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Hi guys! Today, P69 Company would like to share the most detailed and easy-to-understand instructions for installing indoor cameras . This article is shared to support inexperienced newcomers who can follow the detailed instructions of Company P69.

Indoor camera installation location

Based on the purpose of installing CCTV. Some locations are often selected when installing. Bring high monitoring efficiency and avoid affecting other daily activities.

  • Installed outside the gate: This is the first chosen location to observe anyone’s presence. Early detection of intruders.
  • Installation in the living room: This is the central location of a house. The installation of CCTV here is very reasonable.
  • Install in your child’s bedroom: When your child is young, it is essential to install it in his or her bedroom. So that parents can observe their children at all times. Do you sleep well at night, when do you wake up… But when your kids are grown up they want their own space. And do not want parents to affect their private space. By looking through the camera
  • Install the safe area: Perhaps this is also an important position that we need to pay attention to. To control all valuable papers and assets stored in the safe. It is necessary to install the camera at this location. To best track and manage assets. Control all activities that want to attack or destroy the safe.
  • There are also some other locations you can refer to. In terms of the need to decide to install a camera such as: Terrace, office, parking space…
  • In some sensitive locations, we should not install the camera. To cause trouble and create complicated problems such as: Kitchen, adult bedroom, bathroom…
Indoor camera installation location
Indoor camera installation location

Benefits of installing cameras indoors

We all realize that installing CCTV brings no small benefits. It is a powerful control tool at all times. Many cases of child abuse are detected by cameras. Parents can have peace of mind when away from home.

Camera helps prevent theft: When you are away or at night. All can be seen through the camera. Take measures if an intruder is detected. Minimize the consequences when colliding with thieves.

Control activities of members: If your family has small children and elderly parents. But you are often away from home. The camera will help you monitor their activities. In case there is an accident or need help

Control the maid: the camera is like an invisible supervisor. Ant maids will be conscious and responsible for their work. Minimize actions to protect children. Or rude and disrespectful to the elderly and sick. Steal things or bring strangers home.

Benefits of installing cameras indoors
Benefits of installing cameras indoors

Basic indoor camera installation process

The basic indoor camera installation process includes the following steps:

Step 1. Prepare camera, wifi network, power socket

In order to use the wireless wifi camera, it is definitely indispensable for the power source and the Wifi Internet for the camera to work. Plug in the charger for the camera to start up and do the next step.

Step 2. Find the app and install it on your phone

Each camera company has its own application on the phone, you need to find the right software name and download them to your phone, install and start using them.

Step 3. Sign up for an account to watch the camera

Currently, most camera viewing software requires users to create a new account to view their own cameras more secure, you just need to click register for a new account and follow the step-by-step instructions.

Step 4. Connect to the camera’s wifi

Next is the indispensable operation to help you see the camera images on your phone, which is to connect them via wifi, enter the wifi password and connect them takes about 1 to 2 minutes to complete.

Step 5. Mount the camera to the position to be observed

To get a nice view, you need to choose a good viewing position to install the wifi camera on the ceiling, on the wall or on the table.

Step 6. Install the features and done.

Finally, set parameters such as date and time, region, language or image storage for the camera and complete use.

Basic indoor camera installation process
Basic indoor camera installation process

Cost of installing cameras in the house

In all provinces, there are very convenient home camera installation services. The cost of installing the camera will be different because in addition to the cost of buying the camera, there is also the cost of installation labor. Each construction unit will receive a different amount of work. Therefore, the total installation cost will also vary.

Immediately refer to the price list of self-installed Wifi Camera at home

Wireless Wifi Camera Type

(No need to pull cables, just plug in, connect to wifi, watch via phone – computer, 2-way audio, store from a few weeks, suitable for apartments, shops, small families)

Promotion price

Yoosee  2 strawberry camera in the house                   330,000 won
 Cheap Ezviz C2C HD Indoor Wifi Camera                   450,000 won
Ezviz C1C 2MP Wifi IP Camera  , wide angle, super sharp                   599,000 won
360 Ezviz  C6N 2MP camera with 4-way rotation                   625,000 won
Hikvision  Q21 VIP Wifi Camera Best                   995,000 won
 Waterproof C3WN outdoor wifi camera                   980,000 won
Night wifi camera with color , burglar alarm, siren               1,450,000 won

If you do not have much time to install the camera yourself, what you need is not only a genuine product but also a service from A to Z whenever you need it. company P69 to be served with the most professional style.

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