Instructions for installing smoke detectors according to technical standards

Installing smoke detectors  is always the number 1 priority for works, buildings,… it plays an important role in ensuring life and property when there is a fire. the installation of an automatic fire alarm system makes it easy for us to quickly detect a fire that is breaking out or the risk of fire, and at the same time warn people to have appropriate treatment palns.

So how to build a smoke detector system? How to install smoke detector? How to install smoke standards? Follow the article below of P69 Company to find the answer!

What is smoke detector ?

Smoke detectors (fire alarms) are an essential device in every, business facility, or building. At home, this device should be installed on every floor and every room. This article will show you how to install smoke alarms, fire alarms according to standards and extremely easy to follow by the experts at Anthome, with details on the components.

Đầu báo khói là gì ?
What is smoke  detector ?

How to build a smoke detectors system?

Determine where to place smoke detectors, heat detectors, fire alarm control cabinets, light bells, fire alarm buttons. Fire alarm centers are usually located in locations with regular watchmen such as security rooms, 24/7 standing rooms. The fire complex is located in easy-to-observe positions, near the emergency exit 1500mm above the ground.

One end of the cord pulls to the fire detectors and push buttons, the other to the technical box of the floor/pulls tot he fire alarm control pane. At the end of the fire detector install and end-of-channel resistor. A fire alarm channel depending on the parameters can install a zone of 15-25 devices.

Thi công hệ thống đầu báo khói như thế nào?
How to build a smoke detector system?

Signal cable: Wiring for all locations where emergency detectors need to be placed, where the fire alarm center will be located. The line must be installed to ensure aesthetics, safety, and high durability during use. The wire must be threaded into the conduit to avoid an accident causing unsafety.

Rules for installing smoke detectors

+ Smoke detector: Installed with the function of direct monitoring of activities, smoke signs fire alarms to the center for handling. The time the smoke detector receives and transmits the signal does not exceed 30s. Ambient density is 15%-20% if the smoke concentration in the environment is higher than the allowable threshold (15% – 20%), the device will send an alarm signal to the central cabinet for troubleshooting.

+ Fire siren: Installed in the security room, stair or crowded places… to alert people around and handle in cidents promptly.

Quy tắc lắp đặt đầu báo khói
Rules for installing smoke detectors

+ Emergency switch: Installed in conspicuous places such as corridors, doors, stairs for easy use when needed. This device allows users to actively transmit fire alarm information by pressing or pulling the emergency switch to give an emergency alarm to everyone in the area of ​​​​the incident detected and handled.

+ Installation and installation of central cabinets: This is the most important device in the system, it determines the quality of the system. As a power supply device for automatic detectors capable of receiving and processing fire alarm signals from automatic fire detectors or technical fault signals. In necessary cases, the signal can be transmitted to the fire alarm places. Capable of checking the operation of the system, indicating system problems such as broken wires, short circuits, etc.

Instructions for installing smoke detectors according to technical standards

Once we understand the basics, the next thing is to learn how to properly and safely install.

Step 1. Prepare all necessary items:

First, you need to have useful tools to help you. The list of required tools includes:

  • Hammer
  • Hand Drill/Screwdriver pliers
  • Mini electrical box (remodeling box)
  • A ladder or a chair high enough for easy standing
  • Measuring wire, ruler (if any)
  • Pencil
  • Old rags or towels (to wipe the dust, clean up after work)
  • And the most important component, the fire alarm (and the primary battery if included in the package when purchased)
Hướng dẫn lắp đặt đầu báo khói đúng tiêu chuẩn kỹ thuật
Instructions for installing smoke detectors according to technical standards

Step 2. Install the base and plug to the ceiling (for battery-powered models):

The battery-powered device will not need to drill holes in the wall or electrically connect to the wall/ceiling. Some boxes will come with instructions, but for the purposes of this article, the first thing you need to do is mark the location and install the base case of the machine first.

Normally, the base box and the fire detector will not be connected. So you just need to attach the kit to the base case afterwards and screw it in the right direction. Finally, you will install the existing plug or nail set into the available hole positions.

Use a hammer or drill/screwdriver and hammer/screw in slowly and tight enough.

Step 3. Install a smoke detector with electrical wiring

To install and wire this type of fire alarm, you need to drill a hole just enough in the ceiling. You should use measuring tape, pen, ruler for this step to do it properly.

Note: Remember to turn off the circuit breaker before doing so to avoid electric shock

Next, you will need a specialized item called a remodeling box, or mini electrical box to put the wires in. Please choose a wire long enough to go to your electrical cabinet in the next step. Use pliers to cut off the excess in the available wire to connect back to the fire alarm. Remember to leave a little extra wire off the ceiling. Once completed, work on fitting the box to the base will follow.

Install extra backup batteries in the designated position on the box in the event of a power failure, the fire alarm can still be used.

Lắp đặt đầu báo khói cháy có đấu dây điện
Install smoke detectors with electrical wiring

Step 4. Go to the electrical cabinet

Next is the connection of the “project” to the electrical cabinet so that we can activate the energy for the fire alarm. Connect the wires and circuit breakers to the appropriate positions.

Step 5. Check the device (applies to all sets)

After everything is done, don’t forget to test the devices you just installed. Our work will not be complete without trying it and this is a step that many consumers often forget.

To check if the smoke detector is working:

– Open the circuit breaker for testing (for wired fire alarms) and press the TEST button on the device. At this time, there will be an alarm coming from the machine.

For battery powered machines, you just need to press TEST:

– If your machine does not sound, turn off the circuit breaker and recheck the connected wires to see if the error may have been missed. In the event that the wires have been properly connected but the machine does not turn on, it is highly likely that you need to contact the equipment supplier/manufacturer or the seller of the fire alarm to have the product replaced. new.

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