Instructions for installing the correct fire extinguisher box

Fire extinguisher boxers are often installed in many different areas of the building. In order to protect the device from being affected by weather, the environment, being lost or misplaced. The installation location of the fire extinguisher box is equipped in projects such as buildings, offices, factories, and production enterprises. Usually installed in corridors, basements for parking, large areas that are easy to observe for convenient fire fighting when needed.

So what is a fire extinguisher box ? What are the advantages of installing a fire extinguisher box ? How to install a fire extinguisher box? Please refer to the article below with P69 company.

What is fire extinguisher box?

Hộp đựng dụng cụ chữa cháy
Fire fighting tool box

The fire-fighting tool box has many different names such as fire fighting  equipment cabinets, fire-fighting cabinets, fire-fighting wardrobes, etc.

The box for fire protection equipment is designed to be sturdy and durable, with standard sizes depending on the type. In addition, the box is also made of high quality thick corrugated iron combined with high quality glass doors, well preserved and easy to observe the fire protection equipment inside.

About the box of fire extinguishers

Wardrobe and fire fighting tools are used to store fire protection equipment in a neat and scientific manner, the cabinet is designed to be a square, solid block. Made of steel, the outside is covered with a red powder coating typical of the fire protection industry, the door has see-through glass so that everyone knows what is inside.

Đôi nét về hộp đựng dụng cụ chữa cháy
About the box of fire extinguishers

Normally, the cabinet will be used to store items such as: protective clothing, TT48 fire fighting clothing, shoes, hats, gas masks, fire flashlights, fire extinguishers, fire axes, etc.

Advantages of installing a fire fighting tool box from P69 Company

– Design according to customer requirements.

– Products meet quality standards and according to customer requirements.

– Cheap.

– Long life, high aesthetics.

Instructions for installing fire extinguisher boxes from A – Z

To install an effective and safe fire extinguisher box, you can refer to the following installation steps:

1. Step 1: Choose a quality fire fighting tool box.

To choose for yourself a quality fire extinguisher box when buying, you should choose a box with a thick and smooth tole layer, look at the bright and shiny paint color, the door of the box is closed and locked carefully. The edge of the box must be smooth to make it smooth when we touch it. (If the edge of the box is not smooth when we open the box carelessly, the tole will cut our hands because the tole is very sharp). In the picture below, I will open the fire box so you can see the details of the inside of the box and pay close attention to the gloss of the paint and the tole layer of the box. Inside the box, there is a hole design in 4 corners so that when drilling screws into the wall, it is safe and secure.

Note: When buying, choose the right box size for the load to be used.

Hướng dẫn lắp đặt hộp đựng dụng cụ chữa cháy
Installation instructions for fire fighting tool box

2. Step 2. Arrange the location of the fire extinguisher box

Layout according to fire prevention and fighting design standards: TCVN 2622-1995, TCVN 5738-1993, TCVN 3890-2009, TCVN 7336-2003 and construction and installation arranged according to set standards.

3. Step 3. Install the fire box

Installed according to the design drawings approved by the Investor and the fire prevention and fighting police agency.

4. Step 4. Test and Trial

Test and put to trial.

When should a fire extinguisher case be installed?

Anywhere, any construction needs the presence of a fire extinguisher box. The main difference is in the size and design of the cabinet. Normally, cabinets of this type are usually large in size and will be mainly placed in factories. Because factories are often large, there are workshops, crowded with workers. The risk of fire is also higher than office and household buildings. Elsewhere, a conventional fire-extinguisher can be used.

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