addition to the above 2 parts, the remaining steps are the same as item 1.

3. Stage is completed and in use

At this stage, the home electrical system is not suitable for current smart home solutions. If you try to install it, it will only work in some positions. It makes the solution not comprehensive and synchronous. Thereby easily bringing many limitations during use.

Experience self-installing smart home devices with simple steps

Kinh nghiệm tự lắp đặt thiết bị smart home bằng các bước đơn giản
Experience self-installing smart home devices with simple steps

Create a design before installing a smart home

You plan the design model according to the current page of your house, how many devices need to be installed in each room: lights, televisions, air conditioners, curtains, doorbells, security systems…

You draw the floor plan of the house on paper, how the equipment is placed properly, draw the wiring diagram to the devices. When you feel reasonable, proceed to step 2.

Sketching a DIY smart home project on paper

Choose a reputable and quality smart home equipment supplier

You just need to choose the equipment that has been manufactured on the market and install it according to the user manual. Choose companies with many years of experience and reputation.

You can google search for the following keywords: “smart power switch”, smart light sensor”, “smart multifunction sensor”, “smart electrical devices” to search for products. suitable.

You pay close attention to each product, because now there are many different devices of unknown origin and manufacturer, leading to poor product quality.

Note: should choose reputable companies in the market to buy, to avoid regrets happening to you and your loved ones during use.

Self-install smart home according to the manufacturer’s instructions

This is a very important step but not difficult for you. Because most companies that make smart home devices have instructions and how to install the device for users.

To know how to use each device, please see the company’s website, or you can ask the seller directly.

If you buy equipment that cannot be installed, please call the company’s hotline, let the technical staff guide you directly.

Check your entire system after installing the smart home on the app

Smart home devices are controlled via smartphone or ipad with internet connection. Your job is just to open the application and tick each control button of the device to see if the system works well or not.

Reputable smart home device installation unit

Currently on the market there are countless units that install smart home devices. However, we would like to introduce to you a leading reputable unit in electrical installation, light electricity. It was P69 Joint Stock Company. P69 is always appreciated by people for the following reasons:

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– Free shipping and installation

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