Installing Double layer diffusers: quotation, standard installation instructions

Double-layer diffusers are used in the air conditioning system (cold air outlet, air return), ventilation system (fresh air supply, air intake…), so that the whole system is operated properly. Ideally, the louver should be installed in the most reasonable and accurate way. But installing new 2-layer diffuser is standard? What is the installation cost? Please refer to the article below with P69 Company.

Design features of 2-layer Diffuser

The 2-layer diffuser design is manufactured on the leading technology lines of Korea and Japan, bringing a modern and high-class design during use. In particular, the product stands out by the following advantages:

  • The product is made from profiled aluminum, on the wings there are support ribs to help increase the rigidity of the entire product.
  • Design a variety of colors, suitable for all needs of customers
  • Install directly on the wall or directly on the ductwork
  • Design a dust filter or insect screen
  • The wings can be adjusted to the angle according to the use requirements
Đặc điểm thiết kế cửa gió 2 lớp nan
Design features of 2-layer diffusers

Application of 2-layer diffusers

The product of 2-layer oval spokes is designed on modern technology lines, the criteria are met with safety standards suitable for all works used in high-rise buildings or apartments. As follows:

  • Used as a return air outlet or a large supply air outlet.
  • Directly designed on the air conditioning system of apartments and industrial zones.

What are the benefits of constructing and installing 2-layer diffusers?

For industrial buildings, factories, and factories, there are often closed spaces, so the air will be difficult to circulate and stuffy. Therefore, the installation of 2-layer louvers will make the circulation and cleaning of the air more convenient and easier.

Thi công và lắp đặt cửa gió 2 lớp nan có lợi ích gì
What are the benefits of constructing and installing 2-layer diffusers?

However, if the construction and installation of the air vent system is not in accordance with the standards, it will significantly affect the operation of the whole system. So when there is a standard process, the installation will be easier and bring the best effect that the user expects.

Instructions for installing standard 2-layer diffusers

The 2-layer diffusers are considered the exit as well as the inlet of the factory cooling system, in order for the entire system to work at its best, the louvers need to be installed in the most reasonable and accurate way.

1. Step 1: Look carefully at the drawing, determine the path of the duct

Most of the louvers will be installed on the false ceiling or directly in to the duct system, so in order to install the louver in the most reasonable way, the first worker needs to carefully look at the drawing and determine the path of the duct in the entire system, thereby determining the location of the louvers to be installed on actual structure of the building.

2. Step 2: Select the appropriate type of 2-layer slats

After determining the optimal location to install the louvers, the draw a line, combined with the materials available form the beginning, to choose a reasonable type of louver for each installation location as well as the road wind pipe

3. Step 3: Install the 2-layer diffusers

Install the louvers according to the drawings and the actual structure of the building in the most reasonable way to ensure the quality and efficiency of the whole system

4. Step 4: Check the whole thing, let the system run test

When completing the installation of the louver, it is necessary to check the whole thing and test the system. Make sure the louvers meet the original requirements and have no problems before the whole system goes into official operation.

Hướng dẫn lắp đặt cửa gió 2 lớp nan đạt chuẩn
Instructions for installing standard 2-layer diffusers

Update the latest price of 2-layer diffusers

P69 Company invite you to refer to our price list of insulated flexible ducts. About the quotation of flexible air ducts with special warranty, if you need quick advice, please contact the phone number 02422121212 – 0965937799.

No Product ĐVT Hanoi HCM
1 Double Layer Diffuser   400 x 600 pcs 380.000 Contact
2 Double Layer Diffuser   600 x 600 pcs 580.000 Contact


  • This unit price is for reference only. Depends on the project and construction works of the investor. The price list will be adjusted to best suit the set budget.
  • Please note that the quotation may change from time to time due to the increase and decrease in the cost of raw materials. Therefore, to get the best price of insulated flexible duct from Company P69, please contact us directly for the fastest advice and support!

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