Installation of square steel V-shaped ducts: quote, how to install from A – Z

Installing the right V-shaped steel square duct is a prerequisite for the duct system to function properly, for safe and long-term operation. Therefore, this operation is extremely important and must be understood. Please refer to the following article with P69 about the installation process of V steel flanged square ducts, quotation of V steel flanged square ducts!

Learn about steel flange square ductwork V

Duct is a common product widely used in ventilation and cooling systems of factories. In which, installing V steel flange square duct is one of the basic types of ductwork chosen by many contractors. In the subcategory of the square duct system, the V flange is a type of duct designed with quite different specifications, intended to be applied to a number of projects with high technical requirements.

Ống gió vuông bích thép V
Steel Flange Square Duct V

V-flange duct is made from galvanized sheet, stainless steel, then powder coated to protect the pipe from bad influences from the outside environment. Depending on the installation space and duct system, V flanged ductwork will be designed and manufactured in different sizes.

Currently, the installation of square V steel flanged ducts is widely used in factories, factories, high-rise apartments, commercial centers, etc. As a result, the duct system works better, ensuring efficiency. High ventilation capacity as well as safety during use.

Advantages of square steel flanged ductwork V

Before deciding to order, as well as use any product, not just ductwork. The customer should consider the advantages and disadvantages of that product. From there, you can make the right choices.

V flanged air duct products have many outstanding advantages such as:

Having a solid, durable structure, high rigidity because it is made of solid materials, it can meet the requirements of large projects.

– Easy and quick installation.

– Suitable for use in large projects, requiring high technical and capacity requirements.

– No deformation or rust during use.

– Easy to repair, maintain and clean.

– Safety for people and operating system.

Disadvantages of square wind pipe with steel flange V

Besides, V flange also has disadvantages such as:

– Occupying a lot of area, difficult to move, so it is suitable for installation in projects with large area.

– Not suitable for small ventilation systems, small installation area.

– The process of manufacturing and finishing products also requires more time.

How to install square air duct with steel flange V

Cách lắp đặt ống gió vuông bích thép V
How to install square air duct with steel flange V

Step 1: You prepare the flange with the circumference corresponding to the duct and fittings.

Step 2: You ensure that the hole distance of the flange is uniform, avoiding too much exposure and loss of aesthetics.

Step 3: Then we use the included accessories to fix this system.

Quotation for square windpipe with steel flange

P69 Mechanical Factory Please refer to our price list of V steel square air ducts with available types and sizes. About the quotation of square air ducts manufactured according to individual requirements, if you need quick advice, please contact the phone number 02422121212 – 0965937799.

1 0,48 170.000
2 0,58 184.000
3 0,75 223.000
4 0,95 267.000


  • The above prices do not include shipping and 10% VAT.
  • Unit price applies to full gauge pipe.
  • The unit price of the V-flange duct does not include the flange.
  • Factory products are shot with silicone to seal the seams.
  • Please note that the price of square ductwork may change from time to time due to the increase and decrease in the cost of raw materials. Therefore, to get the best quotation of square ductwork from Company P69, please contact us directly for the fastest advice and support!

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