Installing a stair booster air duct: Principle, how to install it from A-Z

Installing high-pressure ventilation systems for stair in buildings, high-rise apartment buildings office areas is extremely necessary. The goal of any booster system is to keep smoke and toxic gases away form exits. So how important is the installation of a stair booster duct? Principle and how to install? Follow the article below with P69.

Construction of stair booster system

According to Vietnamese standards: the pressure difference between the emergency stairs and the outside hall must be greater than 20Pa.

Structure of the stair booster system includes:

-Air supply fan

– Wind channel system

– Air outlet, air valve, pressure relief valve

-Control cabinet

Cấu tạo hệ thống tăng áp cầu thang
Construction of stair booster system

Why install stair booster duct?

The booster system includes an air pressure booster in the area and surrounding areas. It has the effect of protecting and eliminating smoke for corridors, stairs…

  • Air escaping from the unit is controlled and not flammable.
  • The smoke from the compartment is burned and is released directly into the air.
  • Prevents being affected by fire. Maintained in non-combustible rooms but affected by burnt rooms.

In the event of a fire, stay at emergency exits or pressurized temporary shelters. The spread of smoke into areas where valuable equipment, data processing facilities and equipment are particularly sensitive in the presence of smoke will equalize the booster system, and damage will be limited. more restrictive.

The main goals of installing a stair pressurization system

Any pressurization system is to keep people away form escape routers for people. In the fire  zone may appear or find safe shelter.

Human safety: protect human life in the case of overdue by means of emergency exits or pressurized temporary installations.

Anti-Fire: In order for the operation to be effective, it is still preferable to use elevators or stairs. Pressure must be maintained to prevent the ingress of smoke form the burned floor. When the floor is on tire with or without an air conditioning system.

Asset protection: spread of word in areas that contain valuable equipment. Data processing equipment and other devices are particularly sensitive to the presence of smoke

Những mục tiêu chính của việc lắp đặt hệ thống điều áp cầu thang
The main goals of installing a stair pressurization system

The principle of installing air duct booster stairs.

When a fire occurs, at the beginning of the fire will generate smoke and heat. The temperature sensor system, the smoke sensor of the fire protection system will transmit the signal to the blower. The blower will start working immediately.

The duct system will transfer all the smoke through the intake to the fan. After that, the amount of wind will be discharged into the environment through the outlet. At the same time, the system of bells and fire alarm lights works to warn people operating in the buildings to evacuate to the corridors to run to the exits.

Stair booster systems in buildings include:

  • Fan.
  • Wind pipeline.
  • Level gates.
  • Valves open and close.
  • The sensor.
  • Power and control cabinets.

The function of this system is to prevent fire from entering the stairs, the pressure head in the stairs must be higher than in the corridor.

Therefore, there must be a high-pressure fan to supply air to the stairs. People (old and weak and strong) can push the door to enter the stairs (this door is never locked). Stair doors are fireproof doors (heat-resistant and fire-resistant for about 1 or 2 hours) that will have hydraulic hinges that will automatically close and partly due to the strong pressure in the ladder will close the door continuously.

Equipment requirements for smoke extraction booster systems

  • Before the regulating valve at each floor, there is also a fire stop valve. This valve is to prevent fire spreading between floors. Normally, the fire stop valve is open to allow smoke to be sucked through, when a fire enters, the lead wire will break and close the valve to prevent the fire from spreading.
  • The smoke inlet size (600×600)mm. They are arranged in reasonable positions to ensure operational efficiency and aesthetics.
    The corridor area of ​​the floors is designed with a smoke extraction system to ensure safety for people to escape in the event of a fire incident. Smoke exhaust fans are arranged on the attic. The corrugated iron chimney runs along the technical axis of the building.
  • From the main smoke extraction shaft to each floor, there is an electric valve regulating valve. This valve is controlled automatically from the fire alarm center of the building. Normally, all these valves are closed, when there is a fire alarm signal on any floor, only the valve of that floor is opened and smoke is drawn out.
  • Similar to the booster fan, the power supply for the smoke exhaust fan must also be the priority power source and supplied with a standard and guaranteed fireproof cable. The pipes and equipment of the smoke extraction system must be made of non-combustible materials with fire resistance levels in accordance with current standards.
Yêu cầu về thiết bị đối với hệ thống tăng áp hút khói
Equipment requirements for smoke extraction booster systems

Parameters to note for the design and installation of stair boosters

Although there are many standards for the design of stair boosters. However, in general, these standards are almost the same and must be calculated based on the following parameters:

  • How many floors does the house have?
  • What is the height of each floor?
  • What is the 1 floor area of a typical floor?
  • Hole size?
  • Leakage coefficient of air through the building wall and through the pit wall?
  • Area of openings of the door (1 floor)?
  • What is the outdoor air temperature next to the pit?
  • Temperature in the pit?
  • Maximum pressure difference when all doors are closed?

How to install air pressure booster stairs

Cách lắp đặt ống gió tăng áp cầu thang
How to install air pressure booster stairs

If all parameters are available, start designing and installing the stair booster duct.

Step 1: First draw a schematic diagram by placing the fan on the rooftop. At the same time, at the fresh air intake of the fan, put an anti-smoke valve into it. When there is smoke, they will automatically cut off (in case the smoke from the lower floor rises and sucks into the fan and then blows into the stairwell).

Step 2: The controller is connected to the fire alarm center and the switch (can be turned on and off automatically and manually). In front of each entrance to the emergency ladder, there will be a red button to press when there is a fire. This is the start button of the stair booster system. Each floor should allow 1-2 air vents to enter.

Step 3: When the principle diagram of the stair booster system is complete, start calculating according to the design standards.

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