Installation of exit lights: standards, instructions, installation quotation

Exit lights are also known with familiar names such as exit lights, exit lights. It is one of the most widely used and popular products today. Its name is associated with its use and purpose of use. So what are the standards when installing Exit lights? How to install and how much does it cost? Let’s find out details and specifics about this product with P69 Joint Stock Company.

About the Exit incident light

Exit light is an emergency exit light when there is a power failure so that everyone can see the instructions and exit.

With an easy-to-see light system, the victim can easily identify the exit route to promptly escape in the event of a fire or explosion incident.

Đôi nét về đèn sự cố Exit
About the Exit incident light

Exit light – In which area is the emergency light usually applied?

  • Buildings
  • Basement area, garage.
  • High-rise buildings, apartment buildings, commercial centers, supermarkets, buildings, hotels
  • Factories, production workshops, industrial parks, export processing zones, etc.
  • Schools, agencies, organizations, etc.

Exit light installation standards

EXIT lights are lights used to indicate the fastest way to escape when a dangerous incident occurs. This emergency light works even when the power is out, helping the victim to find the exit.

In order for the ability to warn of incidents to be most effective, the Exit lights need to be installed in the right position and in accordance with the standards of the fire protection industry.

Lights must be installed in a conspicuous location, next to direct exits. Especially in large projects, it is necessary to install Exit lights in many locations.

Tiêu chuẩn lắp đặt đèn Exit
Exit light installation standards

Height standards when installing Exit lights

Incident lights, exit lights are two important types of lights commonly found in high-rise buildings and emergency exits for rescue work in case of fire. However, in order for emergency lights and exit lights to work, you need to follow some rules when installing.

A qualified exit light should comply with the following criteria:

The minimum height of all exit lights is 100mm and there is no limit to this height. There are four commonly used sizes of signage heights: 100, 150, 200 and 250mm.

The respective maximum visible distances for each sign size:

  • Signboard >100 < 150mm high, the maximum visible distance is 16m.
  • Signboard > 150 < 200mm high, the maximum visible distance is 24m.
  • Signboard > 200 < 250mm high, the maximum visible distance is 32m.
  • Signboard >250mm high, the maximum visible distance is 40m.
Tiêu chuẩn về chiều cao khi lắp đặt đèn Exit
Height standards when installing Exit lights

Instructions for installing Exit lights

Step 1: It is necessary to prepare a set of exit lights and a specialized toolbox for the installation and repair of exit lights.

Step 2: Determining the location to install the light will help the installer know how to handle the light fixture. If installed under the ceiling of the building need more bamboo parts, if installed on the wall, directly drill the screws.

Step 3: First you will remove the lamp cover, screw the lamp cover tightly to the wall or on the mount. Next, connect the lamp’s wires to the power source.

Step 4: After installing the exit light, you need to turn on the switch and check the light of the light

Regulations on installing Exit lights

According to the regulations of the Fire Prevention and Fighting Department, in Article 10.0.6 TCVN 3890:2009.

Emergency lights and exit indications must be provided on the exits of the house and other areas such as places where people are likely to be in danger.

On the walkways and stairs used for emergency exits, the main aisles and at the doors of production rooms with more than 50 employees.

Emergency lights should be guaranteed to operate for a minimum of 2 hours with backup power.

Exit signs need to be clearly marked with a size suitable for visibility.

Exit lights need to be placed in a suitable location and the lights are not more than 30m apart.

Quy định lắp đặt đèn Exit
Regulations on installation of Exit lights

Locations to install exit lights, emergency lights

  • In public rooms and ancillary buildings of industrial enterprises, if there is a possibility of concurrent gatherings of more than 100 people
  • In places dangerous for the movement of people.
  • In stairs, corridors, and walkways used to escape for people when the number of people needing to escape is greater than 40 people;
  • Follow the main aisles and exits of the production rooms, in which the number of people working is more than 40 people;
  • At positions indicating stairs in houses with a height of more than 6 floors.
  • In the production rooms there is no natural light;
  • At each exit is used in case of emergency.
  • At each staircase, so that each of the first and last steps is illuminated directly from the lamp.
  • At mandatory emergency doors and locations with prohibited signs.
  • Places to turn, redirect exit. Corridor intersections.
  • Places where the final exit door is located.
  • In places where emergency telephones are available, there are equipment for operating fire alarm systems, fire fighting systems and technical systems.
  • Where there is a high risk of smoke and fire, when there is a light, it is required to hang at least 0.5m from the ceiling.
Các vị trí lắp đặt đèn exit, đèn sự cố
Locations to install exit lights, emergency lights

What are the frequent problems of exit lights?

Need to find out if there are a lot of exit light problems that need to be handled? This research avoids the situation of buying poor quality, damaged goods when the repair cost is higher than the installation cost. This issue will be very clearly advised by the supplier. You should also look up the information of other buildings for reference

Quotation for installation of Exit lights of the company P69

Company P69 updates the latest price list of Exit lights in 2022 for the following reference:

Brand Price (VND)
Exit light KenTom AMOS 280.000
Exit light Kentom KT610 ( 1 face ) 295.000
Exit light GNVN HW-128LED 85.000
Exit light Mica GNVN 120 LED 240.000
Exit light GNVN 2 non-directional faces HW-150LED 270.00
Mica supermarket light – 150 led 2 non-directional faces 550.00
Exit light Kentom KT-620 ( 2 faces ) 340.000
Exit light Kentom KT-650 ( 1 face ) 650.00
Emergency Exit light Paragon PEXA13SW 560.00
Emergency Exit light – Paragon PEXF23SC ( Led ) 260.00

As for the quote for installing Exit lights, it may change from time to time. Due to the difference in the cost of raw materials. Therefore, for the best Exit light installation quote from P69 Joint Stock Company, please contact us directly for the fastest advice and support!

About the cost quote when installing. If you need advice quickly, please contact the phone number 02422121212 – 0965937799.

Reputable Exit light installation unit

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