Installing standard powder coated cable tray – detailed quotation

Installing powder-coated cable trays is an important device for putting wires, wires and network cables in buildings, construction sites, factories, etc. There are many people who do not fully understand the installation process. Install cable trays, product notes as well as choose reputable manufacturers and accessories.

The following article, P69 Joint Stock Company will share all the necessary knowledge with you to understand the structure, use, and how to install the powder coated cable tray.

What is Powder-coated Cable Tray?

Powder-coated cable tray is known as a device to help support, install and protect electrical cables and wires in large projects. This type of cable tray is covered with an outer layer of electrostatic paint with many different colors. It helps to ensure the overall aesthetics of the works.

Máng cáp sơn tĩnh điện
Powder-coated Cable Tray


This electrical cable tray is used with popular materials such as black corrugated iron or oil corrugated iron. The length of the trough is about 2.5m. However, depending on the different needs of each user, the thickness, length as well as other standard sizes will have a flexible design to suit the specific requirements of the project.

Structure of electric powder-coated cable tray

The finished product will have a standard length of 2.5 meters or 3 meters including the body, cover, cable tray connection and bolt set. To produce cable trays, manufacturers have to go through many stages of cutting, bending and surface treatment.

From the billet, the cable tray sheet is bent in 2 lines to form a strong C-shape. With such a structure, the product can lift the wiring and easily fix the upper trough cover.

Cấu tạo máng cáp điện sơn tĩnh điện
Structure of electric powder-coated cable tray

Outstanding advantages of powder-coated cable tray

Different from Installing Hot-dip Galvanized Cable Tray, installing powder-coated cable trays has the following outstanding advantages:

1. Save areas

The powder-coated cable tray is compact in size, saving space for today’s tangled cable systems. In particular, this is the best choice for power units with very large wire density as well as works with cables that need to be protected optimally.

2. High aesthetics

Compact, solid design, diverse colors, easy to choose suitable for construction architectural space, bring works with high aesthetics.

3. Diversity in application

It is popularly applied to large and small projects around the world because of its features suitable for all mechanical and construction industries and is the most chosen by the apartment and hydroelectric construction units.

4. Durable

Powder-coated cable trays with insulating coating should be selected by the manufacturer from durable materials from powder coated tole or galvanized sheet, high-quality stainless steel, so the product is durable for many years.

Ưu điểm nổi trội của máng cáp sơn tĩnh điện
Outstanding advantages of powder-coated cable tray

5. Reasonable Price

Along with the quality, the price of the powder-coated cable tray is also considered suitable for all projects. Because the power cable tray has high durability, it minimizes repair and warranty costs.

Electric cable trays with many outstanding advantages, so that customers can easily choose high-quality and durable products. If there is a need, please contact us for advice as soon as possible.

How long is the powder-coated cable tray used for the project?

Using powder coated cable tray can protect and maintain the cable system for the project for 15-20 years. The surface of the cable tray will not rust or corrode when used indoors, the resistance time of the powder-coated cable tray is prolonged depending on the manufacturing process at stages such as Surface treatment of steel materials, additives, powder coatings.

In addition, when using powder-coated cable trays, customers should note that they should only be installed in dry, moisture-proof environments. This will ensure the longest use time.

Applications and uses of powder-coated cable trays

Powder-coated cable trays are being used a lot in electrical cable systems of large projects such as hospitals; schools; buildings; apartments; shopping malls; offices… This device will bring safety and efficiency to every place where it is selected to be installed.

The management of the electrical cable system in a building such as an office buildings; apartments; Hospitals… has a particularly important role. What we are about to mention below will also answer the question for customers, what is the use of the power cable tray?

Cable trays act as conduction systems for electrical cables installed in suspension to protect electrical cables from damaging impacts. The damage to the electrical cable system of the project causes many dangerous risks and damages to investors and people. The electrical cable tray will help the cables to be neatly organized, preventing the possibility of colliding with an external object, causing a short circuit that can cause a fire.

Ứng dụng và công dụng của máng cáp sơn tĩnh điện
Applications and uses of powder-coated cable trays

The process of installing electrostatically painted cable trays

Different projects will have different installation requirements for cable tray systems to ensure that the technical designs are achieved. However, there is still a common process of installing cable trays, which must go through the following general stages:

1. Step 1: Check the details and components of the cable tray ladder system

Make sure you have enough materials for the system.

Each component of the cable ladder will not be the same, it is necessary to carefully check the included accessories.

In some cases, cable ladder components require a certain amount of:

  • Ladder
  • Cable frame
  • Adapter frame
  • Platform frame
  • Ground strap
  • Types of screws
  • Gaskets and bolts

Therefore, construction investors need to pay attention to choose reputable production units, good product quality and suitable prices.

2. Step 2: Cut the cable tray ladder, bracket legs to the right size

In case the ladder and the frame are incompatible sizes, the ladder needs to be cut so that the two sizes fit together. Each ladder cuts approximately 2 inches off the required length. During cutting, care must be taken to ensure no injury.

3. Step 3: Fix the cable tray ladder to the wall

Attach the stand to the wall, or other intended support points of the cable ladder. Normally, brackets that will be attached to the wall will be connected together. If not, a hole in the wall of the right size needs to be drilled for mounting. Then, place the adapter bracket into the holes on the top of each cable ladder.

Make sure that the hooks of the adapter frame are facing down and the cable ladder is on top. When installing the bracket on the wall and the adapter frame inside the ladder, the ladder can be pinned in the center of the wall.

4. Step 4: Attach the foot support for the cable tray ladder to make sure it is secure

With today’s ladder frames simply pin to the ladder without the need to install anything extra. The contractor needs to install the safety frame before proceeding to the next step. Because if the frame is of poor quality, it will lead to a high degree of danger and risk. In some cases a ladder frame requires additional installation, it is usually the attachment of ladder frames to the cable ladder with nuts, bolts and washers.

5. Step 5: Ground the cable tray ladder

Grounding the cable tray ladder is an extremely important step in preventing electric shock. Although the content of grounding is not mentioned in the technical requirements of the cable tray ladder, this is an action that needs to be taken to prevent future risks. In addition, each sheath or cable ladder rack needs to be grounded.

First, connect the foundation frame to the cable tray at a point near the wall. Then you attach the ground strap to the platform frame with nuts. Finally, you attach the ground strap to one of the grounding points on the wall.

Nối đắt thang máng cáp
Grounding of cable tray ladder

Notes when installing powder coated cable tray

  • Need to pay attention to the environment Installing Powder-coated Cable Tray to ensure the longest product life. The harsher and more toxic the environment, the faster the quality of the cable tray will decrease.
  • The size of the cable tray must be suitable for each specific characteristic of the work.
  • Choose the right cable tray color to ensure aesthetics.
  • Choose a reputable supplier to get genuine products and competitive prices.

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